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Mini shale shaker used for Bored pile

DC solids control developed a new product- mini shale shaker, model DCSS752. It can meet the requirement for the clients who do not need so large treating capacity, but want to find an economic way to separate big solids from the drilling fluids.

mini shaker

Bored pile drilling mud capacity always smaller and some drilling may need 150GPM capacity. Many solids control equipment manufacturer focus on oil&gas drilling and shakers always have capacity minimum 400GPM. DC Solids Control bring in a Mini shale shaker with 20GPM capacity to meet Mini capacity requirement on Bored pile

Mini dc shaker

The mini shale shaker with unit treating capacity 200-264gpm, 2 screen panels with total screen area 1.35m2, G-force 6.3G adjustable, total power of this shaker is only 1.0KW, and total weight 800 kgs. Based on these parameters, we called it mini shale shaker. Screen type: pretension, repairable.

If you have requirements of small and cheap price shale shaker, Please contact DC Solid control office there you will getting the most professional guidance and reasonable price.

Desilter plant China professional manufacturer

Desilter is a third phase solid control equipment. Usually 4” cone is the most advanced Hydrocyclone in the field. With its 15 to 25 micron separation, DC has designed this unit to achieve optimum performance. Even in the most challenging applications, each cone achieves consistently 100 GPM.


The desilter with underflow shaker is also called Mini cleaner which is applicable for both weighted and unweighted drilling mud, while traditional desander no underflow vibrating screen only for unweighted drilling fluids. And comparing with large size desander and desilter assembly, the Mini Desander is cost-effective. For compact mud system used in HDD, CBM, water well drilling and Mining project, Mini desilter cleaner is an Ideal choice.

DC Desilter Features:
1. Desilter Options with shaker and without shaker for flexible applicaiton.
2. Desilter cones with PU material with better Abrasion resistance
3. No under shaker design structure compact and assembly flexible
4. Mini desilter cleaner with shaker for both weighted / unweighted mud in various drilling

DC Solid control is the Hydrocyclone desilter manufacturer and desilter supplier. DC Solid control can produce DCCNQ series drilling fluids desilter with good cones for oilfield solids control system, HDD mud recycling system, and pipe-jacking separation plant.

DCMC Series HDD Mud system produced by DC Solid control

DC HDD mud recovery system is developed, designed and manufactured to meet trenchless technology requirements at home and abroad and it is applied in purification treatment of mud returned from underground during horizontal directional drilling process.
HDD mud system

The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, good sand removing effect, can reduce the mud loss, relocation less haulage vehicle, labor saving, not easily damaged parts, and can prolong the service life. The mud tank is suitable for oil drilling mud purification processing and storage. The mud
tank is generally customized with different size and data. Our mud system including: DCMC-200G/ DCMC-350G / DCMC-500G /DCMC-500GL / DCMC-1000G /DCMCS1000GL.

Features of DC HDD Mud Recycling Equipments

Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source- DC Solids Control Factory.
Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
Assured customer service:We can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.
Mud Tanks Flexible Options:Skid Mounted or Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling Tanks available for your options.

Please contact DC Solids Control for more information if you interest for the stock .

Drilling mud tank agitator for sales

Mud Agitator is also called Mud Tank Agitator and widely used in the mud solids control system. It is installed in slurry storage tanks or mud tank and to prevent drilling fluid solid Particles deposited in the mud tank.

Drilling fluids agitator can be installed on drilling fluid tank, with the impeller submerged into certain depth under fluid surface to stir the fluid directly. During this process, the drilling fluid can be mixed even, and the solid particles are eliminated. In this way, it can improve solid phase dispersion, and increase the viscosity and gel strength, thus to make drilling fluid keep accordant with the requirement, provide needful fluid for drilling process, and ensure the smooth going of drilling work.

mud agitator

DC solid control provide vertical and horizontal agitator. Horizontal mud agitator is divided into coupling type and direct type agitator. If you need a horizontal mud agitator, we recommend you use a direct type agitator. drilling mud Agitator is an ideal device for stirring, mixing liquid and preventing the solid-phase precipitation in the mixture.


Please contact with DC representative with your tank dimension and your detail requirement. We will recommend the right model with specification about the horsepower, impeller (size, type& quality), and shaft length etc to meet your requirement.

Most important mud system – shale shaker for sale

Shale shakers typically consist of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings, commonly shale, across and off of the screens as the drilling fluid (mud) flows through them and back into the drilling fluid system.



DC Solids Control is the professional and famous drilling fluids shale shaker manufacturer in China and can design and manufacture linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker, VFD Shale Shaker, double-deck shale shaker and triplicate shale shaker for all onshore and off shore applications as clients’request.



Shale shaker is the first-phase solids control equipment in the solids control system, which decides the performance of the whole solids control system, so it plays the most important role in the whole system. DC Solid Control DCS series drilling fluids shale shakers same with Derrick/Swaco/Mongoose/Brandt Shale Shaker in Design &
Performance, and four advantages: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc. and been exported to more than 40 countries.

Shale shakers are considered by most of the drilling industry to be the most important device in the solid control system as the performance of the successive equipment directly relates to the cleanliness of the treated drilling fluid. Please contact DC Solid control to get more info about different model shale shakers.

2 Pannel small shale shakers for HDD site

The small shale shaker model DCS850-2 shale shaker is widely used for HDD project. It can meet the requirement for the clients who do not need so large treating capacity, but want to find an economic way to separate big solids from the drilling fluids.



DCS850-2 shale shaker with unit treating capacity 50m3/h, 2 screen panels with total screen area 2.1m2, G-force 6.3G adjustable, total power of this shaker is only 3KW, and total weight 1500 kg. Based on these parameters, we called it mini shale shaker.

This linear motion shale shaker DCS850-2 can be widely used in HDD, water well drilling , shadow drilling and other drillings which need small treating capacity. After the new mini shaker is developed, there are many clients showed their interests.

If you are interested in DC mini shale shaker DCS850-2, pls contact with DC solids control sales freely.

DCQJ Mud cleaners structure and working effect

alled Desander and Desilter. DCQJ serial drilling fluid de-sanding and de-silting integrated mud cleaner; it is consisted of shale shaker and de-sander or de-silter, which is used for separating the solid-phase granules in the drilling fluid after treated by the vibrating screen.

The drilling fluid will firstly pass the de-sanding cyclones or de-silting cyclones for separation, with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the vibrating screen. If necessary, the vibrating screen of the integrator could be used as the fore-stage vibrating screen.

mud cleaner

The cyclone is made of wearing-resistant special polyurethane material, which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance. The feeding port is designed to have a round and smooth transition, beneficial for improved separation efficiency. It is smooth in structure and rational in design.

DC Mud Cleaner advantages: Good stability and durable; Improved drilling fluid recovery; Longer screen life; Be capable of managing reactive, sticky, or fine solids; Operators & environment friendly; Outstanding corrosion resistant Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling mud; Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud; Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste.