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Advantages of DCCNQ Desilter from China supplier

Desilter is the third important solids control facility in drilling mud purification system, and enhances the performance of drilling mud, can work together with desander cleaner. The most used cone is “4 or 5” , mainly separate size of 15-47μm solids particles out from drilling fluids.



Desilter is also called Hydrocyclone Desilter on the basis of clients’ handling ability. At present, DCCNQ series desilter is widely applied to oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, coal bed methane drilling, bored piling, tunnel and other trenchless project.



Advantages of DCCNQ series desilter

Heat treatment on entire deck, grinding sand, pickling phosphating and hot dip galvanizing.
Painting: Heavy anti-corrosion paint .
International famous brand vibration motor with Martin or OLI.
Electrinic control system from famous brand explosion-proof electric switch.
High strength compound rubber material used to reduce shocking.
Cyclones with high wearing-resisting polyurethane and high-chromium iron.
Inlet and outlet adopt fast joint connection.

DCCNQ series mud desilter is currently used in oil & gas drilling, city bored piling, Drilling Waste Management,tunneling construction, environment protection, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, trenchless HDD, micro-tunneling, mining, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, Oil Mud Seperation, Water Drilling etc.

Oil and gas Drilling Mud Cleaning Systems Supplier

Drilling Mud Cleaning Systems are widely used for Oil Gas drilling mud circulation, Horizontal directional drilling mud recycling, geothermal drilling, mining, coal exploration drilling,water well drilling etc. DC Machinery company have rich experience for drilling mud cleaning solutions in all kinds of drilling.

solid control system

DC Solid control Machinery company for drilling mud systems Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Degassers, Agitator, Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps etc. All phased of drilling mud cleaning equipment to clean your drilling mud for different types of drilling.

mud system

In oil well drilling, drilling mud must be supplied to the hole as the well depth progresses. One of the basic functions of drilling mud is to carry the drill cuttings up to the surface so they can be disposed of. A drilling mud in common use today is typically composed of barite and water. Most systems use a combination of one or more screens or sieves in a series flow relationship, with a final separating step using a hydrocyclone or centrifuge. Hydrocyclones desander and decanting centrifuges are expensive pieces of equipment with high energy and maintenance costs.

In Oil and Gas Drilling field, DC Solid control technical engineer supply the drilling fluids treatment solution and customized the drilling mud control system for customs’ ZJ20/ZJ30/ZJ40/ZJ50/ZJ60/ZJ70 Drilling Rigs. if you have any questions, please send us the E-mail: our technical engineers will reply to you as soon as possible!

Horizontal mud agitator manufactured from DC Solid control

Mud Agitator is part of the drilling fluids solids control equipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluids.



DC manufacturers JBQ series Mud Agitator is relatively low shear and low energy device, so it’s easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. This will ensure that mud additives are homogeneously mixed to prevent dead spots. Agitators will keep the active mud system flowing even when the pumps are disengaged and keep the weighting agents in suspension.


DC solid control provide vertical agitator and horizontal mud agitator. Horizontal agitator are divided into axis-and direct-connected blender.If you need the horizontal agitator,we recommend that you use direct-connected blender. Agitator is used for mixing, mixing liquids and prevent the mixture of solid phase precipitation’s ideal device.

DC Solid control mud agitator can be designed per customer’s requirement to choose the helical-bevel design or worm design for reduction gearbox. Its motor can be horizontal or vertical. As for the shaft and impeller, compared with painting process, the galvanizing treatment is usually adopted to create a better anti-rust performance.

What do you know about the Mud Recycling System

Mud recycling systems were once considered optional equipment. Environmental regulations continue to become more stringent and we must all responsibly make a contribution to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Most recyclers today use orbital, elliptical or linear motion shakers, and each has a place in different drilling scenarios. With that being said, linear motion shakers generate high G-Forces and are especially effective in shallow formation sections where high-volume, heavy solids are encountered, and have the ability to remove the solids quickly.


When choosing a linear shaker for your mud system, look for a long runway (area of length from the front of the shaker to the end where the cuttings dump off). The longer length shaker bed allows extra time for solids to separate from the liquid, and result in drier solids leaving the mud system for disposal. You can also increase the angle of the shaker bed by five degrees to further increase the travel time of the solids.

Proper shaker screen selection enhances the results of the mud recycler, and, combined with the G-Force of the shaker, works in tandem to maximize solids dryness. In the past, shaker screens were sized by mesh size.

So please DC Solid control to get more information about the mud recycling system.

DCZCQ Poorboy degasser China professional manufacturer

Poorboy degasser also called mud gas separator that is an ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas. The technology is especially beneficial in sour gas environments or when drilling with an under balanced mud column.

To be as an professional producer of drilling fluid circulation equipment, DC Solid control has many different models of mud gas separator for sale, such as ZCQ800, ZCQ1000, and ZCQ1200. Different types with different treating capacity that according to your actual use to proposal.

mud gas separator

Each mud gas separator has limitation on much it can safely handle volume of gas. If the volume of gas exceeds the maximum limit, gas can blow through into the rig. It is very important that you must estimate gas flow rate on surface based on pit gain and kill rate in order to see how much expected gas on surface. This will be the
limitation on how much you can circulate for well killing operation. You can estimate the volume gas on surface by using well control kill sheet provided by several companies. You need to ensure that the vent line should be as straight as possible with a larger ID in order to minimize back pressure while venting the gas out.

Anything that you don’t understand, please contact us to learn more about how to calculate the gas volume of your drill rig. And welcome to your valued inquiry of mud gas separators.

DCLW decanter centrifuge used for sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment plants.

Centrifuges are designed to separate solids from sludge mixtures with continuous and space-saving dewatering systems combined with high efficiency. A major application is the sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment plants.

The revolving parts of the centrifuge, is the drum and scroll, are driven by electric motors that are controlled by two inverter and managed by means of software, running on a PLC.

DCGLW250-980N Decanter Centrifuge 01

Understanding decanter centrifuge operation helps manage drying energy costs Consecutive mechanical dewatering and thermal drying are integral parts of sludge management, lowering the sludge volume that needs to be disposed of or further treated.

decanter centrifuge

DCLW series Industry Decanter centrifuge is widely used in wastewater treatment, crude oil recovery, coal tar recovery, palm oil recovery, fruit juice production, protein production, DC production, starch production, food waste treatment, etc. with VFD, and PLC Control, can choose 2/3 phase separation.

Centrifuge Drum and spiral parts titanium welding with 304/316 / 316L/321 stainless steel, stale performance and long service, warmly welcomed by the customers at home and abroad