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Feeding pump- screw pump for decanter centrifuge in drilling mud process stage

Screw pump is an ideal pump for drilling mud feeding to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud. Compared to centrifugal pumps, screw pumps can move drilling mud axially without turbulence. They are also able to pump fluids of higher viscosity without losing flow rate. Also, changes in the pressure difference have little impact on screw pumps compared to centrifugal pumps.

screw pump

The main parts are screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry shape of the two parts, they form pressurize capacity separately. The fluids flow along with the shaft, inner flow speed is slow, capacity remains, pressure is steady, so it will not generate vortex and agitating. The shaft of the pump is made from Stainless steel, DC Screw pump is available for option with complete stainless steel body. It can drive by coupler, or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor, Triangle V-belt, gear box, etc.

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Advanced transportation tool for oil and gas – screw pump

In the oil and gas industry, there are a lot of oil, gas and water need to be transported and transferred to different storage tanks or processing tanks at all times. In the long period of high strength use, the shortcomings of ordinary centrifugal pump being exposed, which brought big troubles to oil and gas enterprises, and the loss will be greater if laying-off.

The reliable pumping principle of screw pump provides a better solution for these problems. The structure of the screw pump comprises a helical metal rotor. The rotor rotating reversed in a double helix elastic stator. When they are combined together to form a sealed cavity, the seal chamber can be running with the rotation from the suction side to the end of the export rotated when the rotor is rotating. Screw pump adopts the general connection of the gear structure, which can effectively solve the problem of radial load and axial load caused by the diffdrential pressure of pumping fluid. The balance design of the ring gear and the spherical gear, with the valve plate, make the stress being distributed over a larger area, instead of in the pin or the joint point, whis greatly reduces the wear and tear, so that the overall performance of the pump is better, especially in the sudden abnormal conditions.

screw pump

The general connection mode of screw pump gear structure can effectively solve the problems of radial load and axial load, so that the pump efficiency is maximized and the service life is prolonged. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, no sand hanging, corrosion resistance, mild flow and so on, and it will not be similar to the characteristics of pulse flow, so that the screw pump has become a tool to transport oil and gas. The reliable design of screw pump will not be affected by the mutation, and compared to other pumps, the total cost of the screw pump is the lowest.

Matters need attention when starting screw pump

(1) Should check and ensure that the machanical and electrical is normal before starting. The opening and closing state of the valve, gear box and the bearing cavity oil level is normal.

(2) Before the start of the pump, it must be filled with oil. Although the screw pump with self absorption capacity, you should avoid the occurrence of dry friction before the oil suction because of the high speed, or it will cause damage to parts, even heating and burnt out.

(3) The screw pump should be started in the case of suction and discharge valve are all opened, to prevent overload or air suction. To the screw pump that with low temperature, high viscosity or large displacement, it should be started in the case of pump suction, discharge valve and bypass valve being all opened, in order to reduce the starting load, and turn down the bypass valve when the pump reach the rated speed.

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The screw pump is not allowed to close the discharge valve for a long time, and do the back-flow operation through regulating the valve completely. Also should not rely on the large flow of pressure relief valve to meet the needs of small flow pump. In this way throttle loss is serious, will cause the temperature rise of the liquid discharged from  screw pump, and even the deformation and damage of pump due to high temperature.

(4) It should be stopped after the start of the pump without oil discharge, and start it again after pouring oil, if failure, check whether the suction pipe is leaking, the filter is dirty and so on. You can start it again after troubleshooting.

Preparation work before the start of the screw pump

1. To check whether the parts are installed in right place and if they are firm and reliable before starting the screw pump, and whether the grounding wire is firm.

2. To check if the pressure gauge of screw pump is in good condition, whether it has opened and flexible and effective (whether the pointer returning to zero).

3.To check if the motor rotation direction of screw pump is correct (to see the rotating direction on signs),  reverse rotation prohibited.

screw pump_

4. To check if the lubrication of all parts is good, the engine oil surface level is located at the place about two-thirds of the screw pump.

5. To check if tensioning force of the triangle belt on the screw pump is appropriate.

6. To check whether the safety valve of screw pump is in good condition.

7. To check whether it is clean around the screw pump, and if there is some obstructions.