How to select the shaker screens for dual deck shale shakers

Dual-deck shale shaker, also be called double layer screen shale shaker, is a fitful device on drilling mud management or HDD. It is linked to upper-and-lower two screens deck into one shale shaker. The upper deck is all for scalping, with API40 screens, and the lower deck is with API100 screens. This Aipu’s dual-deck linear
motion shale shaker with two 1.5kw vibration motors, and the vibration force can be 7.5. While the screen deck adjustment angle while drilling (AWD) is -1°~+3°.


Shale shakers process drilling fluid and remove most of the large particles. The efficiency of operation of other solids separation equipment depends heavily on the proper and effective functioning of the shale shaker. Dual deck shakers are had tremendous advantage on the field of generate dryer cuttings and decease none- productive time.


The Screens of dual deck shale shaker
Selection of screen mesh for a particular application depends on a number of factors: flow rate, fluid condition, formation, rate of penetration (ROP), fluid type and number of shakers. The finest screen possible is to be used to ensure optimum performance to the relative screen life. However, coarser screens give higher capacity.

The screen cloth is considered to be one of the most important parts of a shale shaker and hence a good understanding of screen technology and its effects on shaker capacity are important.

Dual deck shale shaker use two differnet mesh screen. The top deck use coarse screen bring about scalping screen function.

Many Models Of Shale Shaker From China DC Solid Control

These shale shaker devices remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs of the Shale Shaker and much research has gone into these designs to facilitate lowering costs associated with drilling fluid and drilling operations.



The basic design consists of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings across and off of thescreens as the drilling fluid flows through them and back into the drilling fluid processing system, often called the mud system. This separates the drill cuttings, often called solids from the drilling fluid so that it can be recirculated back down the well bore. In oilfield industry, linear motion type shale shakers are the standards foruse in drilling mud solids control systems in oil and gas well drilling.



Shale Shaker deck angle adjustable while working.
Patented rubber wedge sealing for shale shaker deck and screen for long life and easy replacement.
Vibratory Screening unit’s bottom deck is made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck for High G force operation.
Pre-tensioned shale shaker screen design for fast screen replacement.
Top Brand Vibration Motors: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified.
Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand.
Introduction of flow to unit is by Weir Feed, Top Feed, or Hopper Feed for different applications.

Please contact DC Solid control to get more info about many model shale shakers.

DC Oilfield Hookstrip shaker screens for sales

Hookstrip shaker screen is a kind of oil mud shale shaker screen. It is the most widely used in petroleum mud shale shaker, it is also a obbligato product in drilling process.

The structure of Hookstrip soft screen is same as flat panel screen, usually, it is made of two panel or three panel stainless wire mesh cloth, it don’t have metal plate. The effective filter area of soft screen is bigger than flat screen, the price is lower, but the service life is short. Our company can accord customers requirements to manufacture different shaker screen.


The screen surface of wave shaker screen is the unique wavy, installation type can be hookstrip or steel frame wedge pressuring device. The effective filter area of wave screen can be 125% to 150% of the same mode flat screen, the treating capacity is increased. Our manufacture can manufacture many variety of specifications wave screen according to customers requirements.


The panel screen is the most famous oil shale shaker screen, it can widely used in different condition drilling. The product is made of 2 or 3 stainless steel wire mesh cloth bonding in open holes metal plate. At the same time, the screen attached the special rubber stopper to repair the damaged screen. It can efficiency save time, decrease cost. our manufacturer have the rich production experience and mature technology, we also can manufacture the screen according to customers requirements.

Brandt King cobra shale shaker & DC shale shakers

NOV King Brandt cobra shaker utilizes three pretension screens and linear motion to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. this allows the cobra minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the cobra is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain
optimal operation. additionally the shaker’s rugged design offers years of reliable operation.

The features of Brandt cobra shale shaker
Unique, rugged basket design
Few replacement parts
Provides optimal mud coverage of screen surface
Small parts inventory provides costs savings
A dry solids discharge help reduce mud lossed
Keeps the mud pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life



The DC standard shale shakers have following specifications. The cut point is according to D100 from ASTM filtration test, etc. DC shale shakers also have requirements on conductance and non-blanked area.
The DC shale shakers will lead drilling fluid shaker screen a standard and give clients optimal solutions. Of course, different shale shakers producer and different brand drilling fluid shale shakers will have different features on same DC. This we ever talked before



DC shale shakers will decrease inconvenience between original shale shakers and the replacement. All users will appreciate this to get correct solutions. And this is also high quality symbol.
Our clients appreciate our shale shakers because of our high quality, short delivery, lower cost. If you are interested please feel free to contact DC shale shakers.

