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16 Pcs NJQ50 Mud gun shipped to abroad clients

NJQ 50 drilling fluid mud gun is a professional petroleum drilling fluid solid control equipment manufactured by DC solid control. It is different with other suppliers, NJQ drilling fluid mud gun is the autonomously design by DC Solid control, can make solid control system perfect combination, coordination work, make the whole solid control system become a unitive ensemble.

Yesterday, DC Solid control shipped 16Pcs drilling fluid mud gun for Pakistan clients who are our repeat clients and had cooperated with our company for about 5 years.

mud gun
Mud guns are used mainly in the corners of the mud-tanks to avoid the setting of solids. By rotating the wide angle, the mud can be adjusted according to the need. The jet nozzle used in the mud gun, is both wearable and replaceable. The tool is also used to shift the drilling fluids from one compartment to another such as for trip tank compartment.

mud guns

Mud gun general placed in drilling fluid Mud tank roof, It is divided into high pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun . High pressure mud gun have small output volume, big pressure , usually have a drilling pump supply liquid. Low pressure mud gun, generally have sand pump supply liquid, large , pressure small .
Points for attention in use displacement
1. Pay attention to mud gun nozzle cleaning, prevent mud nozzle blockage.
2. Pay attention to mud gun valve adjustment, according to the density of the mud to adjust the valve size .

It is used along with a mud agitator which is placed in the middle of tank whereas the mud gun is kept in the corner of a tank. Please contact DC Solid control office to get the quotation of the mud guns.

Solid control spare parts- mud guns shipped to Port

DC Solid control could offers mud gun with simple structure and flexible operation. Mud gun could be used to prevent the mud precipitation and transfer the active mud to each tank compartment in the mud system.

mud guns

Today, DC Solid control shipped many sets mud guns to port and delivery to Pakistan. Mud gun in drilling fluids processing system is always located at the corner of the tank to keep solids from settling. The impetus of mud gun can comes from eigher high pressure mud pump and Jet Mud Mixer.

Mud guns always applied together with Mud agitator that installed at the centre of mud tank. In drilling mud processing system, mud gun often used in trip tank, mud mixing tank and mud storage tank.

Mud Guns also produce flow currents, which boost fluid movements and aid in the suspension or mixing of particles. In addition, Mud Guns can create an alternate product flow when used in conjunction with agitators.

Lowestline price of mud guns from DC Machinery

Mud gun is another equipment for agitating drilling mud or fluid during mud process. It is mounted on mud tanks. DC Machinery 2 models of mud guns 2″ and 3″.

For many years, mud guns were used as the sole means of agitation. These devices usually carry mud from a down stream comapartment and spray it into an up-stream compartment to keep solids suspended. However, the true mixing effect of mud guns tends to be localized around the point where the nozzle may add 100-200 GPM of mud into the tank above and beyond the normal flow from the well.


DC Mud gun features

1. DCMud gun main feature is the mud gun nozzles are made of rubber. This is different with other mud guns. This rubber nozzle can be more durable and longer usable life.
2. Mud guns from DC make it more efficient than the sharp shoulder in a 3 to 1 reducers. Well, under this feature we get increased blending and agitation
3. DC mud gun is usually with only 1 nozzle. However, it can rotate as 270 degree.

DC produces the mud gun with good spray effect , large clean area , simple structure, flexible operaion and easy to use. In order to extend the sale market, All DC solid control enjoye a bigeest discount from Dec to the new year. Welcome to your inquires.

Parameters of drilling mud gun system

Because most systems use low pressure mud gun, correct selection of centrifugal pump and pipeline system is very important. For a low pressure system, to make it work, we must consider the following points:

(1) The size and type of the nozzle;

(2) The number of elbows, three links, valves and tubes;

(3) The length of the pipe;

(4) The size of the pipe used.jnq-80-mud-gun

These parameters are very important, in the choice of pump, the impact of each parameter must be calculated. In most systems, fluid through the nozzle will loss most of the total pressure head transferred by the pump, and discharge pipe length, pipe diameter and pipe fittings need proper pump and motor. In order to achieve a given flow rate through the nozzle, it requires a specific total head to overcome the service system friction.

Talk about working process of mud gun

The mud gun is generally placed in the tank top of drilling fluid circulating tank, which is mainly divided into two types of high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure mud gun has small output volume and high pressure, which is generally feeding liquid for drilling pump. And the low pressure mud gun is generally used to supply drilling fluid for sand pump, it has big displacement and low pressure.

