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20pcs offshore mud skips delivery conform to DNV standards

Offshore mud skips are also called drilling cutting box in China which is used for transportation and safe handling of hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms. These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites.



Today, DC Solid control shipped 20 pcs offshore mud skips to Nigeria used in offshore drilling. The drilling cutting box are designed and manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 and are designed to withstand a vacuum of -0.5atm.



Features of this mud skips:

Material: JIS SPA-H/ GB Q345D,E36
Surface treatment: painted, with high anti-corrosion performance & compliant with environment protect trend
This Container Complies With DNV2.7-1 and EN12079-2006 Standard
Design Temperature: -20°C
Special for transportation and storage of offshore freight.

Please contact us if you have any requirements of any capacity drilling cutting box.

Offshore Drilling Cuttings Box Delivery To Indonesia

DC Machinery manufactured 20 pcs drilling cutting box for Indonesia offshore drilling project. And have the certificated by CCS

DC supply a complete line of Drilling Cuttings Box(Mud Cuttings Skips) for the safe containment and transfer of waste produced from offshore well drilling and completion processes.



Also known in the industry as Cuttings Boxes or Drill Cuttings Bins, DC’s drilling cutting box have been designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 and are suitable for drill cuttings, discarded mud and drilling fluids.

Safety features such as lightweight lids for safe and easy lifting, opening and closing are incorporated as standard. Our offshore closed mud skip capacities range from 2.6m3 (16.5bbls) through to 6.4m3 (40bbls) and are available for sale or rental throughout our network of global facilities. Our offshore vacuum rated cuttings skips include capacities from 2.6m3 (16.5bbls) to 3.8m3 (24bbls).

DC Machinery supplies good quality solids control mud tank with best price, welcome to contact us and get the best solution for your work!

Drilling cutting box used in offshore and onshore driling

Drilling cutting box is mainly used in offshore to transport abandoned drilling fluid and cuttings to shore. However cuttings has been areadly generalized to onshore drilling at present.

cutting box

Drilling cuttings box produced by Dachuan has the following characteristics:

(1) Structure of drilling cutting box is indurative and with water-tightness.

(2) The bottom of cutting box is planar and no bulge.

(3) Molding of weld surface is uniform, compact, closely integrated with the steel plate, seamless and no existence of oversize surplus height of seam, welding beading, arc crater, undercut and other defects.

(4) Antiseptic sand blasting of Q235A steel, twice of expoxy zinc rich primer, penguard midcoat MIO and chlorinated rubber top-coat. The thickness of dry editpaint film is larger than 100m.

(5) CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.