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Composition of offshore oil drilling wellhead device

Offshore oil drilling wellhead equipment, mainly composed of three systems.

(1) Guidance system. Including the wellhead drilling template, the guide frame and the guide rope tensioning mechanism and so on. The guiding system is to guide the downhole device and other parts to alignment, so as to it is convenient to be installed and removed; guide the drilling tool and other downhole tools into the bottom of the sea.

(2) Blowout prevention system. The safety and fire protection of offshore drilling is very important. For safety drilling, the general requirements are equipped with three blowout preventer: a drill pipe blowout preventer, a fully closed blowout prevention device, a universal blowout prevention device; or with two drill pipe blowout preventer and one fully closed blowout prevention device. The blowout prevention valve is installed in the offshore waters, not on the platform, so it must be controlled remotely. In the process of drilling, because cementing need to change the wellhead every time or change the size of the drilling tools need to change the BOP core, for convenient and rapid assembly and disassembly and for it can be still accurate disassembly when the water depth is more than the dive deep ability of divers, so need for remote connector or fast loading and unloading device and other components.

offshore drilling

(3) Riser system. The riser system is installed in the upper part of the blowout prevention device, which is composed of riser, flexible pipe, variable curve joint and riser tensioner. Its function is to isolate the sea water, guide the drilling tool into the well, lead the formation of drilling fluid circuit, and bear the lifting and moving operation of the floating platform. In which the flexible pipe and bending joint is to solve the lifting, moving operation of the device. Riser tensioner is to prevent the riser from bending under the action of in the waves and tidal currents, so as not to affect the life and work. Therefore, there should be a large tension force to maintain the normal working state of the water separation pipe.

The above three systems are integrated devices, which constitute a special underwater wellhead device for offshore drilling.

How drilling fluid performance influence the progress of drilling?

There are many factors that affect the performance of drilling fluid, and the performance of the drilling fluid will impact on the process of drilling. So it is very important to understand and master the relationship between the performance of drilling fluid and drilling.

Proportion of drilling fluid:

  1. The proportion of drilling fluid is inversely proportional to the drilling rate. High specific gravity means that the solid content that is content of cuttings and bentonite of the drilling fluid is high, and the drilling rate will be significantly lower. When the specific gravity increase for each 1%, drilling rate will be decreased by 10%.
  2. The drilling fluid with low gravity can reduce the wear and prolong the life of the drill bit, and vice versa.
  3. Reducing the proportion of the drilling fluid can reduce and eliminate the leakage of the drilling fluid.
  4. Low -gravity drilling fluid is conducive to the precipitation of debris in the ground.
  5. Adjust the proportion of drilling fluid properly can balance the formation pressure.
  6. Increase in the proportion can prevent well blowing and well kick when drilling into the spewing formation.mud (2)

Filtration performance of drilling fluid:

When water loss of drilling fluid is too large (more than 10mL/30min), the formation of mud skin is thick and loose, which has the following effects to the drilling work

  1. Mud skin is too thick, the annular space is reduced, bit wrapped up by mud, which make under pressure increase, it will lead to collapse and leakage
  2. Damage oil layer
  3. Easy occurrence of jamming accident
  4. To make the water sensitive mudstone, shale and other rock formations water swelling, collapse and shrinkage
  5. Increase the drilling resistance
  6. Affect the casing pipe

Relationship between rheological properties of drilling fluid and drilling:

The rheological property of drilling fluid is the characteristics of drilling fluid flow and its internal structure deformation under the action of external force. It contains the apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity, static shear force, shear force, thixotropy, flow index and consistency coefficient table of drilling fluid.

  1. The relationship with the speed of the bit broken rock

Drilling rate increases with the decrease of viscosity and vice versa, the reason is that :

  1. Mud pump power is certain, when viscosity reduces, the pump pressure decreases, and displacement increases, the bit water horsepower increases, then the injection ability strengthen;
  2. Nozzle turbulence viscosity is reduced, and the function of cleaning and discharging cuttings of the drilling fluid increased;
  3. Low viscosity drilling fluid is easy to penetrate into the microfissure of the bottom hole, which can reduce the holding force of cuttings and the drill strength of rock.
  4. The relationship with suspended cuttings and carrying cuttings

The high velocity when turbulent has serious erosion to well wall, the laminar flow causes the debris to flip, and push to the wall, and some of the “false mud cake” is formed on the wall, some of it fall down that lead to the buried drilling accident.

