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DC Compact Mud desanding plant for bored pile project

DC compact bored pile desander mud cleaning machine has been widely used in Asia countries to recycling drilling fluids for the foundation construction. DC compact mud system is widely used in Tunneling Construction, Bored Pile, Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD), etc.

mud plant

DC Solids Control just finished the manufacturing of 3 sets bored pile drilling mud systems for one American customer. DC Solids mud treating systems now is widely recognized by customers from many countries.

mud system

The main component of the DC compact mud desanding plant include a shale shake we use 2 layers shaker screen, with dimension size 900x750mm. Why 2 layers? To achieve higher efficiency, upper shaker screen to separate mud, while down shaker screen to dry drilling fluid.

Bored Pile Desanding Plant is simplified mud recycling system, After intermediate mud pit, DC mud recycling system can efficiently separate the solid and liquid, lower the solids content in recycling mud, drying the waste solids. The bored desander plant is very compact design for easier transportation, and more economic.

Cost benefit of dewatering the drilling mud

Any water based mud or waste slurry can be dewatered using the patented tank system and the Clear Water Loop method. Bentonite and drill solids are removed from the water through a combination of flocculation and centrifugal (mechanical) force.

dewatering system

Being able to dewater the drilling mud as it returns to surface during the product line pull is advantageous, as it will eliminate the use of sumps or pits. The bentonite and drill cuttings are discharged in to the shale bin as a dry stackable waste product while the clean water can be stored and reuse on subsequent projects. This will reduce fresh water usage on site and the cost associated with transporting water to and from site.

This biggest cost benefit of dewatering the drilling mud is the elimination of wet waste disposal. Mud volumes can range from 1,000 m3 to 5,000 m3 (up to 1.3 million gal.) depending on the size of the project, typically this mud will be disposed of by land-spraying, or at a wet waste disposal facility.

Producing a dry stackable waste that passes a Paint Filter Test eliminates the need for vacuum trucks for either disposal method and provides clean water for reuse. In some cases the waste volume can be reduced by up to 80 per cent.

Solids control for Industrial Sludge /Effluent Waste Treatment

DC offers equipment and system for industrial sludge and effluent waste treatments .

Equipment available includes :

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge based 2-phase separation system ( solid liquid split)

  • The variable frequency high speed centrifuge (can have infinite speed variation , it can treat mud with different character and adapt to field conditions better)
  • Large bowl ( longer retention time – drier solids – reduced disposal cost)
  • Optimum blend of speed : bowl size : G-force

Feed and transfer pumps

Conveyors ( auger and screwless)

Mud cleaners

Water treatment units