Main pipeline of low pressure rotary mud gun is composed of shale shaker tank, suction tank, mixing tank, reserve tank Ι and a lateral tube on the upper-frame of reserve tank Ⅱ through a union. All the discharge pipes of sand pump in the system are connected with the main pipeline and be the liquid source of low pressure mud gun, so it can make themud gun work when open any sand pump.

The low pressure rotary mud gun consists of a butterfly valve, rotary body and the gun body. The drilling fluid is supplied by sand pump, shear pump or feeding pump.


The butterfly valve control the working condition of mud gun and control the direction of drilling fluid jetted by nozzles of mud gun through the operating handle of the rotator. Nozzles of mud gun jet drilling fluid, dash and stir the useful solid phase particles in drilling fluid deposited on the bottom of the tank.

The high pressure mud gun is fed by slurry pump, the suction tank, mixing tank and reserve tank Ι and reserve tankⅡ are separately configured with separate high pressure mainfold. Between the tank is connected with FIG1502 union and high pressure hose, each warehouse is equipped with a high pressure mud gun which is controlled by high pressure mud gate valve.

The sepecifications of high pressure mud gun: 2″/5000psi, when the oil-based drilling fluid is used by the system, the shear dilution of the mud is very poor, at this time we need to use the high pressure mud gun whose power source is slurry pump to dash and stir it, so as to mix the drilling fluid evenly.

The parameters of mud gun produced by DC Machinery

The correct choice of centrifugal pump and piping system is very important because most system use the low pressure drilling mud gun. It should be emphasized that, for a low pressure system, to make it work, must consider a few points followed:


(1) The size of nozzle;

(2) The number of the elbow, valve and tapered pipe;

(3) The length of pipe;

(4) The size of the pipes that are used.

These parameters are very important, before chosing a pump, the influence of each parameter must be calculated. In most system, when the fluid flow through the nozzle, it will lose most total head pressure transmitted by the pump, and discharged pipeline length, pipe diameter and pipe fitting all need the suitable pump and motor. In order to achieve a given flow velocity through the nozzle, a specific total pressure head is required to meet the firction force of the system.

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DC Low pressure drilling mud gun

Low pressure mud gun requires about 23 meters of pressure head in normal work, the nozzle size ranges from 12.7 millimeters to 25.4 millimeters. Centrifugal pump pressurizes to nozzle through standard wall pipeline, the low pressure system does not need special thick wall pipe connection. But the variable flow velocity and the pipe with large diameter can be used to prevent excessive friction loss, the nozzle of low pressure mud gun is aslo larger than the high pressure mud gun. When a large number of liquid enter into the drilling mud tank through the nozzle of the low pressure drilling mud gun, the drilling fluid is stirred then. The liquid has a certain speed after being through the nozzle. Thereby providing the shear force which is known as the high –flow and low-pressure system.


No matter what kind of system, it shlould avoid the feeding pipeline of nozzle from being excessive bending or too long whether in economics or functions , this point is aslo very crucial for the effective operation of the equipments especially for the low pressure system.

From the bernoulli principle we can know that nozzle size and feed pressure determine that at what speed will the fluid flow through the nozzle. And at the same time, the more fluid flow through the nozzle, the larger flow rate is and greater the shear force generated. Some multi nozzle structure drilling mud gun used in the compression system can get four times liquid flow of the conventional nozzle that it can be very good in completing the mixing and diffusion of drilling fluid.

The nozzle of mud gun generate low pressure area around the area that the nozzle released, and the low pressure area is quickly sucked around the nozzle and is wrapped in liquid, which is similar to the effect of the emixing hopper. The two fluids are mixed in the funnel portion to flow into the storage tank at the slightly higher rate than te nozzle. The high speed fluid that comes out of the ejector can both come from the storage tank or other places (such as the mixed slurry tank).

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mud gun choice in drilling fluid

Along with the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solids control system for drilling operation plays positive role is more and more big, all kinds of solid control system arises at the historic moment, regardless of the solid control system model how to change, its basic functions (namely maximization removal of drilling fluid solid and store enough drilling fluid) time invariant, it depend on mechanical removal equipment and drilling fluid storage tanks of auxiliary equipment such as organic combination to complete basic function.

Mud gun (mud gun) mud gun role depend on gun nozzle produce high-speed flow, impact drilling fluid tank bottom sediments of the solid phase make its suspension. At the same time, when agitator stop after period of time, deposition of solid phase bury impeller and need to restart, mud gun work can eliminate agitator activated when the part resistance moment, it is for the normal work of the stirrer provides a reliable guarantee.