If you have interest with it please contact DC Solid control office.

Finished The Production Of The Decanter Centrifuge Mud Tank

A mud tank is a sizable storage container, typically with an open top. In the past, people called it a mud pit because it used to be just a pit dug out of the earth. It’s used to hold drilling mud.Mud tanks are constructed from welded-up steel plates and tubes. The bottom of the tank can either be square or cone-shaped. A tank can have several compartments.


DC Solid control finished the production of the decanter centrifuge mud tank for a China client Which is used for oil and gas industry. A mud tank is classified as either active or reserve. For safety reasons, a catwalk with guard rails may be installed at the top of the container. This allows workers to inspect the drilling fluid without the danger of falling into it.

mud tank

DC Mud Tank is divided into Square tank and Cone-shaped tank according to the shape of tank bottom. The tank body is welded by steel plate and section steel, either flat cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure. We choose steel grating or checkered steel which resistant to slip as mud tank covering, cat walk, and stairs.
On top of the tank, water pipelines are integrated for tank cleaning. The ladder includes the channel steel as the supporting and the linearity netted steel plate as the foot board. Hand rails are installed to safe suspension hook at both sides. The tank surface is coated with marine corrosion-resistant zinc rich epoxy coating and painting, generally two layers for tank inside surface and three layers for tank outside surface.

Each project is different, that is why we do NOT apply one-fit-all approach. We would analyse the project requirement and give the tailor designed proposal. From equipment configuration, tank design to electric control system, we always deliver the most satisfaction to our clients.

Replacement of Derrick Hyperpool shaker screens shipped to UAE

Hyperpool shaker screen is designed as PMD and PMD+ screen panel. The large or extra large area benefit much on shale shaker performance and totally save the drilling cost for many clients. Such shaker screen is designed with one handle, while another side is configured with a triangle like breach in the middle.


DC-PMD DH Shaker Screen is one of the most popular Derrick shaker screens replacement. It is designed for the high capacity Hyperpool 4-panel shale shakers. Installed with pyramid screens, the non-blanked screening area has increased 20% than conventional flat screens. All replacement shaker screens for Derrick shale shakers are all
compliant with API RP 13C (ISO 13501), the new industry standard for physical testing and labeling of shaker screens.

DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of all famous model of replacement shaker screens. DC Solid control shipped 800pcs Derrick replacement shaker screens to Dubai clients.



Competitive Advantage
Stainless steel 304/316 wire mesh for longevity.
Increase shaker capacity and reduce muds loss.
Non-blanked screening area increased by more than 20%.
Scientific & reasonable cost control system for competitive price.
API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant.
Adequate inventory in the shortest time to meet customers’ demand.
Warranty Period: 1 year.
Working Life: 400–450 hours.

Hyperpool shaker screen dimension is about 22.5″x42.1″. The PMD Hyperpool will high 1″, while the PMD plus Hyperpool screen will high about 1.5″. According to our present order and inquires, we found major users prefer the pyramid but not plus panel

The hyperpool shaker screens sizes are commonly available from API 40 to API270. And rarely clients will ask special mesh size, such as API 325, API400. If you need any size of shaker screens, please contact us freely.

Drilling Mud Cleaner Introduction From China DC Solid control

Mud cleaners are two-stage solids control equipment that are composed of several hydrocyclones mounted over a vibrating screen, known as a shale shaker. Mud cleaners are used to remove solids from drilling fluid and act as 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipment.

DCQJ mud cleaner is a normal model of our company,we can design customized cost-effective mud Cleaner for customers special needs.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

mud cleaner

DC drilling mud cleaner are combined from Desander, Desilterand an Underflow Screen, at the same time Mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function compared with separated desander and desilter. In addition to the reasonable design process, it equals another shale shaker. DC mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupy small
space and the function is powerful. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.

mud cleaners

DC Solid control is a professional solids control manufacturer and expert in drilling waste management. And DC is also capable of providing customers with oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, centrifuge, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment. Such as shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, shale
shaker screen, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, vertical centrifuge, submersible slurry pump, shear pump, mud agitator, mud gun, drilling fluid mud cleaner, jet mud mixer, screw pump, mud tank, diesel tank, water tank, complete solids control system, etc. So we are happy to share with you the information and also provide you the high quality products.

