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The Small Mud Tank System is being assembled in DC Workshop

Mud system, basically drilling mud tank system, is a combination solids control equipment that is connected among mud flow lines configured on mud tanks. It aims to clean, recycle, mix and condition the drilling fluids in desired properties as per the drilling formation requirements.


At present, the GPM250 Mud tank system is being assembled in DC workshop used for Trenchless field. The mud tank system mainly include a set of double deck mud cleaner, a storage tank, a centrifugal pump feed for the desander.

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Equipment/HDD Mud Recycling System. DC drilling mud recycling system has been applied in many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation.Especially popular in Australia ,Indonesia, India etc.


Please tell me the following questions when you send inquiry to us:
1,Different rangles of particle size you need to get?
2,The treating capacity of the mud you require,eg. 200 m3/h ?
3,The solid conten in your drilling mud?

DC Solid control design and manufacture the complete mud tank separation systems for all types of drilling applications. Qualified Manufacturing ! Professional ! Reliable !

Solid control equipment delivery to China port at the end of 2018

Since the last set of DC solids control system was exported to foreign countries in 2018, our product quality and after-sales service have been well evaluated by international customers. After 8 years of rich experience in oil & gas drilling and trenchless industry, DC has several stable cooperative companies in the world.

mud equipment

DC Solid control delivery a set of solid control system at the end of 2018, the order include shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitators, centrifugal pumps, slurry pump and mud guns, the equipment are used for water drilling mud system.

solid control equipment

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer for solids control equipment including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud tank, vertical cuttings dryer, etc.

DC Solid control supply different size of solids control system for different size of oilfield drilling rig. The mud tank size and quality is customized by different requirement of mud tank capacity. If you have interest, please contact us, we will give you most professional supporting.

1500HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System Package for Malaysia Project

Last Month, DC 1500HP drilling rig solids control system is under final assembling and test running procedure, and then will be ready for delivery. DC Solid control is able to provide the solids control system per customers’ specified requirements and also give constructive suggestion.



Normally, a complete drilling rig solids control system is consisting of several tanks, each tank would be installed with different equipment, some are for mud recycling, while the others for mud mixing. In this order, the client required our engineer to go their drill rig site to install and commissiong the solid control



The mud recycling tank in this order includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner unit. 3 units DCS700-3 shaker are capable for the flow rate up to 300 cubic meters per hours per mud condition. By control the valve on mud distribution box, mud engineer on site could decide how many shakers to be used based on the mud flow
from rig.

Besides the petroleum industry, DC solids control system is also well known and widely used in trenchless industry. If you have requirements of any flow capacity solid control system. Please contact DC Solid control

Dachuan solid control system for Horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling mud solid control system is a device and system for controlling the solid particles in the slurry produced by horizontal directional crossing. Dachuan Machinery is a professional manufacturer for horizontal directional.

  1. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology has obvious advantages in the oil and gas pipelines crossing rivers, lakes, transportation lines, railway hubs and other obstacles and important regions. The diameter of the hole of horizontal directional crossing pipe diameter is generally 1.3 to 1.5 times.
  2. Horizontal directional drilling through the so-called mud solid control (usually referred to as the solid control) process is to control the solid particles in the mud, the principle and technical methods. Through the solid control technology to remove the harmful solids in the mud, retain the useful solid phase, to meet the requirements of the mud performance through the process. The harmful solid phase in the horizontal directional drilling through the mud is the drilling cuttings which mainly refers to the wear of the equipment and the influence on the rheological properties of the slurry.
  3. Solid control system used in the horizontal directional crossing: at present, horizontal directional crossing mud solid control recovery system consists of domestic and imported the accounted for half of the country, the import is mainly small, with imported drilling machine matching; domestic is mainly large, according to user needs to be prepared. Whether domestic or imported, the choice of the fixed control system is mainly based on the following principles:

Type and size of particles to be cleared or suppressed;

Through the need to maintain the quality of mud;

The size of drilling rig capacity, solid phase clearance rate and circulation rate.


Tangshan Dachuan solid control is a company specializing in the production of horizontal directional crossing mud system manufacturers, our company engineer with more than a decade of horizontal directional crossing slurry system design and production experience, all the use of my company horizontal directional traveling across the mud system of old and new partners are given from most of the year-round friendly cooperation cully. Our company has a mature production process and quality control system.