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Specification of DC Machinery desanders

Desanders are designed to efficiently remove drilled solids and sand particle sized solids (40-100 microns) built on heavy duty oil field type skid. DC Machinery desanders are easier to operate and maintain with the flexibility of mounting one, two, or three desander cones over a cone underflow pan. DC desanders are having 12” hydrocyclones, in capacity ranging from 500 GPM to 1500 GPM at 75 feet of head.



Desander incorporates 12” cones, which are manufactured using special grade of cast urethane, highly resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals, wear, tear, oil and water.


The feed entry angle is designed in such a way to ensure effective removal of drilled solids from the drilling fluids, ensuring reduction in the loss of costlier drilling fluids. The 12” hydrocyclones are attached to 8” or 10” manifold with a 4” inlet and 6” outlet. Each cone assembly comes with a 1.5” apex. The apex of sizes 1.75” and 2.125” are also available.

DC Machinery also manufactures wide variety of hydro-cyclones for desanders as replacements for major O.E.M. brands in the 10” & 12” sizes. We provide and complete replacements parts of desanders.

DC Solid control system is warmly received by foreign clients

In the past 2017, DC Solid control sold 7 sets solid control system to Russian oil& gas drilling service contractor. And we already established the sound cooperation mechanism after two years of efforts of both sides. In the recent conference hold in DC Office, DC Solid control system got the high praise from their senior solid control engineer and make a purchase plan for the coming year.



DC Solid control system is a design, production and sales of the drilling mud equipment production vendor, most business is for overseas market. We got many repeat clients based on our good quality, reasonable price and in good faith cooperation in the past several years.



Our featured Products is solid control circulation system which can be used in Oil drilling field, Horizontal directional drlling, Coalbed methane, water well drilling and ect. I think it was even more celebrated is we successfuly tested the” drilling mud dischage system” in 2015 and already used in many fields of China.

Besides, I think the most important factors of DC solid control create more successful results in past years is the enthusiastic and excellent after-sales service of DC Solid control made a deep impression on all over the world customers. Hope, DC Solid control can create brilliant in further 2018.

The reason why more and more drilling users choose DC Solid control

DC Machinery

DC Machinery is a company focuses on solids control systems’ production, sales and after-sales maintenance service.

1.Domestic leading solid control technology

DC solid control technology team has many years experience in oilfield industry, we had design hundred sets of solid control system. DC technology team aim at drilling actual situation and customer demand to design the most suitable solid control solutions. The technology team is leaded by the chief engineer constantly develop new products, make the equipments operation is more easy and ideal, to create more humanized mechanical equipment.



2.Reliable quality guarantee

DC Machinery have already passed the ISO9000 international authentication and system manufacture company, our company introduced ERP management system, DC solid control QC team strict inspection every links, after equipments complete, adjusting the whole solid control system and ensure customers can normal and safe work.
Our company established the experienced QC team and perfect product quality inspection standard procedure. The products are inspected third party by Tangshan quality supervision bureau.

3.Competitive price

DC is located in iron and steel city Tangshan, it has the advantage of material and it belong the heavy industry city, the works are very good at machining and has enough labors. All the main solid control equipment are our independent research and development production, it can control the cost. We also through the outsourcing parts processing to reduce the cost.

4. The perfect product service system

Pre-sale service: The company technology and salesman are according the requirements of customers, we provide the optimal matching scheme for customers.

Highlights of DC Mud gas separators

DC mud gas separators are designed to provide safe drilling procedures during horizontal, underbalanced, h2s, or high pressure drilling. Our gas buster captures and separates the mud/gas then safely vents free gas to the flare line to be burned off while returning mud to the mud pits.


Our mud gas separators are intended to sustain safety for high pressure wells or when sour gas may be present. Our units are closed bottom skid mounted model designed around safety and precision. Uniquely designed baffles break up mud and gas which is then expelled by the gas vent line to the flare line.

Highlights of the mud gas separators

1. Designed for horizontal, underbalanced, h2s, or high pressure drilling
2. Numerous size specifications available
3. ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Code Vessels
4. Unique Baffling
5. External Pressure Gauge
6. H2S certified with internal coating

We manufacture numerous size specifications including 4’x20’ and 6’x20’ and are capable of producing vessels of all sizes. If necessary the lines can be modified with flanged concentric reducers to your desired piping size. The run of the gas vent line continues to ground level for safe and efficient hook up to the flare line piping.