Characteristics and application of Hydrocyclone desander

Hydrocyclone desgassing technology is widely used in solid phase separation of environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries. The particle proves that hydrocyclone degasser is a kind of economic and efficiency, operation is simple and need not maintenance, it is a green and protection environmental physics water treatment equipment.


Hydrocyclone desander is according ministry of construction stander and allas stander is based on many practical, degassing effect is more ideal.
According the theory of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, when water fluid is tangential enter into equipment from desander inlet by a certain pressure will produce strong spiral motion. Because the density of sand and water is different and in the function of centrifugal force, entad buoyancy, fluid drag force make the low density pure water rise is discharged from overflow mouth.

Desander and Tank Ready to Export to Malaysia02

The big density sand subside to bottom and discharged from degassing mouth to reach the aim of degassing. In a certain rang and condition, the salt of inlet pressure of desander is more big, the degassing efficiency is more high and it can many sets are parallel used.

Characteristics and application
The structure is simple, cost is lower, it is easy to maintain and operate.
The volume is small, capacity is big and save field space compared with expansion pipe, buffer box and other degassing equipment.

Application range: river water, well water degassing, solid and liquid separation and liquid eliminate gas.
Application area: it can be used in air condition water treatment, chemical, oil, mine, medicine and spin industries.

600GPM Dual Deck Shale Shaker Finished The Production

Dual-deck shale shaker, also be called double layer screen shale shaker, is a fitful device on drilling mud management or HDD. It is linked to upper-and-lower two screens deck into one shale shaker. The upper deck is all for scalping, with API40 screens, and the lower deck is with API100 screens. This DC’s dual-deck linear
motion shale shaker with two 1.5kw vibration motors, and the vibration force can be 7.5. While the screen deck adjustment angle while drilling (AWD) is -1°~+3°.


DC Solid control finished the production of the one set of dual deck shale shaker. The Dual Deck Shale Shaker are customized for UAE customers. As the request of the customer, Spray color of the Dual Deck Shale Shaker is dark blue.


This type shale shaker has 6 pieces of Composite Material Shaker Screen ( Swaco standard ), Vibrating beams is processed by a special technology in order to avoid cracks in the process of vibration, the base of shaker installed the lifting device so as to adjust the angle of shaker, Vibrating motor adopts international famous brands, Spring adopts the rubber material so that the noise is small and decay resistance is strong.

Dual deck shale shaker use two differnet mesh screen. The top deck use coarse screen bring about scalping screen function. The bottom deck of shale shaker use fine screen to eliminate solids from drilling mud.

If you have requirement with the dual motion shale shakers please contact me freely.

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump function and features

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump is a ideal corollary equipment which provide power for desander, desilter and the jet mud mixer, it also be as the replenishment pump of slurry pump. The most of components can interchange, it has the advantages of operation and maintenance is convenience, the leakage of the shaft seal is small, the
working operation is reasonable, the using lifetime is long. Because there are a lot of solid phase particles and all kinds of chemical additive in drilling fluid, so the impellers of centrifugal pump and the shell must meet the requirements of the two phases motion law, in order to decrease the wear, resistance the corrosion.

centrifugal pumps

The features of drilling fluid centrifugal pump

Now the centrifugal pump is in the oilfield, usually use the water parameter design, so the performance of the pump is influenced by the solid phase particles, density and consistence of drilling fluid. The abrasive of solid phase is accelerating the abrasion and the seal of the fluid passageway, made the performance of pump is decrease, using life is short.

sand pump

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump functions

The centrifugal pump is designed by the motion law of the two phases and the pressure change rules, according the best industrial and mining parameters of the experiment pump, make it fit the motion rules of the two phases in the pump. The types of the impeller is the half open, the number of the impeller is less, the radial of impeller is small, the length of the impeller is big, the inlet angle of impeller is big, the exit angle of impeller is small, the molded lines of impeller is logarithmic spiral line, in order to prove its indrawing and the abrasive resistance is good, the efficiency is higher than circular arc line blade 6% – 10%.

The volute chamber of centrifugal pump use the quasi spiral, the volute chamber section is rectangle. In order to prove it has a good waterpower and abrasive resistance. The shaft extension of centrifugal pump is short, the rigidity is good, arc is bracket, visuality is good, it has sense of beauty.