DC Shale shaker and mud cleaner tested before delivery

Shale shaker and mud cleaner are all important equipment of solid control system. All equipment manufactured by DC Machinery must test before delivery to ensure the good working performance.

last week, DC Machinery customized a DSC630-3 linear motion shale shaker and a JBQ4 mud agitator for Pakistan got the good test performance. Latter will be loaded on board.



The shale shakers produced by DC Machinery have the advantages of large handling capacity, screening high precision, low-energy, environmental protection and so on. DC Machinery supplies high quality shale shakers, including Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker, etc.

Mud agitator, also called drilling mud agitator, used for drilling fluid agitation mix, prevent drilling fluid solid particles in the tank circulation system deposit, cycle drilling fluid performance stability, mixed evenly. DC mud agitator has high efficiency and wide usage, compact structure, big intensity stirring, easy maintenance and other significant advantages.

If you have any special request of anyother solid control equipment, please feel free to contact DC Machinery.

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