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It’s the right choice for you to choose DC Solid control

The nature of solid content mechanism in drilling fluids directly affects its properties and causes adverse impact on drilling performance. It has rapidly evolved and become a paramount issue over the years because of challenging drilling operations.

mud system

To control the impact of the drilled solids on drilling fluid properties, solid control system unit must be capable of removing the drilled solids before the re- circulation. Failure to establish good solid control management may end the operation strategy with dilution method. A rigorous analysis of drilled solid effects and its correlation with poor performance of solid control system significantly reflects on the overall rig performance in optimizing drilling operation.

Commonly the Solids control system includes five-phase purification equipments as shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter and centrifuge for the purification and circulation of the drilling fluid. This mud system is designed to guarantee the smooth performance of separation, circulation, injection and confection of the drilling fluid and to fit the space available and weight requirements of oilfields.

DC solid control system complies with ISO/CD14690 “Health, Safety, environmental protection and environmental management system of Petroleum industry”. The process and equipment comply with API 13C

Drilling fluid solid control equipment and its function

Oil is one of the main sources of energy in the world. It is very important for the exploitation of oil, and it needs a lot of equipments in the process of oil exploitation. With the drilling fluid solid control system play a more and more big role in drilling work, it has more strict requirements about the quality of the solid control equipments, then what devices are included in the solid control system? And what are their roles?

Main equipments of drilling fluid solid control system:

Drilling fluid shale shaker: Shale shaker is the main processing equipment in the solid control system, which is used to separate the large drilling debris in the mud, which plays an important role in maintaining the performance of drilling fluid. Choose a different mesh of screen, can control the size of the particle separation, more mesh number, more smaller the separated particles are, and more small the handling capacity will be and vice versa. Shale sahekr mainly process particles that greater than 74μm, to create conditions for the next level of solid control equipment. Shale shaker produced by Dachuan Machinery has the advantages of large processing capacity, high screening precision, low energy consumption and environmental protection etc..


Drilling fluid mud cleaner: mud cleaner is the second and third stage of solids control equipment, it consists of desander, desilter and underflow shale shaker. Mud cleaner has the advantages of compact structure, occupied space is small, powerful, which is the ideal selection of efficient cleaning equipment for the second or third stage mud solids control. Drilling fluid cleaner is the combination of desander and desilter, it includes desander cyclone, desilter cyclone, pressure forcing pump, hydrocyclone, bottom sluice, drilling fluid shale shaker, a bracket and a base.

After separated by desander and desilter, driling fluid overflow returns solid control system, and the underflow further processed by shale shaker, the shale shaker can be placed before mud cleaner if necessary. It can quickly remove harmful solid phase in drilling fluid, improve the performance of drilling fluid, and meet the requirements of high pressure jet drilling technology.

Guarantee to improve drilling speed-Solid control equipment

To improve the speed of drilling is a system engineering, from the perspective of drilling fluid solid control technology, reasonable investment can improve the quality of drilling fluid, reduce the viscosity, shear and proportion of drilling fluid, , make the drilling fluid has low nozzle viscosity, can make drilling fluid give full play to the effect of hydraulic rock breaking, carrying cuttings, cleaning the bottom. It is also one of the effective ways to improve drilling speed.

The viscosity, shear and the height of nozzle viscosity of drilling fluid are related to the degree of dispersion and solid content in drilling fluid. Drilling fluid solid control has a decisive significance to maintain excellent stability of the performance of drilling fluid, ensure the drilling safety and smooth of drilling construction, and  to improve the drilling speed. Therefore, in addition to use the inhibitors to control the despersion of cutting particles reasonable on the maintenance and treatment of drilling fluid, do well in solid phase control, reduce the solid phase in drilling fluid is important job to improve the drilling speed, reduce the drilling cost and ensure the safety, which is also one of the most important aspects of drilling fluid technology.


Widely used in petroleum drilling is three grade solids control equipment, namely, drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge. How to use these solid control equipment well and play its biggest effect is the basis of our solid control work. According to the different levels of the working principle, the solid control equipment to remove solid particles with different particle sizes, drilling fluid shale shaker mainly remove solid particles larger than 74 microns, desander clearance size in the range of 10-74 microns, and the drilling fluid centrifuge can separate 2-5 micron particles.

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