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The steps of change a new shaker screens

As we know the easiest damaged part of shale shaker is screen. So drilling works have a problem that how to correctly replace shaker screen. The experiment show that according reasonable replacement steps can make screen is more efficiency and with longer service life.


Tearing down the old shaker screen cloth

Stop to transport mud to inlet groove, desander and desilter.
Clean up the residue on screen cloth.
Cut off the electric source of vibration motor and locked.
Using combination tool, clockwise direction turn the tensing screw.
a turning the gradient lock 2 turn 90°according anti-clockwise direction.
b turning the gradient lock 1 turn 180°according anti-clockwise direction.
c turning the gradient lock 1 turn 90°according anti-clockwise direction.
Using one side of combination tool hooks upright row and dismantle screen cloth.


The installation of new screen cloth

The external rim of screen cloth put on the fixation hook of inner screen reel.
The screen cloth is shifted down, using fixed hook grapple the external rim of screen cloth.
Continue to lower screen cloth to contact the flank supporting of screen bed and fixed hook completely grapple the crook of screen cloth.
One set of tensing assembly tensioning screw spin clockwise 90°make screen cloth tensioning and keep in tensioning location. Now don’t put a nut on the full 180°.
The second tensioning screw clockwise rotation 180°.

Returning to the first tensioning screw clockwise rotation 90°get to completely clamp location.
Ensure screen cloth have already completely contact flank supporting, cross supporting. If the screen cloth is flabby or has corrugate ruga, removing tension and retightening tension screw to make screen cloth completely contact screen bed.

Shaker screens are expensive expendable. No matter for which brand shakers will request high quality shaker screen for good performance or efficiency during the operation. Especially to famous brand shale shakers. So we must master how to replace screen.

Buy lower price mud cleaner from China Manufacturer

DC combination of mud cleaner include desander, deserter, pressure gage, hydrocyclone, bottom flow slot, shale shaker, stents
and pedestal.

The characteristics is : between the main into pipes and main out pipes have no control deceleration insitutionsm, there are
spout in the pedestal, the screen located in the spout, it is easy to use and maintain, working reliable, can remove the
harmful phase quickly, improve the performance of drilling fluid, meet the requirement of the new technology of high pressure



1. The mud cleaner is a necessary equipment of deep well and super deep well disposed the aggravation of drilling fluid, it
can remove the super fine solid phase in aggravation of fluid.
2.It can effectively control the content of aggravation of drilling fluid, to prevent the pressure difference the post card,
adhesion the post card and other accidents, reduce the bond issues of drilling string and the thickness.
3 Save the drilling cost.
4 Improved the drilling environment



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The Top Manufacturer of Drilling Mud Agitator From China

Drilling fluid mud agitator is a part of mud purification matching system, mud agitator mix the mud, make drilling cuttings and mud can’t deposit in the bottom of tank and smoothly through the purification system to design. Its main function is make solid phase suspension in drilling fluid, drilling cuttings is the main component part of harmful solid phase. In order to remove the harmful solid phase, they must be suspended, then is injected to desander, desilter and centrifuge to realize it.


Drilling fluid mud agitator is a special agitator, as a general rule, it can’t be replaced by the industries agitator of chemical, petroleum refining and food. In oil drilling fluid solid control, the mechanical agitator is widely used. Mechanical agitator is made of gearing, agitating shaft and agitating impeller.

mud agitator

The mud agitator is installed on circulating tank is a very important equipment, if it is operated and it should be continue used, in order to ensure the uniformity and cyclone of drilling fluid and normal work of centrifuge. A part of oil solid control equipment mud agitator is from foreign company but most parts is directly introduce chemical system. At the end of the 80s, it is given priority to mimicking the overseas introduction mixing equipment, this interval of agitator has a lot of problems; the reliable performance is bad, the effect of agitating is not good, the power consumption is big, the impeller blade is easy to broken, it can’t continue work with long time and oil leakage serious. The impellers are all single impeller and disc impeller. Domestic through effort of several years, from imitation surveying and mapping stage developed to oneself develop new structure. Some problems are had already solved.
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Why use vacuum degasser in drilling rig

Drilling fluid vacuum degasser is a kind of special equipment to disposed gas cut drilling fluid, the vacuum degasser is basic on all kinds of at home and abroad vacuum degasser advantages and shortcomings to design a new type and great throughput vacuum degasser, it adopt to all kinds of mud purification system, it is very important to renew mud proportion.

Working theory

The degasser is used to clean the gas in the drilling fluid, to ensure the drilling fluid property relatively stable, to guarantee the steady operation of swirlers. The degassers can be grouped into two kinds: ordinary pressure type and vacuum type. The ordinary pressure degasser is to use the centrifugal to take out gas to invade the mud, with the help of centrifugal force to make the mud spraying in the jet tanks and striking on the wall to make gas releasing. The vacuum degasser is to use the suction of the centrifugal, forming negative pressure in the vacuum tanks, under the action of drilling fluid at atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft, then by umbrella piece of around the hollow shaft assembly, they jet to the skin of tank.

vacuum degasser

Product characteristics

1 The vacuum tank use up and down the two rotating impeller, make the liquid is fully rabble, gas is more easy to overflow.
2 Mud is spurting is throw to the wall of the tank and the foam separator, the degassing effect is good.
3 In the process of water ring vacuum degasser, it keeps isothermal state all the way, it adapts to the pumping of flammable gas and explosive, the safety is reliable.
4 The equipment can direct use, needn’t install centrifugal pump, big motor, associate lines, matching voltage cubicle and easy to install.
5 Using is convenience and easy to operate.

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3 Sets Mud Cleaner Shipped To India HDD Field

Now all Chinese companys has resumed in succession. DC also worked now. We shipped 3 sets mud cleaners to India clients used for HDD field of the first day of work.

DCQJ Mud Cleaner is the second stage and the third stagesolids control equipment which is a combination of Desander, Desilter and underflow shaker shaker. Comparing with traditional separate Desander and Desilter, the mud cleaner has a higher cleaning function. The Underflow Screen equals another shaler shaker which receives the waste out from the cyclone nozzle for additional processing. So that mud cleaner could recover more valuable drilling mud. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.



The main specification of the mud cleaner:
1. Environmentally Efficient
The TR mud cleaner provides efficient removal of sand and silt particles larger than 20 microns, and some as small as 15 microns. Removing and drying drilled solids helps meet environmental regulations by minimizing waste generated and
reducing disposal cost.
2. High Performance
Processing capacity of 1,000 gpm with the 2-12 desander and 900 gpm with the desilter concentrates solids onto a classification shaker
3. Versatile
The mud cleaner can be operated with the 2-12 desander, desilter or both to process weighted or unweighted fluid systems.
4. Extends Equipment Life
The mud cleaner helps minimize maintenance, repair and replacement of downstream equipment.
5. Reduces Operating Cost
The mud cleaner reduces sand and silt-size particles and saves liquid, thus reducing mud cost, chances of stuck pipe and lost circulation and improving rate of penetration.
6. Reduces Disposal Cost
The mud cleaner minimizes waste generated thus reducing disposal cost.



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