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16 Pcs NJQ50 Mud gun shipped to abroad clients

NJQ 50 drilling fluid mud gun is a professional petroleum drilling fluid solid control equipment manufactured by DC solid control. It is different with other suppliers, NJQ drilling fluid mud gun is the autonomously design by DC Solid control, can make solid control system perfect combination, coordination work, make the whole solid control system become a unitive ensemble.

Yesterday, DC Solid control shipped 16Pcs drilling fluid mud gun for Pakistan clients who are our repeat clients and had cooperated with our company for about 5 years.

mud gun
Mud guns are used mainly in the corners of the mud-tanks to avoid the setting of solids. By rotating the wide angle, the mud can be adjusted according to the need. The jet nozzle used in the mud gun, is both wearable and replaceable. The tool is also used to shift the drilling fluids from one compartment to another such as for trip tank compartment.

mud guns

Mud gun general placed in drilling fluid Mud tank roof, It is divided into high pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun . High pressure mud gun have small output volume, big pressure , usually have a drilling pump supply liquid. Low pressure mud gun, generally have sand pump supply liquid, large , pressure small .
Points for attention in use displacement
1. Pay attention to mud gun nozzle cleaning, prevent mud nozzle blockage.
2. Pay attention to mud gun valve adjustment, according to the density of the mud to adjust the valve size .

It is used along with a mud agitator which is placed in the middle of tank whereas the mud gun is kept in the corner of a tank. Please contact DC Solid control office to get the quotation of the mud guns.

Buy drilling fluid shale shaker from China manufacturer

The shale shaker is the most important equipment in the drilling fluid solid control system, it is the first process of the mud purification. Not only using in deep well, but also using the shallow well, the mud must through the shale shaker to filter.

So the importance part is the screen, the size of the mesh influence the purification degree of the mud, the more of the mesh, the solid phase particles to be got rid of will be increase, the less of the mesh, the solid phase particles to be got rid of is decreased. So the screen is easy to abrade.

The motor is other importance part of the shale shaker, the motor drive the exciter to rotate to produce the inertial force of periodic change, get rid of the different size of solid phase particles.

Tangshan Dachuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company focuses on the production, sales and after-sales maintenance service of solid control equipment of mud cleaning equipment. We are concentrated on matching the requirements of our customers. Our management principle is to supply a high quality, rapid, honest, considerate service to our customers.



DC shale shaker has a lot of advantages. Such as;
1 The motor of the shale shaker use the vibration motor of import in Italy, the excite of vibration motor can adjust.
2 The screening area of the screen is big, the throughput is large, the effect of the treatment is good.
3 The shale shaker designed with the solidwordks ansys, the structure is optimization, the structure of the shale shaker is simple, compact, the performance is excellent and cost-effective
4 the screen of the shale shaker is the agglutinate screen edge rigidity, use the plate type close fixed, is convenient and quick to replace.
5 the design is reasonable, make the mud buffer, average flow, reduce the directly impact, the life of the screen is long.
6 The shale shaker use the ratchet wheel lift, the structure of lift is easy and easy to operate.

Welcome to inquire drilling fluid shale shaker of DC mud cleaning equipment Co. LTD , and welcome to visit and negotiate the business both at home and abroad ; Our company will provide for you the best shale shaker and other equipment related solid control with superior quality and most reasonable Price. And we will sincerely offer our best service to satisfy what you need.

How to work of mud gas separator with high efficiency

The gas discharge line of mud gas separator must be fixed. We must accord the specification or service requirement which is provided by manufactures clean and maintain mud gas separator. When in winter, if the bottom of mud gas separator is installed the cleaning value, in order to the fluid freeze block mud gas separator we should open the value.

Mud gas separator

The process of mud gas separator 

After occur overflow and close the well and complete well control calculate scheme, the throttle pipe is soaked mud have already connected well, mud gas separator has already connected well.
When using if mud gas separator in installed cleaning value and U pipeline discharge value must be closed.
Checking the discharge pipeline safety fixed rope or chain.

poorboy degasser

Working theory of mud gas separator

The gas cut drilling fluid enter into separator from the separator inlet month, after impacting with the impact plate, scattered in a series baffle, crashing and increase and reveal the surface area, then downward flow causing the flocculated flow state, make the gas separation with drilling fluid. The free gas is discharged through the gas outlet of the top tank, the length of the exhaust pipe is decided and installed by the field and is lead to the safe place, but the after degassing drilling fluid flow into circulating tank through drilling fluids shale shaker.

Drilling Mud Shale Shakers from Professional manufacturer company

Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. They are the first phase of a solids control system on a drilling rig, and are used to remove large solids (cuttings) from the drilling fluid (“Mud”).



Double amplitude double layer shale shaker:
1. Shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment. It is mainly used to separate large particle in drilling fluid. Shale shaker performance decides subsequent equipment process effect and usable life. It’s the absolutely necessary equipment in solids control system.
2.DC Solids Control shaker can be used in O&G drilling, metallurgy, construction, chemical, food, beverage, etc. industry.
3. DCS Series Shaker has the following benefits: Lower energy consumption; Higher separation efficiency; Better filtration performance; Less noise; Easy to install and maintenance; Longer usable life.



Based on many years of production and application experience,DC Solid control company has formed complete specifications of the production line of shale shakers. High production efficiency, fine production process, strict quality control, short delivery time, excellent after-sales service advantages, to become a reliable partner of
large drilling companies at home and abroad.

At present, The specifications of SHALE SHAKERS can be produced, including high frequency shale shakers, VFD shale shakers, dry shakers, double deck shale shakers, triple shale shakers, etc. If you have interest any types of shale shakers, please contact me freely.