  1. The relationship with the pressure of the fluid colum in the well

The pressure of excitement is harmful to the drilling, it is proportional to viscosity , shearing force and and thixotropy of drilling fluid . The pressure may cause well leakage and well collapse. Therefore, when drilling easy sloughing formation, we must control the rheology of drilling fluid, active the drilling tools best before opening the pump to advoid all kinds of complicated situation underground caused by the pressure.

Solids phase control and maintenance of oil based drilling fluid

Requirements for oil based drilling fluid to solid phase content is the same as the water based drilling fluid that the useless solids phase should be removed as much as possible.

Because most of the solids phase had the hydrophilic property initially, they entered into the oil based drilling mud, contacted with the oil, and then became the oil wet which will affect both stability of drilling fluid and also increase viscosity, shearing force and density of drilling fluid.


The strong inhibition of oil based drilling fluid makes it difficult to separate most of the solids phase, so it is easy to remove the solids phase with the use of solid control equipments to. The commonly used solid control equipment is shale shaker and centrifuge.

Due to the low dispersion degree of the cuttings, the effect of the shale shaker  is better than that of water based drilling mud, and the selected screen is also more finer.

The centrifuge is the only equipment that can remove the micro solids phase of the drilling mud, but because of the restrictions of its own processing capacity and the high proportion of mud and other factors, the work efficiency of centrifuge is limited.

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As the oil based drilling fluid is more expensive and with high viscosity, desander and desilter should not be used, and the influence on the aggravating materials should also be considered when using mud cleaner to separate the solids phase. Due to the inconvenience of oil based mud discharge and limited capacity of mud pool, a large number of dilution is not suitable.

Therefore, the drilling fluid that is used repeatedly should pay attention to the problem of mud aging: the methods of the precitation of solids phase and replacement of new slurry and others can be considered.

China top 10 oil drilling rig manufacturer

As one of China the most competitive solid control manufacturer. DC machinery lists some top 10 oil drilling rig manufacturers for you better known China drilling and production fields.

1) BOMCO Oil Rig & F Series Mud pumps
Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd (BOMCO), as a leading one in researching, designing, manufacturing and assembling Oil Drilling Rig and equipments for oil exploration and development since 1970s. It belongs to CNPC. Complete sets of onshore and offshore drilling rig and relating equipments could be produced. It produced most drilling rigs in 2005 in the world.
Main products: drilling rigs including AC VFD, DC, diesel engine and gear, chain, hydraulic and belt drive, truck-mounted and trailer-mounted series, ranging from 1,000 meters to 12,000 meters in drilling depth; a series of API7K-compliant mud pumps ranging from F-500 to F-2200; CGDS-I, a near-bit geosteering system for well drilling, consists of the CAIMS (China Adjustable Instrumented Motor System), WLRS (Wireless Receiver System), CGMWD (China Geosteering MWD), and the CFDS (China Formation/Drilling Software System). CGDS-I has three major functions: logging/measurement, transmission and steering.
2)Lanzhou LS-National Oilwell Petroleum (NOV) oil rig
Lanzhou LS-National Oilwell Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd. (LS-NOW for short) is a Sino-American Joint Venture established between Lanzhou Petrochemical Machinery Equipment and Engineering Group Corporation (LS Group) and National Oilwell International, Inc. (NOI) since 2001.
Scope of business: design and manufacture complete land and offshore drilling rigs and oil service rigs, and provide relating equipment package, components, parts and full services.
Main products: oil drill rigs that are electrical or mechanical or electrical-mechanical compounded driven and suitable for different applications such as land, shallow, offshore and desert and meet the requirements of drilling and oilfield services. The drilling depth ranged from 1000 to 9000 meters.

