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Characteristics and application of Hydrocyclone desander

Hydrocyclone desgassing technology is widely used in solid phase separation of environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries. The particle proves that hydrocyclone degasser is a kind of economic and efficiency, operation is simple and need not maintenance, it is a green and protection environmental physics water treatment equipment.


Hydrocyclone desander is according ministry of construction stander and allas stander is based on many practical, degassing effect is more ideal.
According the theory of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, when water fluid is tangential enter into equipment from desander inlet by a certain pressure will produce strong spiral motion. Because the density of sand and water is different and in the function of centrifugal force, entad buoyancy, fluid drag force make the low density pure water rise is discharged from overflow mouth.

Desander and Tank Ready to Export to Malaysia02

The big density sand subside to bottom and discharged from degassing mouth to reach the aim of degassing. In a certain rang and condition, the salt of inlet pressure of desander is more big, the degassing efficiency is more high and it can many sets are parallel used.

Characteristics and application
The structure is simple, cost is lower, it is easy to maintain and operate.
The volume is small, capacity is big and save field space compared with expansion pipe, buffer box and other degassing equipment.

Application range: river water, well water degassing, solid and liquid separation and liquid eliminate gas.
Application area: it can be used in air condition water treatment, chemical, oil, mine, medicine and spin industries.

600GPM Dual Deck Shale Shaker Finished The Production

Dual-deck shale shaker, also be called double layer screen shale shaker, is a fitful device on drilling mud management or HDD. It is linked to upper-and-lower two screens deck into one shale shaker. The upper deck is all for scalping, with API40 screens, and the lower deck is with API100 screens. This DC’s dual-deck linear
motion shale shaker with two 1.5kw vibration motors, and the vibration force can be 7.5. While the screen deck adjustment angle while drilling (AWD) is -1°~+3°.


DC Solid control finished the production of the one set of dual deck shale shaker. The Dual Deck Shale Shaker are customized for UAE customers. As the request of the customer, Spray color of the Dual Deck Shale Shaker is dark blue.


This type shale shaker has 6 pieces of Composite Material Shaker Screen ( Swaco standard ), Vibrating beams is processed by a special technology in order to avoid cracks in the process of vibration, the base of shaker installed the lifting device so as to adjust the angle of shaker, Vibrating motor adopts international famous brands, Spring adopts the rubber material so that the noise is small and decay resistance is strong.

Dual deck shale shaker use two differnet mesh screen. The top deck use coarse screen bring about scalping screen function. The bottom deck of shale shaker use fine screen to eliminate solids from drilling mud.

If you have requirement with the dual motion shale shakers please contact me freely.

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump function and features

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump is a ideal corollary equipment which provide power for desander, desilter and the jet mud mixer, it also be as the replenishment pump of slurry pump. The most of components can interchange, it has the advantages of operation and maintenance is convenience, the leakage of the shaft seal is small, the
working operation is reasonable, the using lifetime is long. Because there are a lot of solid phase particles and all kinds of chemical additive in drilling fluid, so the impellers of centrifugal pump and the shell must meet the requirements of the two phases motion law, in order to decrease the wear, resistance the corrosion.

centrifugal pumps

The features of drilling fluid centrifugal pump

Now the centrifugal pump is in the oilfield, usually use the water parameter design, so the performance of the pump is influenced by the solid phase particles, density and consistence of drilling fluid. The abrasive of solid phase is accelerating the abrasion and the seal of the fluid passageway, made the performance of pump is decrease, using life is short.

sand pump

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump functions

The centrifugal pump is designed by the motion law of the two phases and the pressure change rules, according the best industrial and mining parameters of the experiment pump, make it fit the motion rules of the two phases in the pump. The types of the impeller is the half open, the number of the impeller is less, the radial of impeller is small, the length of the impeller is big, the inlet angle of impeller is big, the exit angle of impeller is small, the molded lines of impeller is logarithmic spiral line, in order to prove its indrawing and the abrasive resistance is good, the efficiency is higher than circular arc line blade 6% – 10%.

