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Mud Tank System supplied by China DC Solid control

Mud Tank System is a part of circulatory system of the rig, used for storing and feeding the required drilling fluid during Rig operation cycle. Mud Tank System is available for different drilling rig sizes from 250HP to 3000 HP with different capacity.

Mud Tank System with mud tanks interconnected at each other through Dresser type couplings and fully equipped with Mud Cleaning equipment, Mud Agitators, Suction valves with Suction pipeline and Mud Guns. Necessary walkways, staircases, lamp posts handrails and water tapping are also the standard features of our Mud Systems.



The mud system mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, poorboy degasser, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pumps, mud agitator and ect. DC Solid control Company has Practical Knowledge in manufacturing and handling all types of Mud System Equipment by following all the industrial standards our company manufactures equipment for the oil drilling, so we are well known as Mud System Manufacturer in China.

All Our Equipment is eco-friendly our technical engineers will look at each and every process to be done carefully. We offer machines at the best prices when compared with others. High Quality of machines will make the work process easy and fast. By involving the latest technologies in the machines we are manufacturing this equipment for both oil and gas drilling.

3 sets DCLW450-1000 decanter centrifuge shipped to Russian clients

Drilling mud centrifuge is a very important in solid control system. Usually it is the forth phase solid separation equipment. DC Solid control shipped 3 sets DCLW450-1000 decanter centrifuge to a repeat client from Russian.

Decanting centrifuge separate the suspending fluids using the principle of centrifugal action, the suspending fluids is pushed into the rotor drum through the inlet pipe and the fluid hole of the spiral feeder. Under the influence of centrifugal force, solid phase particles are pushed to the internal wall of the drum, then to the mud export of the small end of the drum and excreted.


The DCLW450-1000 model decanter centrifuge is a very popular for oil and gas drilling fields. The reason why it is popular its lower price and best treating efficiency. The drum diameter and length of the centrifuge is 450mm and 1000mm. Max treating capacity is 45m3/h. Although it is the fixed frequency centrifuge, but its working effect is good, so is warmly received by users.

decanter centrifuges

If you are looking for an oilfield decanter centrifuge that is highly effective and affordable, please browse our products. We offer a range of centrifuges of different sizes and capabilities that give you the exact results you need at a price that you can afford.

Mud separation desilter group from DC Solid control

DC Solid control’s polyurethane molded desilter and desander hydrocyclones are available in a number of configurations, ranging from 60 gpm systems to 2,000 gpm systems and capable of achieving a solids cut point of 25 microns.

Each hydrocyclone is made of high durameter, durable polyurethane and can be fitted with independent valve isolation, discharge deflection devices, and pressure monitoring systems. For abrasive solids, DC Solid control can also fit our polyurethane hydrocyclones with ceramic liners to maximize equipment life.



To separate the solids of 15 ~ 47 μm; 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 pcs of 4″ cones for different capacities optional; We also customized desilter acceptable to meet the customer special needs;Brand electrical components of ABB, Siemens, and Schneider adopted; 8-20 pcs Desilter cones for optional, each cone can process 80 GPM, and makes a separation between 15 and 45 μm; Effective on both oil-base and water-base weighted and unweighted drilling fluid system in removing and drying solids.



DC Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system, sales, service, manufacturing, distribution service. Buy desilter from China manufacturer,good quality,best price..Your best hydrocyclone desilter for drilling mud circulation system.

ZYQ800 Mud gas separator shipped to Abroad

Mud-Gas Separator is a piece of special equipment for degassing gas-invaded mud in the first grade. It is mainly used to remove big bubbles above φ3mm in diameter and these bubbles refer to expanded gases in the fluids that fill in some parts of well annulus. Well kick even spilling out to the rotary table will easily occur if they are not removed.

liquid gas separator

DC Solid control got a order of tender project from foreign clients, and now we have already finished the production in advance. Now the mud gas separator already packaged well and waiting for delivery.

mud gas separator

Main parameter of the ZYQ800 mud gas separator:
Main Body diameter: 800mm
Treating capacity: 260m3/h
Inlet pipe: 5″
Outlet pipe: 8″
Gas discharge pipe: 8″
Tank Wall Thickness:0.375 ” (10mm)
Pressure: 125PSI

DCZYQ series Mud gas Separator combined with the Electric Ignition Device can be used to ensure the security of drilling process. It is divided into the normal pressure Mud gas separator and pressure auto-control Mud gas separator according to the pressure.

DCLW drilling mud decanter centrifuge introduction

Drilling fluid centrifuge is the third phase equipment in mud circulation system. DC solids control produce 3 models of high speed,middle speed, variable speed 2 phase centrifuges that separate solids from liquids. In all three models, the operating principle is theoretically the same.


DCLW serial centrifuge has two control models of variable frequency and work frequency, and has abovementioned various centrifuges devoted for ocean drilling platforms. The work frequency-driven centrifuge can change its speed through pulley and belt change, and the variable frequency centrifuge can realize infinite speed variation in a large scope and its control cabinet can directly display the parameters of work rev., work current and torque. The engine may be suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz.

decanter centrifuge

Compared to other solids control equipment, a centrifuge takes up less real estate. On many oilfields the site footprint is not large enough to support a wide range of solids control equipment. A centrifuge is highly effective and efficient so you can separate solids from drilling liquids even on small drilling sites.

If you are looking for an oilfield decanter centrifuge that is highly effective and affordable, please browse our products. We offer a range of centrifuges of different sizes and capabilities that give you the exact results you need at a price that you can afford.

4″ desilter hydrocyclone shipped to Russian

Desilters are designed to remove silt-sized (20 to 74 microns) solids from drilling fluids. The desilters are simple to operate and easy to maintain. We solid hundred set of different flow desilters per year. The below picture is the desilter spare parts of 4″ hydrocyclone shipped to Russian.

desilter cones

DC Desilting hydrocyclones are made from high density abrasion resistant polyurethane. The unique internal manifold design minimises the back pressure on the hydrocyclones maximising the solids removal. Fine tuning is achieved through adjustable orifice openings at the discharge point on the cone.

HydrocycloneDC polyurethane cyclone offers a high volume 4” cone, while providing contractors an economical replacement for less efficient older equipment. DC Solid control’s unique uni-body construction eliminates excess parts and seams where excessive wear can occur. DC Solid control’s 4” desilter cones are available with ceramic inserts for extreme service.

Both Desilters and Desanders are available in a large range of configurations including stand alone, over a shaker as a mud cleaner or packaged with a supply pump as a mobile desilting unit. Please contact DC Solid control office to discuss applications and appropriate technical specifications.

Hot sales model of DCS700-3 shale shaker

DCS700-3 shale shaker is the hot sale model in our company. The model shale shaker sold hundres per year in Russian, and USA and all got the feedback from user. Now we have 2 sets DCS700-3 shale shaker in stock, if you have interest please contact me.


The DCS700-3 shaker is available in both 3- and 4-panel designs. The available screening area per API RP 13C. ast, easy, and reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by two pairs of Rapid-Change draw bolts on each side of each screen panel.

Features of the DCS700-3 shaker:
Pyramid or flat hookstrip Screen Technology
Super G? Vibrating Motors
Hydraulic Deck Angle Adjustment
Rapid Change Bolt Tensioning


Its hydraulic, adjustable while drilling (AWD) is designed for quick, easy deck adjustment and operates from -1° to +5° on the 3-panel shaker and -1° to +8° on the 4-panel model. Top, weir, and weir bypass feeders are available for both machines.

Please contact DC Solid control office to get more information of the shale shakers specification.