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DC Solid control Oil sludge treatment system shipped to XinJiang Drilling site

Oil sludge is a mixture consisting of oil, water and solids. The treatment on oil sludge would recover much oil and water for reuse. Also it is an ideal solution to for the solids disposal. More oil and water recovered, more energy and resource could be saved. DC oil sludge treatment products mainly include decanter centrifuge, oil water separators and thermal desorption unit.

oil sludge system

Today, DC Solid control company shipped another set of Oil sludge treatment system to XinJiang drilling field, this is the second set to ship XinJiang drilling site.

Oil sludge treatment

What equipment available from DC for Oil Sludge Treatment?
Shale Shaker for coarse solids separation
Decanter Centrifuge for fine solids separation or water and oil separation.
Polymer dosing system for better oil sludge demulsification
Dewatering System for ultra fine solids flocculation
Oil Water separators for two phase liquid separation.
Thermal desorption unit for minimize the oil on the solids down to 0.3%.

Compared to many other waste oil applications, the product properties oil field sludges require special attention be given to the mechanical pre-treatment of the sludges prior to processing. And because the recovered oil is usually not refined on-site, but rather added to the crude oil stream before it is sent to refining, the oil quality is normally sufficient using 3-phase decanter technology, which means these systems can typically be designed with one single 3-phase separation step.

The 500GPM Mud Recycling System Is Being Assembled

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Equipment/HDD Mud Recycling System. DC drilling mud recycling system has been applied in many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation.Especially popular in Australia ,Indonesia, India etc.

mud recycling system

A 500GPM mud recycling system is being assembled in DC workshop and prepared to shipepd to India HDD field. According to different geological conditions and customers ’ requirements, DC can design and manufacture different sets of mud recycling systems to match with GD Drilling Rig. Welcome to consult and discuss. Your satisfaction
is our eternal pursuit.

mud system

Features of HDD Mud Recycling System
1.Mud recycling and mud mixing included in DC standard model, the combination including complete line of mud recycling and mud mixing with suitable mud storage.
2.Compact design with minimum foot print. All equipments on tank top will sit on tank while local transport moving to allow fast moving and installation from jobsite to jobsite. Handrail and walkway can be folded on tank top or tank side with quick lock.
3.Composite material screen install on shale shaker to help for a better performance and longer screen working life. DC shaker screen build as per API RP 13C regulation to meet worldwide client’s requirement.
4.Mud tank each corner weld container standard lifting lug for lifting tank and lock tank on trailer.
5. Self clean mud tank or V type mud tank for easy cleaning, each mud tank compartment install clean gate with butterfly valve.mud tank size and pipeline arrangement can be customized depending on jobsite requirement.

To be as the manufacturer of mud system in trenchless construction, DC have the mature mud treatment solution, and customized the DCHDD series Mud Recycling System for our customers. For more information please contact our email

Oil and gas Drilling Mud Cleaning Systems Supplier

Drilling Mud Cleaning Systems are widely used for Oil Gas drilling mud circulation, Horizontal directional drilling mud recycling, geothermal drilling, mining, coal exploration drilling,water well drilling etc. DC Machinery company have rich experience for drilling mud cleaning solutions in all kinds of drilling.

solid control system

DC Solid control Machinery company for drilling mud systems Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Degassers, Agitator, Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps etc. All phased of drilling mud cleaning equipment to clean your drilling mud for different types of drilling.

mud system

In oil well drilling, drilling mud must be supplied to the hole as the well depth progresses. One of the basic functions of drilling mud is to carry the drill cuttings up to the surface so they can be disposed of. A drilling mud in common use today is typically composed of barite and water. Most systems use a combination of one or more screens or sieves in a series flow relationship, with a final separating step using a hydrocyclone or centrifuge. Hydrocyclones desander and decanting centrifuges are expensive pieces of equipment with high energy and maintenance costs.

