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Adverse effects of excessive solid content in slurry

The existence of excessive useless solid phase in mud is the biggest hidden trouble to destroy the performance of drilling fluid, reduce drilling speed and lead to complex situations in all kinds of wells. People in the long-term practice and continuous research, summed it up that the high content of useless solid phase in drilling fluid will bring the following several points of adverse effect for drilling works.

1.The influence of solid phase to drilling speed

When the mud solid content is high, the ability to carry the drilling cuttings is weakened, a large number of large particles can not be discharged out of the well hole, causing the bit to broken bits repeatly, and thus increasing the wear of drilling tool, thereby affecting the drilling speed.

2. The influence of solid phase to mud cake quality

During the drilling process, the amount of water loss and solid particle content will directly affect the quality of mud cake formed in the hole wall. A small amount of fluid loss, mud cake is thin and tough and will do good protection for the well wall,  which is our goal. High solid content, water loss of slurry increases, resulting in shale formation water hydration swelling and hole wall instability, and induce the hole accident.

drilling solid control

3.The influence of solid phase to circulation system

The higher the solid phase content is, the more the mechanical wear of the circulatory system will be. Too much solid phase in the mud will accelerate the wear of mud pump cylinder and piston, thereby increasing the maintenance time and lead to the decrease of the drilling efficiency. Drilling efficiency will be significantly reduced due to the increase of the auxiliary operation.

4.The increase of waste pulp displacement, causing environmental pollution

In the process of drilling, the performance of the drilling can be changed due to the cuttings entering into the drilling mud continuously. Most of the mud is belong to alkaline solution, random emissions will not only destroy the vegetation, but also cause the alkalization of soil, and influence the vegetation regeneration. In addition, there are some additives in the drilling mud so that the color of mud will change into black, a large number of emissions will cause visual pollution to environment.

Allendorph Specialties

Allendorph Specialties is a family owned company, which originated in the garage of Harry Allendorph?s home in 1986.Since its humble beginnings, Allendorph Specialties has expanded to a building complex of approximately 8,000 square feet and employs a total of seven employees.Harry?s two sons, Pitcher and Todd, currently manage the daily operations of the business. As a manufacturer?s representative, we currently represent over 15 separate lines of products and maintain an extensive stock of quality oilfield parts.Our mission is to effectively serve our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with inventory that can be readily shipped to any destination in the United States and the world.

Aberdeen Global Drilling Supplies Limited

Aberdeen Company distributor of NOV/Retsco Reset Relief Valves 400-10,000psi(CE Mark PED97/23/EC Module G) New Titan Class RRV, RRV Repairs & Calibration, RRV Training, Manufacture & Commissioning of RRV Test Facilities (Tailor Made to suite client on or offshore), Distribution of Mud Pressure Gauges 0-20,000psi, Mud Handling Equipment, Hammer Unions, Cement & circulating Hose up to 20,000psi, Mud Pump parts and General Top-side Drilling Equipment.

Basic Equipment

Founded in 1989, Basic Equipment is a fully integrated design, manufacturing, construction and logistics firm serving the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and specialty process industries world wide. Basic is a single source supplier for many of our customers. With stabilized rig up yard, in house (in door) paint and blast facility, on site crane and rigging and heavy haul trucking, Basic offers the total package.


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Alltera Energy Services Inc

Alltera is an energy services company that provides Drilling and Completion Fluids, Solids Control Equipment and Service, and Environmental Services. Alltera is a subsidiary company of Alliance Energy Services in Canada. Alltera is a leader in technical support and analysis, designing fluids around the rock and issues to be drilled. Alltera is able to achieve this by maintaining the highest caliber personnel in our lab, office and in the field.

Allied Machining & Centrifuge

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Allied specializes in high-quality metal machining work, centrifuge production, and centrifuge repair for companies in Canada and the United States. For nearly 50 years, Allied’s experienced and committed staff has been helping customers in dozens of industries to get the parts, repairs, and centrifuge models and servicing they need at competitive pricing.

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Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval develops, manufactures and markets products and systems for the Separation, Heat transfer and Fluid Handling industries. The company’s solutions help to make industry more efficient, to protect the environment and to save energy and other natural resources. Alfa Laval is a leading supplier of separation systems for offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling and production, for crude oil storage and refining and for slop oil treatment. The company also supplies efficient heat exchangers for many heating and cooling duties.

Aipu Machniery

Shaanxi Aipu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd (Aipu Mud Equipment) is a professional manufacturer on drilling mud equipments. Based on national and international standard we provide clients’ latest and optimal solutions.

Our main products including shale shaker, mud cleaner, Desander and desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud mixing pump, agitators, poor boy degasser, etc. Of course we can provide whole complete drilling mud system. Meanwhile we provide complete line spare parts for all the equipments. Such as the shaker screen, PU hydrocyclones, etc.

Aerion Rental Services

Aerion Rental Services a top service provider in oilfield, commercial and industrial equipment has evolved into a progressive land based Oil & Gas rental company servicing the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

Aerion has built a reputation as a top service provider in oilfield equipment through customizing our inventory and personnel training to meet the specific challenges faced by our customers. Whether it be climate, location, local labor deficiencies, or other conditions, Aerion takes an aggressively innovative approach to ensure that we meet the demands of each individual job. We are dedicated to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and mitigating the environmental footprint of oil and gas exploration and production. With locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming, we have earned our experitise servicing the Marcellus, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Barnett, Fayetteville, and Niobrara shales.