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Analysis on the reasons of oil mechanical seal leakage

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent the chemical industry, many companies began to focus on mechanical seal leakage problems, and the pump seal is particularly important. Seal plays a very important role in the whole equipment, , stable operation of the device, and even the safe and stable operation of production. Especially in the chemical industry, the role of sealing is particularly important. In the chemical industry, the medium of the pump is flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, once leak, and not be found in time, it will cause immeasurable loss. Therefore, the leakage of mechanical seal is one of the key work of chemical plant.

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Mechanical seal structure and common leak points

There is a pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotating axis of mechanical seal, the face under the role of fluid pressure and compensation mechanical stretch, depends on the auxiliary seal with the other end to keep fit and relative sliding, so as to prevent the leakage of medium. The mechanical seal is composed of two parts, one is the static ring, the other is the relative operation, so as to achieve the goal of the lowest leakage degree.

There are many types of mechanical seal, while the main leakage points are:

(1) The sealing of shaft sleeve and the shaft; (2) The sealing of ring and sleeve; (3) The sealing between moving ring and static ring; (4) Sealing between static ring and static ring seat; (5) The seal between seal end cover and pump body.