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In the production of the HDD mud recycling system

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Equipment/HDD Mud Recycling System. DC drilling mud recycling system has been applied in many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation.Especially popular in Australia ,Indonesia, India etc.

mud system 1

At present we got an order of HDD mud recycling system from India. Now the mud system in in the production. The mud system model is DCCM250, and the treating capacity
is 50-60m3/h.

mud system

The Mud Cleaning System Configuration

1 1 set of mud cleaner (1 x 10″ desander, 6 x 4″ desilter, 1 x dewatering shaker screen)
2 1 set of transfer pump,
3.1 set of mud tanks with walkwayk, handrails, valves etc.
4.The whole electric control system


All the equipment can be wired with 415V/60Hz as per the power supply conditions.
The mud tank can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or configured with jack up legs for easy transportation.
The mud tank is designed to be put into a 40 feet container to lower sea freight charges.

DC Solid control design and manufacture compact drilling mud system from 200GPM upto 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module-Built! If you have request it please contact us to get the free quotation.

Mini Mud recycling system for Bored Pile

DC Mini solid removal system is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

Mud system

Usually bored pile is used for those tall buildings or massive industrial complexes, which require foundations that can bear the load of thousands of tons, most probably in unstable or difficult soil conditions. In order to ensure Bored Pile can works properly. DC Machienry design many sets mud removal system for different conditions:

DC Mini solid remove system Models:
DCS-200D Capacity: 200GPM,50m3/h
DCS-500D Capacity: 500GPM,120m3/h
DCS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m3/h
Other models should be customized.

DC Machinery also customized different industries mud circulation system based on your requirement. We have professional equipment used in the system, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud centrifuges, mud tank, agitators and ect. Please contact us if you want to get more infos.

Application of slurry recovery system in non excavation

With the rapid development of China’s economy, continue to push forward the process of urbanization, problems faced in the construction of urban construction is becoming more and more significant, narrow site, dense buildings, underground complex pipeline, construction difficult ground excavation obstacles. With the application of non excavation construction technology in Municipal Engineering in recent years, the above problems can be improved obviously.


Drilling mud is is an indispensable important material in non excavation construction, plays a role like “blood” in horizontal directional drilling construction, in the construction process, mud has the functions of hole cleaning, stable formation, suspended drilling cuttings, cooling and lubricating . Mud quality directly affect the construction quality, the non excavation trombone construction is often used by the quality of bentonite slurry and a small amount of polymer mixing formulated to enhance the performance of the polymer mortar.

Mud recovery system is a necessary facility for drilling mud in the process of non excavation construction. It is mainly by the use of drilling fluid vibrating screen, desander, desilter or mud cleaner or other mud solid control equipment to achieve purification, recovery and utilization of waste mud drilling, the system can recycle the waste mud, save cost for the users, and improve the economic benefits of the customers, protect the rig, but also can protect the environment from pollution.

Mud Cleaning System designed by DC Machinery introduction

Mud cleaning system is an important and essential constituent part in the modern drilling equipment, it can keep the mud normal circle and stable performance in drilling  process, ensure drilling works on the premise of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. On the basic of DC mud cleaning system combines the solids control advantages at home and abroad, the mud cleaning system produced byDC Machinery is mew type product which is designed by the pratical demand of drilling technology. It constituted by shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuge. It can realize the storage and mixture of drilling fluid, remove harmful solid phase, maintain drilling fluid performance, meet the requirements of circulation, aggravation, shearing of drilling fluid and trouble removal, efficiently improve drilling efficiency and safety. It is convenient to transport by highway and railway, and the mud cleaning system can be moved in the drilling field at a short distance.


Quality Control System: SY/T6276, ISO/CD14690 <<Oil and gas industry health safety environmental protection and environment management system>> process flow, the equipments conform to API13C and related standard and norm.

(1) The system has humanized whole layout, beautiful appearance, strong adaptability, modern design, rational layout, perfect performance and the advanced process.

(2) The system has many good performance of cold-resistant, high temperature, anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, rainnig proof, adapt to wicked condition of well drilling.

(3) There are medium pressure mud pipelines and rinsing pipelines on the tank surface.

(4) There is a pressure bar type clear sand door behind the tank, it is convenient and flexible to opened.

(5) To use the hard union type connection between the tank , it is convenient to install and teardown.

(6) Acurate positioning between the tank, and rapidly connect.

(7) The level mud solid control is high, between effect and the measurement of mud is accurate.

(8) The tanks are made of the corrugated boards of V type, the holistic rigidity is good and beautiful appearance.

(9) The tanks surface is processed by sandblasting, inner tank painted with heavy anti- corrosion bituminous paint, and outsite of the tank painted by the oil-proof and acid and alkali corrosion resistant paint.

(10) Meet the requirements of removing and installation of drilling team frequently.

(11) The system can be designed according to customers’ requirements.