In Oil and Gas Drilling field, DC Solid control technical engineer supply the drilling fluids treatment solution and customized the drilling mud control system for customs’ ZJ20/ZJ30/ZJ40/ZJ50/ZJ60/ZJ70 Drilling Rigs. if you have any questions, please send us the E-mail: our technical engineers will reply to you as soon as possible!

What do you know about the Mud Recycling System

Mud recycling systems were once considered optional equipment. Environmental regulations continue to become more stringent and we must all responsibly make a contribution to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Most recyclers today use orbital, elliptical or linear motion shakers, and each has a place in different drilling scenarios. With that being said, linear motion shakers generate high G-Forces and are especially effective in shallow formation sections where high-volume, heavy solids are encountered, and have the ability to remove the solids quickly.


When choosing a linear shaker for your mud system, look for a long runway (area of length from the front of the shaker to the end where the cuttings dump off). The longer length shaker bed allows extra time for solids to separate from the liquid, and result in drier solids leaving the mud system for disposal. You can also increase the angle of the shaker bed by five degrees to further increase the travel time of the solids.

Proper shaker screen selection enhances the results of the mud recycler, and, combined with the G-Force of the shaker, works in tandem to maximize solids dryness. In the past, shaker screens were sized by mesh size.

So please DC Solid control to get more information about the mud recycling system.

DCMC Series HDD Mud system produced by DC Solid control

DC HDD mud recovery system is developed, designed and manufactured to meet trenchless technology requirements at home and abroad and it is applied in purification treatment of mud returned from underground during horizontal directional drilling process.
HDD mud system

The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, good sand removing effect, can reduce the mud loss, relocation less haulage vehicle, labor saving, not easily damaged parts, and can prolong the service life. The mud tank is suitable for oil drilling mud purification processing and storage. The mud
tank is generally customized with different size and data. Our mud system including: DCMC-200G/ DCMC-350G / DCMC-500G /DCMC-500GL / DCMC-1000G /DCMCS1000GL.

Features of DC HDD Mud Recycling Equipments

Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source- DC Solids Control Factory.
Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
Assured customer service:We can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.
Mud Tanks Flexible Options:Skid Mounted or Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling Tanks available for your options.

Please contact DC Solids Control for more information if you interest for the stock .

Mud Tank System supplied by China DC Solid control

Mud Tank System is a part of circulatory system of the rig, used for storing and feeding the required drilling fluid during Rig operation cycle. Mud Tank System is available for different drilling rig sizes from 250HP to 3000 HP with different capacity.

Mud Tank System with mud tanks interconnected at each other through Dresser type couplings and fully equipped with Mud Cleaning equipment, Mud Agitators, Suction valves with Suction pipeline and Mud Guns. Necessary walkways, staircases, lamp posts handrails and water tapping are also the standard features of our Mud Systems.



The mud system mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, poorboy degasser, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pumps, mud agitator and ect. DC Solid control Company has Practical Knowledge in manufacturing and handling all types of Mud System Equipment by following all the industrial standards our company manufactures equipment for the oil drilling, so we are well known as Mud System Manufacturer in China.

All Our Equipment is eco-friendly our technical engineers will look at each and every process to be done carefully. We offer machines at the best prices when compared with others. High Quality of machines will make the work process easy and fast. By involving the latest technologies in the machines we are manufacturing this equipment for both oil and gas drilling.

Mud mixing system shipped to Newzeland water well drilling

Mud mixing system also called mud circulation system or mud cleaning system which is a effective way to separate out the big solids from drilling mud. And it is widely used in Oil & gas drilling, water well drilling and trenchless project.

mud mixing

Yesterday, DC Machiner shipped a set of mud system to a Newzeland clients used for water well drilling, and all electric parts of the system is certificated by IECEX according to clients request. And the detailed product information as below:

Double deck Mud cleaner

The reason why we choose double deck mud cleaner is the small treating capacity of water well drilling and cover a small area. Double deck shale shaker and desilter composite device Mini Cleaner in which the lower screen could be used as primary shaker to remove the large size solid particles, while the upper screen functioned to
more dryer the discharge out from the desilter cone nozzle. The upper deck would be use much finer screen. This composition unit greatly save the occupancy area of the under based mud tank.

mud mixing system

Mud mixing unit

Jet mud mixing unit for adding mud chemicals to keep the mud specific gravity consistent to make sure drilling smooth performance. This 150GPM is really a fully functional mud system unit.

