Slurry pump

Submersible slurry pumps

Submersible slurry pump is used in drilling fluid solids control system to pump the thick liquid, thick oil, oil residue, dirty fluid, mud and fluid which contains clay sand slag and corrosive fluid. Submersible slurry pump produced by DC Machinery has the advantages of high efficiency, maintenance free, high temperature resistance, long service life and so on.

submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump is with structure of vertical single stage and single suction overhung centrifugal pump. The impeller is semi-open type, equipped with paddle wheel in the impeller suction side extension place. Vertical machine is installed on the motor cabinet, and connected with the pump by coupler. Submerged part of the pump shaft has enough rigidity, there is no bearing and gland seal between the impeller and pump body, it can transport the medium with high concentration particles. The length of pump inserts submerged is 800mm~2500mm, and can be equipped with suction pipe if needed.

DC Machinery according to the international advanced solid liquid two phase flow theory and optimized principle to design the submersible slurry pump.
1. The geometrical shape of flow passage component conform the flow condition of medium, reduce the eddy current and impact, thus reduce the wear and tear of the flow passage component, improve the hydraulic efficiency, and reduce the running noise and vibration.
2. Using the power step-down, to ensure the slurry is not easy to leak.
3. Flow passage component of pump uses high hard alloy, the material has the advantages of high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and long service life.

Submersible Slurry Pump Parameters

slurrry pump parameters

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