3) HH (Honghua) Oil Drilling rig
Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is a subsidiary of Honghua Group which has been listed successfully in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The company has been engaged in research, design, manufacturing and general assembly of Oil Drilling Rig and equipments for oil exploration and development. Now it is the world’s second land drilling rig manufacturer, and China’s largest exporter of drilling rigs.
The company owns five subsidiaries totally in home and abroad, with annual output of 150 drilling rigs and 600 mud pumps etc.
The company produces mainly various land drilling rigs for drilling 1000m to 9000m wells and offshore drilling modules– DC drive drilling rig, AC VF electric rig, mechanical drilling rig, composite drive rig, trailer mounted rig and independent RT electric drive drilling rig, as well as their matched equipments, i.e. drilling pumps, traveling block system, solid control system, electric control system etc.
4)RG Petro-Machinery Oil drilling rig for low temperature zone
RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO. LTD is a stock company, reorganized from Nanyang petroleum machinery plant (former No.2 Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Plant of National Petroleum Industrial Ministry of China in 1969). RG has possessed 16 production plants for forging, metal machining, heat treatment, steel-structure manufacturing, general assembly, painting and new product trial production, and 3 comprehensive testing sites for drilling rigs as well as 2 Sino-American joint ventures and 2 share-holding joint ventures.
RG could provide 12 series of products in 200 kinds, including skid-mounted drilling rig, truck-mounted drilling rig, trailer-mounted drilling rig, workover rig, offshore drilling/workover equipment, solid control and mud circulation equipment, oilwell logging equipment, petroleum special Vehicle, top drive drilling equipment, Hydraulic water drilling rig,mud pump, hoisting and rotaryDrilling equipment and related spare parts, etc.
5)    Jianhan Siji (SJ Petroleum) Oil Drill Rig.

SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., founded in 1941, belongs to Sinopec.
It supply four major categories of products including drilling & workover equipment, production equipment, offshore drilling & production equipment and high pressure manifolds, 12 families and more than 200 types of products.
Its star products include pumping units, workover rigs, cementing units, fracturing packages, fracturing pump and high pressure fluid control products.
New products include modular rigs, Big Easy rigs, snub rigs, fracturing quintaplex pumps and mud pumps, etc.

6)  Kerui Oil drilling rig

Shandong Kerui Holding Group, established in 2001, has become an international comprehensive enterprise with business scope covering: the research, development and manufacture of the petroleum drilling and well service equipment, oil production, wellhead & downhole tool and the special operation equipment in oilfield, manufacture and assemblage of natural gas compressor, R&D and manufacture of natural gas, coalbed methane & shale gas process equipment and oilfield energy saving electrical product, oilfield exploration development comprehensive solution and technical service of petroleum engineering, etc.

The main products include oil drilling rig equipment, Oil pumping equipment, Special equipment for oilfield, Oilfield tubing system and auxiliary machines and tools. Kerui manufactures various workover rigs and drilling rigs with drill depth from 3000m to 9000m.


7)  Shanghai 3H oil drilling rig

The 3H(Shanghai) Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. , established in 2001, is the first rig manufacturer that introduces ship-building technology to the fabrication of petroleum equipment.

main business activity covers the design and manufacture of the following series of: electrical, mechanical drilling rigs, and electro-mechanic rigs with the drill depth from 2,000 meters to 9,000 meters; module offshore drilling and workover platforms, module offshore drilling rig, polar drilling rigs, and truck mounted rigs; electrical driving control and system, and; main rig components of crown blocks, traveling blocks, hook, mud pump, swivel, and etc.

 8)  Shengli Highland Oil drilling rig

Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd, Established in 1992, was a private incorporated manufacturer of petroleum equipments located in Dongying city, Shandong province, the PRC.

Now company has five classes of products/services: Drilling Equipments, Production Equipments, Tubular Goods, Oilfield Service and Chemicals, which includes dozens kinds of series products. We are able to design, manufacture and provide all these series of products, technical services and OEM parts.

9) THpetro truck mounted drilling rig

Tonghua Petro·chemical Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is one of the earliest oilfield manufacturers in China.

The current product lines include workover & drilling rig series, oil field environmental protection equipment series, oil recovery machinery series and water well & mineral drilling machinery series.

 10) Tefico land rig

Shaanxi TEFICO Petroleum Mechanical And Electric New Technology Co., Ltd. (Tefico) located in Baoji, China biggest drilling rig manufacture center, and owning a strong technical expert team with nearly 30 years experience, has been dedicated to ensuring customers receive the highest quality land drilling rigs and drilling equipments for Oil, Gas , Geothermy, Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane since 2000.
TEFICO supplies customer-focused solutions that best meet the quality, productivity, and environmental requirements of the energy industry.
TEFICO is provides complete land drilling rigs for sale and rental and major mechanical components, such as mast, substructure, crown block, rotary table, drawworks, travelling block, hook, mud pump, top drive. TEFICO is also a project management company hence it can work as a subcontractor to join project or partner with clients in all relevant project.

