DC Solid control provide different type desilters

Desilter is the third stage solids control and fourth stage drilling mud cleaning equipment in the drilling fluids recycling system. DC Desilter commonly adapts 4” cyclone which could separate the solid phase particles with size of 15-25 microns. DC Desilter is designed 2 options of with and without underflow screen for customers’ requirement.


But to meet the requirements of different industry clients. DC Solid control supply the different type desilters, which can be used for oil and gas field, HDD, trenchless and ect. industry.


DC Desilter Features:
Desilter Options with shaker and without shaker for flexible applicaiton.
Desilter cones with PU material with better Abrasion resistance
No under shaker design structure compact and assembly flexible
Mini desilter cleaner with shaker for both weighted / unweighted mud in various drilling
Vibration motor: Italy OLI /American Martin, or according to customer requirement.
Electrical control system:Explosion-proof electrical control system with electrical components as ABB, Siemens, Schneider.

No matter what field you work in, if you have requirement with the desilters, please contact DC Solid control office to get more information about it.

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