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Description of DCSG water tank

DCSG water tank is one of the system equipments at the oil drilling site. There is a lot of wate stored in the tank to meet the requirements of water supply of the circulation tanks and fire protection.

DC water tank benefits

(1) V-shaped corrugated board wall with good rigidity and nice appearance.

(2) The bottom of water tank used in oil field adopts skid mounting and three aisles.

(3) Water tank equiped walkway, ladder and manhole for convenience to operate.

(4) All accessories and fittings between tank and tank adopts demestic ISO and API certified manufacturers to make safe quality.

(5) Raw materials paint the primer undercoat immediately after sandblasting to get the good antiseptic effect.

(6) Heavy –duty coating paint to prolong service life.


Water tank parameters

Tank body type: Single tank & Suit tank

Pressure: Normal pressure

Volume: 30-100m³ or customized

Anti-corrosion processing: Internal: preservative special water based anti-corrosion

Tank outside: Spraying epoxy zinc rich primer+intermediate paint +polyurethane paint.

Water leakage test before they leave the factory, to ensure that tank body no


According to customer requirements can do thermal insulation processing.