Please contact DaChuan solids control for more and detail contact information for more China largest oil drilling rig manufacturer contact information.

Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co.,Ltd.

Group profile


Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group was incorporated in 1999 and now is a public company listed in Shenzhen stock exchange. Jereh is a worldwide leader in providing integrated solutions of oilfield equipment and services for oil and gas drilling, well intervention, well completion, natural gas transportation, natural gas liquefaction, environmental control and EPC services.


Headquartered in Yantai, China, Jereh currently consists of 18 subsidiaries with 3200 employees working globally. Jereh has built  two industrial parks in Yantai covering an area of over 100 acres and six service centers located near the major oilfields in China. Jereh has also established the R&D center and manufacturing center in Houson, USA. Wordwide sales and service centers have been well established in Canada, South Amerrica, UAE, Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, Africa, Indonesia and Hong Kong to provide customer-focused solutions to the energy industry.

Products & Service

Developed to becoming a worldwide leading equipment and services provider , we have achieved rapid development especially in technology R&D, manufacturing capacity and global market expansion. Jereh’s leading-edge oilfield equipment including Dill rig, cementers, Fracs, Coiled tubing unit, Nitrogen pumper, Intelligent pipe handling system, Snubbing unit, Hot oiler, Coiled tubing injector and BOP, natural gas compression unit, Natural gas liquefaction unit, Wellhead equipment, Downhole motor and related equipment, We also provide the oilfield services including drilling, well completion, production, well intervention, waste management and EPC services.


TSC offshore Group Limited

TSC Offshore is a global product and service provider, serving both onshore and offshore drilling industries worldwide. TSC’s comprehensive product lines include drilling equipment, mechanical handling equipment, solids control equipment, power control and drives, tensioning and compensation systems for semi-submersible rigs and drillships. TSC also provides jacking systems and rack materials for jack-up rigs. TSC designs, builds and sells complete rig packages for jack-up rigs, semisubmersible rigs and platform modular rigs. TSC rig supply chain solution division provides complete MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) supplies for all rig operations. TSC also designs and builds offshore deck cranes for both drilling rigs and production platforms.

solids control-mud system for oil & gas drilling

DC machinery supply equipments : shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander , desilter , decaning centrifuge , mud agitator , mud gun , mud tank , sand pump …

They can be used in the following :

Oil& gas drilling -solids control system

DC manufacture complete equipments for oil & gas drilling rig for : 250hp, 350ho,450hp,550hp , 650hp,750hp,1000hp , 1500hp , 2000hp , 3000hp .

HDD&CBMdrilling – mud recycling system

Supply system for Horizontal directional drilling , Coal Bed Methane ) and water well , mining and geothermal well drilling mud recycling : 150GPM, 350GPM,500GPM,1000GPM ,1500GPM , 2000GPM.





Sand pump good performance in oil field drilling

SB series sand pump for oil and mining drilling solid control equipment newly developed matching pump , it adopts the structure of the axial suction , over-current components are wear-resistant cast iron .

It applicable to transport corrosive working condition of drilling fluid with suspended particles or other similar liquid medium .Sand pump parameter design , fully consider the matching can work under the best conditions of solids control equipment , its main characteristic is the strong interchangeability of spare parts , less shaft seal leakage , reliable operation , long service life , maintenance is convenient .

SB series sand pump seal adopts mechanical seal , this seal main seal for high abrasion resistant alloy mechanical seal , Auxiliary seal for packing seal , can prevent the accident .The SB series sand pump shaft seal adopts grease ; Bearing with oil lubrication , bearing cover on both ends of the bearing with grease nipple , butter lubrication bearing is also available .


CIPPE 2013 Eexhibition

the dual-motion shale shaker is DC ‘s newly developed shaker , which adopts three vibration motor achieve both linear and balanced elliptical motion two motions . Convert site situation to achieve the mud treatment effect according to site situation .

Desander and desilter combined mud cleaner is the second and third class solids control equipment , its structure is compressed , small size , powerful function , is the ideal choice of second and third class solids control equipment .

We can design and manufacture mud tank , water tank and oil tank of FG,ZG,YG type according to customer’s requirements .The tank body is structured of panel or corugate . the tank , walkway and stairs are made of skid-proof steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet .