IECEX certificate dual motion shale shaker shipped Italy

Usually the dual motion is combination of linear motion and balanced elliptical motion. Nowadays, DC Solid control company finished the production of IECEX certificate dual motion shale shaker for Italy clients used for offshore drill site.

shale shakers

The shale shaker is the optimum solids control equipment for onshore and off shore operations where shaker size is a significant issue, and where cutting with varying quantities and properties are experienced. While drilling is in progress, the shale shaker can be easily switched from a linear motion, for fast conveyance and heavy loading, to its balance elliptical motion for maximum retention time and drier cuttings.


Most reliable mechanical jacking system in industry
Pre-tensioned composite screens for fast screen changes and ease of use
Largest net usable screen area among shakers of a similar footprint (1.97m2)
Ultra tight seal between screens and screen bed eliminates solids build up and costly bypass of solids

If you have interest with the shale shaker, please contact us freely.

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