The volute chamber of centrifugal pump use the quasi spiral, the volute chamber section is rectangle. In order to prove it has a good waterpower and abrasive resistance. The shaft extension of centrifugal pump is short, the rigidity is good, arc is bracket, visuality is good, it has sense of beauty.

3 sets of Flare Ignition Device Shipped to Singapore

DC Solids Control Flare Ignition Device of blown down fuel gas designed and manufactured by our company is a kind of handling arrangement used in blown down natural gas, the tail gas from collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from refinery.

flare Ignitate

This morning, DC Solid control shipped 3 sets of Flare Ignition Device to Singapore clients. And being a kind of security and environmental protection equipment, the flare ignition device can be used to have the blown down harmful gas ignited and burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered.

Ignition Device

The flare ignition device, apart from being used in the refinery and gas distribution station, may be matched with Mud Gas Separator. And now, as a matured product it has been extensively used in petroleum drilling engineering.

Besides traditional flare igniter, DC Solid control also manufacture the ignition device with solar panel. The battery will be charged under sun energy. This is more environmental-friendly with green energy. For each flare ignition device, we’ll configure the burner, the control panel, the joint connection, a small tank with LNG

Vacuum degasser and Mud gas separator for solid control system

Vacuum degasser used in filling well, grinding well and sinkiang Di na well. All technology indexes all achieve the design requirements. Degassing effect is marked and will produce the good economic benefit. In the regular drilling process, if occur drilling fluid gas cutting, the vacuum degasser can dispose it. It can avoid the influence of gas cutting to drilling fluid working performance, decrease the abrading of mud pump, improve the efficiency of water and decrease the repairing times and stop drilling dispose times.


The difference of vacuum degasser and mud gas separator

The main function of mud gas separator is eliminating the big bubbles in drilling fluid which refers the expansion gas in well eye annular air, the diameter is about 3-25. The fluid can directly enter into mud gas separator from rotating blowout preventer, also can enter into fluid from throttle manifold place, separate out the big bubbles. The treatment drilling fluids still have small bubbles, after through shale shaker enter into vacuum degasser to treat.

vacuum degasser

Product characteristics of Vacuum degasser 

1 The vacuum tank use up and down the two rotating impeller, make the liquid is fully rabble, gas is more easy to overflow.
2 Mud is spurting is throw to the wall of the tank and the foam separator, the degassing effect is good.
3 In the process of water ring vacuum degasser, it keeps isothermal state all the way, it adapts to the pumping of flammable gas and explosive, the safety is reliable.
4 The equipment can direct use, needn’t install centrifugal pump, big motor, associate lines, matching voltage cubicle and easy to install.
5 Using is convenience and easy to operate.

The majority manufacturer in China are focus on oil drilling mud system is DC professional drilling solid control manufacturer, it has a very important role for oilfield , mud mixing system and other industry. Any interest please contact us for inquiry

Inventory of DCS585-4 Shale shaker Enjoy The Special Price

Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in oil drilling mud solids control system and the important equipment in the mud recycling system as well. Generally, there are single shale shaker, duplex shale shaker and triple shale shaker. DC Solid control can provide the shale shaker in different treatment capacity with customized service as per clients’requirement.


At presen, DC Solid control company has 2 sets of DCS585-4 Shale shaker in stock and enjoy the special price. Below is the shale shaker main parameters:

Screen Spe:585x1165mm 4 pannel.
Vibratiom motor:1.72kwx2
Treating capacity: 130m3/h
Screen tensioning mode: Wedge

shale shakers

Features of the shale shaker:
Adjustable High G force for primary solids control or cuttings drying.
Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck.
Vibrating Motor: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified
Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand
Shale Shaker Bottom Deck Material:Stainless Steel
Wedge type design for easy and quick screen replacement
Electric Shaker Deck angle adjustable while working

Please contact DC office to get more discount price solid control equipment.