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In the production of the HDD mud recycling system

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Equipment/HDD Mud Recycling System. DC drilling mud recycling system has been applied in many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation.Especially popular in Australia ,Indonesia, India etc.

mud system 1

At present we got an order of HDD mud recycling system from India. Now the mud system in in the production. The mud system model is DCCM250, and the treating capacity
is 50-60m3/h.

mud system

The Mud Cleaning System Configuration

1 1 set of mud cleaner (1 x 10″ desander, 6 x 4″ desilter, 1 x dewatering shaker screen)
2 1 set of transfer pump,
3.1 set of mud tanks with walkwayk, handrails, valves etc.
4.The whole electric control system


All the equipment can be wired with 415V/60Hz as per the power supply conditions.
The mud tank can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or configured with jack up legs for easy transportation.
The mud tank is designed to be put into a 40 feet container to lower sea freight charges.

DC Solid control design and manufacture compact drilling mud system from 200GPM upto 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module-Built! If you have request it please contact us to get the free quotation.

Horizontal and vertical mud agitator designed from DC Solid control

The agitator is an important part of the mud solids control system. It is mounted on the circulating tank. The vanes of the agitator are designed for stirring mud slurry in an open tank.



Usually Mud agitator can be classified to horizontal and vertical mud agitator. All mud agitators feature a brand motor coupled to a mud agitator rugged oilfield gearbox, which eliminates misalignment and troublesome couplings. This configuration promotes longer motor and gearbox bearing life. This highly efficient gearbox offers a 95% power transfer, which is approximately 30% more than a worm drive gearbox.

vertical agitator

Both horizontal and vertical drive configurations are available for all sizes of mud agitators. The horizontal drive is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank. The vertical drive agitator employs and all helical gearing system, the horizontal drive utilises a helical bevel system to drive the agitator shaft.
All electric motors are standard to comply with the latest regulations for use in zone 1 explosion proof hazardous areas such as ATEX IECEx, ATEX and NEMA.

DC Solid control offers best range of Mud Agitator which works continuously at the drilling site by delivering optimum results. Our Principles has made us to supply our highly technological equipment to the power plants which are present in abroad.

Oil Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment shipped to Russia Market

DC Solid control is specialized in manufacturing the solids control equipment with over 70% business in coming from international market. Russia is one of DC main markets. And we have lots of repeat clients from Russian.

The equipment will be applied in oil drilling site for drilling mud recycling. The used drilling mud is consisting of valuable drilling fluids and drill cuttings with various sizes. The solids control equipment is used to remove the drilling cuttings step by step to make the drilling fluids reusable. Accordingly, solids control equipment with different working principle is required to do the separation job.



The order equipment include shale shaker and mud cleaner:
1. Shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment with wire mesh to separate the cuttings. Based on the different opening size on the screen, the shale shaker can remove the coarse solids in the drilling fluids. DC shaker is equipped with international brand vibrators for long working lifetime. The shaker screens installed on the shaker are composite frame with better performance in anti-vibration and anti-rust.
2. Mud cleaner unit is a 3 in 1 equipment including desadner, desilter and under located drying shaker, it can remove the sand and silt scale solid in the drilling fluids. The drying shaker under the cyclone unit is used to recover much fluid from discharged waste.

DC has the full line of solids control equipment; client can get one stop procurement experience in DC Solids Control. Please feel to free to contact with DC once the request aroused.

Working flow of DCS Series linear motion shale shaker

Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. They are the first phase of a solid controls system on a drilling rig, and are used to remove large solids (cuttings) from the drilling fluids (“mud”).

Shale shakers are the primary solids separation tool on a rig. After returning to the surface of the well the used drilling fluid flows directly to the shale shakers where it begins to be processed. Once processed by the shale shakers the drilling fluid is deposited into the mud tanks where other solid control equipment begins to remove the finer solids from it.



The solids removed by the shale shaker are discharged out of the discharge port into a separate holding tank where they await further treatment or disposal. Shale shakers are considered by most of the drilling industry to be the most important device in the solid control system as the performance of the successive equipment directly relates to the cleanliness of the treated drilling fluid.

DCS Series linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated DC own design. DC complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

DC Solid control supply ZCQ series Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser play a important role to return mud proportion and stabilize mud performance. Vacuum degasser is also called Vacuum Tank Degasser. Vacuum Degassers are used to remove gas in the mud that is to be pumped into desanders using centrifugal pumps. The efficiency of the pumps drops significantly if gas exists in the mud. Degassers are essential to the solid-removal process involving viscous mud.

Shale shakers can remove a good portion of the gas from badly gas-cut mud, especially if the yield point is lower than 10 lb/100 sq ft. A degasser is usually not necessary if the yield point of the mud is less than 6 lb/100 sq ft. If the degasser is a vacuum type that requires power mud to operate the mud educator, the power mud should be taken from the degasser discharge compartment only.

vacuum degasser

Also, at the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system. The vacuum degasser design of the structure is scientific and rational. So we are able to achieve an effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities and to ensure that the exhaust pipe is always smooth.

As the professional Vacuum Degasser Manufacturer in China and DC Solid control can design and produce ZCQ series Vacuum Degasser such as ZCQ240, ZCQ270, ZCQ300, ZCQ360 according to the different drilling depth and the customer requirement. The degassing efficiency is 92% ~ 95%.  DC Solid control ZCQ series vacuum degassers have been exported to Russian, Indian, and other Country of middle east.