The liquid gas separator is manufactured for efficient installation from one rig move to the next. DC offers rig up of our gas buster and if needed can tie in and/or modify all lines from choke manifold to trip tank, frac tank, panic line, gas buster, and flare line. We supply competitive and cost effective connect and disconnect fees of our equipment.


The bowl of DCLW450X1350N(VFD) centrifguge

The Bowl of DCLW450X1350N(VFD) centrifguge comes with a standard “VFD Ready” drive system which allows for full variabilityon both the main and back drive motors through VFD’s. The bowl is driven by a 45KW inverter duty main drive motor and the conveyor is driven through a planetary gear box (49:1) with a 11KW HP inverter duty back drive motor. The MegaBowl™ is engineered, plus more than twice the processing capacity.



All major rotating assembly components are manufactured from centrifugal castings or forgings of either Duplex 2205 SS, or 316 SS. Bowl of DC centrifgues case is 316 SS. All major wear areas are protected with tungsten carbide and/or Stellite. This unit is manufactured to operate in a Class 1, Division 1 environment.


Main parameters of DCLW450X1350N(VFD) centrifguge:
1. Bowl length is 1350mm and diameter is 450mm.
2. The max treating capacity is 60m3/h
3. Matched 45kw main drive and 11kw back drive.
4. Bowl speed(VFD) is 0-3200rpm.

The High-speed DCLW450X1350N(VFD) variable frequency centrifuge with its unique advantages, is increasingly favored by more and more users. Welcome to at home and abroad send inquires to DC Solid control.

Reliable oil and gas transportation tool – screw pump

In the oil and gas industry, there are a lot of oil, gas and water need to be transported and transferred to different storage tanks or processing tanks at all times. In the long period of high strength, the shortcomings of ordinary centrifugal pump being exposed slowly, which gives oil and gas enterprises to bring no small trouble, if the loss is greater.

The reliable pumping principle of screw pump provides a better solution for these problems. The structure of the screw pump comprises a helical metal rotor. The rotor is rotated in a double helix elastic stator. When they are combined together to form a sealed cavity, the seal chamber can be rotated in the rotor from the suction side with the rotation has been running to the end of the export. Screw pump using the gear structure of the general connection, can effectively solve the pressure caused by the pump pressure caused by the radial load and axial load. The balance design of the ring gear and the spherical gear, with the valve plate and the stress is distributed over a larger area, but not in the pin or the connection. This greatly reduces the wear and tear, so that the overall performance of the pump better, especially in the sudden abnormal conditions.

screw pumps

The general connection mode of screw pump gear structure can effectively solve the problems of radial load and axial load, so that the pump efficiency is maximized and the service life is prolonged. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, no sand hanging, corrosion resistance, mild flow and so on. It will not be similar to the characteristics of pulse flow, so that the screw pump has become a tool to transport oil and gas. Screw pump reliable design will not be affected by the mutation, and compared to other pumps, the total cost of the screw pump is the lowest.


Removal and installation of vibrating motor bearing

Vibration motor selection heavy-duty bearings, can carry a certain amount of axial load, regardless of the mounting direction, bearing life from the influence of axial load. unload bearing

(1) the protective cover of the two ends of the vibration motor is removed, and the excitation force of the vibration force of the eccentric block is recorded in order to restore the original working condition at the time of installation;

(2) the two ends of the shaft ring removed;

(3) loosen the external eccentric block fastening bolts, remove the external eccentric block. Unscrew the fastening bolts in the eccentric block, remove the inner eccentric block;

(4) the bearing cover from the bearing seat is unloaded, the bearing from the bearing seat or press with suitable ejector bolt;

(5) a thorough cleaning of oil from each component.


2 .mounting bearing

When a vibration motor is replaced by a new bearing, a bearing with the same prototype number must be used.