Gun drilling fluid with high, bottom pressure of points, high pressure gun by drilling pump discharge discharge tributary feed liquid, pressure rating for 4 to 6 million mpa; Low pressure gun by centrifugal sand pump feed liquid, the pressure level is 0.2 to 0.3 million mpa, configuration how much should be based on stirrer quantity to decide.

Aggravate funnel

In order to in the drilling process to the drilling fluid to increase processing or a few configuration drilling fluid, usually in drilling pump suction tank set up near the aggravating funnel, the discharge line should be able to achieve storage tank and suction tank, so that rapid processing downhole accident

the role and classification of drilling fluid mud gun

Mud gun
The use of high-speed jet mixing mud hydraulic agitator.

The role of the drilling fluid gun is to rely on the gun nozzle to generate a high-speed stream, the impact of the drilling fluid tank bottom deposition of solid phaseto obtain a suspension. Meanwhile, When stirrer stop after some time, when theneed to re-enable the deposition of solid phase buried impeller mud gun works toeliminate part of the moment of resistance of the stirrer start, which provides a reliable guarantee for the normal working of the stirrer.

Drilling fluid gun low pressure divided by the drilling pump, high pressure gunexclude tributaries for fluid pressure levels of 1-6Mpa;
centrifugal sand pump forliquid of low pressure gun, pressure rating of 0.2-0.3 Mpa configure how manyshould be based on the agitatorThe quantity to decide
NJQ series mud gun produced by Tangshan DaChuan Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one agitation and cleaning equipment .Mud gun is connected with the mud pump’s high pressure end .Taking advantages of high speed jet drilling fluid ,drilling mud is agitated evenly.
Model NJQ50-3
Diameter 2″
Gate valve DN50 PN4.0
Interface diameter <2″
working pressure 1.6Mpa
Nozzles quantity 3
Swivel optional
Swivel degree 120

Introduction to slurry tanks in drilling mud system

 slurry tanks slurry tank solid control system for oil drilling . It mainly consists of the FG and ZG drilling mud oil tank1.mud tank circulatory system according to the shape of the bottom of the tank is divided into a square tank and tapered cans. Tank with tablet conical structure or the corrugated structure, assembly welding of steel plate and steel. Tank surface and corridors with non-slip steel plate and non-slip strip stencil, The tank surface railing square steel pipe production for accessibility collapsible structure firmly seated. The mud tank circulation system tank surface with clean water pipeline for cleaning the tank surface and equipment can face stencil using dip zinc processing. The ladder on the tank with insurance-linked channel to do the main  to do with non-slip strip stencil pedal bilateral guardrail. Set the standard sand, oil drilling mud tanks and anti-the awning tank set Heating insulation pipeline.As mud vector mud tank is an indispensable part of the mud circulating system, in turn, to be completed by the aggravation of mud, mixed solid-liquid separation, from the wellhead to the degassing process, mud tank carries the mud pump mud circulation solid-phase particles in the slurry tank solids control equipment progressively separated aggravated by mud mixed system for deployment to the drilling process requirements, the mud tank degassing equipment can remove harmful mud gas, electric centralized control in order to ensure the environmental requirements of the job site and mud weight slurry tank. Equipped with heating systems and insulation system the  tank in polar low temperature areas.Mud tank to adapt to domestic and foreign mountains, rivers, highways crossing project design, development, manufacture horizontal directional cross machine supporting mud mixed recovery system. To reduce the wear and tear of the mud pump, drill pipe, drill through drilling fluid mud tank recycling can greatly improve the level crossing speed drilling fluid purification savings the mud material , reduce drilling costs and protecting the environment ,slurry tank users considerable economic benefits.

Mud tank belonging to a drilling fluid purification device and its container. The mud tank by tank, tank top agitator constitutes tank into two parts separated by a partition. Characterized in that in the tank top mounted two sets of sand pump and a desander, desilter ,they are respectively mounted can slide up and down and can be fixed on the bracket, in the desander and desilter below respectively mounted a small shaker. The new structure is compact, small footprint, Desanding effect, can reduce mud losses, relocation transport vehicles less saving labor,  not easily damaged parts to extend the service life. The mud tanks suitable for purification handling and storage of slurry oil drilling. The mud tank is generally customized parameters vary. The mud tank as a solid control system essential equipment .

Use need to pay attention to the following aspects
Do not let the mud in the mud tanks precipitate attached to the tank wall reduce the capacity of the tank is not conducive to clean.