DC Machinery can design and manufacturer all flow mud system for no dig or trenchless project, such as GPM350, GPM500, GPM800, GPM 1000, GPM1500 and ect. Please let us know your requirements, we can give our our design for your choosing.

High quality solid control equipment shipped Russian cold area

Solid control equipment is very important for a drilling rig can normally work. Yesterday, DC Machinery shipped a sets of solid control equipment to a Russian clients.

The order mainly include DCS700-3 shale shakers, DCQJ250X2/100X16 mud cleaners and DCLW355-1257 Variable speed centrifuges.

drilling mud equipment

Specification of DCS700-3 shale shakers:

DCS700-3 shale shaker is a hot sale model shaker of our company. The reason why it is hot sale its with the features of Derrick 2000 series shale shaker. Such as shaker screen dimension is 700x1250mm, and vibration motor is long with High G force.

Specification of DCQJ250X2/100X16 mud cleaners:

Mud cleaner is the second stage solid control equipment in the whole mud cleaning system. The treating capacity is 240m3/h. With 2ea 10″ hydrocyclones and 16ea 4″ cones. The bottom shaker is DCS700-3 shaker with Pyramid screen which increase the mud treating efficiency.

solid control equipment

Specification of DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge 

Decanter centrifuge is a important equipment in solid control system. It is widely used in drilling waste management system and oilfield mud circulation system. Decanting centrifuge key part is screw conveyor and transmission. When centrifuge work, drilling fluid will flow into centrifuge through drilling fluid input. Then the roll bowl will increase speed and fluid will flow into centrifuge through one fixed input pipe. Since rolling bowl rotate at rather high speed.

DC solid control company can provide all kinds models and capacity solid control quipment, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, sand pump, vertical drying and mud tanks. Please contact us if you have requirements of it.


DC Signed a sales contract of waste mud system at the end of 2018

At the end of 2018, customers from a well-known engineering service company in India visited Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co.,ltd. is short for DC Solid control and had detailed negotiation on business cooperation with DC teams.

The clients were interested with our drilling waste management system. DC Profession technical service engineering team explained process flow of DC drilling waste management system, working principles of centrifuge and Hi-G dryer to customers based on the live treatment system while drilling, and showed them excellent treatment effect of Hi-G dryer and centrifuge.

cutting dryer

As part of our drilling waste management services, we also supply highly skilled staff to ensure equipment are installed correctly and that they are fully operational and well-maintained. Our employees, who trained to provide support swiftly, are on-call worldwide 24 hours a day, everyday, to be available at a moment’s notice.

vertical cutting dryer

Recently, DC had successfully signed a sales & purchase contract of a set of drilling waste management with the company. For the first cooperation project, the company thinks highly of excellent products quality and after-sales services of DC and expresses its intention to develop more cooperative channels with DC Solid control in the future.

High quality oilfield solids control system from DC Solid control

High quality oilfield solids control system is used to process drilling mud during whole oil and gas drilling. Widely used in land drilling, semi-submersible drilling, offshore drilling with jack-up rig, the CBM drilling, and so on.

The whole drilling mud system including the 4 phases solids control equipment. The shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, degassers, mud agitator, pumps, mud tanks and so on.




Drilling mud will flow into ground via drilling pipe and bring the cuttings out. Drilling mud is expensive also it will pollute environment we design solids control equipment. Drilling mud system is the blood of well drilling.

Solids control system process/purify/recycle/reuse the drilling mud under serial equipment process. Including different phases at different drilling period. Drilling fluid process system will definitely decrease drilling cost and benefit much on conserving environment.


Onshore and offshore oil&gas drilling, CBM exploration, HDD,waste management, etc. process system.