(1) bearing with kerosene wash and press in the bearing seat, to the outer ring of the bearing ball filled shell lithium grease No. 3 to a third full, with clean hands evenly, installed on the bearing cover, coated with bolt anti loose glue fastening fastening bolts bearing gland;

(2) the bearing seat is installed in the casing, such as grease filling hole, must be aligned position. Tighten the bearing block with the fastening bolts of the bolt and the bolt;

(3) and eccentric block installed on the rotating shaft and shaft ring in place, will be installed on the rotating shaft;

(4) fasten the fastening bolt of the eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block, so that it can reach the position of the angle of unloading and tighten the fastening bolts. After the completion of the above assembly, the shaft should have a certain axial string.


Mud solid control directly affects the quality of drilling

Drilling is an important means for oil and gas exploration and development, which is actually breaking rock constantly , and managed to put debris removal to ensure continued drilling. So it is a new way to break rock and clear cuttings, and the active exploration and experiment of the drilling method is the core of the drilling science research. In the current drilling engineering, the dominant drilling method is still rotary drilling and slurry circulation chip removal method. Of course, drilling technology level also in the continuous improvement, the breadth and depth of drilling scientific research are constantly strengthened, the drilling technology are put forward higher requirements, new drilling technology are constantly emerging.


In commonly used rotary drilling, mud circulating discharged chip drilling method, mud with cooling and flushing drill, clean cuttings, carrying and suspensibility, wellbore stability, control formation pressure and so on many aspects. Therefore, The drilling fluid is often compared to the blood of the well. Mud technology is an important part of modern drilling technology, especially with the development of new drilling technology, the requirement of performance control of mud is increasing day by day. Practice has proved that the performance and maintenance of slurry is directly related to the drilling rate of drilling machine and bit life, downhole problem, ground equipment wear (especially wear of the mud pump), cost of mud and the total drilling cost.

Mud solid control system is one of the main equipments in oil drilling equipment. In the modern drilling technology, the drilling quality is becoming more and more improved., mud purification quality directly affect drilling quality and cost, high quality mud solid control system plays an essential role in drilling engineering. The solid control system is equipped with the purification equipments with different forms and levels like vibrating screen, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge according to the need of drilling well. The function of the mud solid control system is to circulate and purify the drilling fluid, to ensure that the density and viscosity of the slurry meet the requirements of the drilling process.

Erosion problem of cyclone desander

(1) Erosion is caused by high velocity fluid which carrying a solid phase.

(2) Erosion often occurs in the interior of the pipeline, at the place of the constriction, at the corner of the bend, and where there is a turbulent flow. Erosion can cut the pipe in a few minutes, causing the damage of whole system, and this damage will not be repaired, this damage is not visible in the visual.


(3) The velocity of the fluid in the pipe is directly related to the flow of the fluid. In the short-term exploration tests, to the pipeline that for installed forever the flow rate standard recommended by the 14E API is not permitted for permanent installations.

(4) In the last hours of exploration test, if there is no sand output, velocity can be exceed the standards of API 14e, in case if there is out of the sand, we must abide by the API defined speed. Gas pipeline 80 feet / sec (/ s) tubing line within 15 feet / sec (4.5m / s).

Why carrying out drilling fluid waste management

Waste drilling fluid produced in the processes of drilling and production is a kind of multi phase stable colloidal suspension of objects containing clay, weight materials, various chemical treatment agent, sewage, waste oil and cuttings. The main ingredients of impact on the environment are hydrocarbons, salts, polymers, heavy metal ion, impurities in barite and asphalt and other modified materials. The major environmental pollutants have the characteristics of high COD, high BOD, high oil, high Ci, high pH, high hanging objects, and contains heavy metal salts. If remaining it in the wellsite storage pool, it will produce adverse effects on  underground (table) water and soil, and endanger the surrounding ecological environment, and may even cause pollution accident. With the increasingly stringent environmental standards of national and local environmental protection requirements, environmental compliance management work is an urgent task, the task is arduous.

drilling waste management

Drilling waste mud is one of the main pollution sources of oil and gas industry, and the waste disposal is a difficult problem in the field of petroleum and natural gas industry. In the <the national hazardous waste list > abandoned in 2008, the “waste sludge processing drilling fluid produced” (waste code 071-002-08) has been included in the national hazardous waste names. Along with national laws and regulations are becoming more and more perfect, improvement of environmental protection requirements of local government and Enhancement of environmental protection consciousness in oil field, The development of drilling waste treatment technology is imperative.