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DC New development DCS585-PTS shale shaker

Shale shaker is a most popular equipment uses in drilling mud primary solids control system. According to different processing result and mud condition, the operator may choose the shale shakers with different vibration motions.

shale shaker

The DCS585-4 PTS dual-motion shale shaker combines linear and balanced-elliptical motion technology for efficient removal. Using 0.6-hp vibrator motors for unparalleled performance, the shale shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy, high-volume solids are usually encountered and shakers need to generate high g-forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens.

shale shakers

As drilling conditions change, the shale shaker can be adjusted instantly by flipping a switch on the control box to immediately reconfigure the shaker from linear to balanced-elliptical motion without having to suspend or shut down operations, allowing operators to avoid NPT and unnecessary delays that drive up costs.

The advantages of DC’s shale shaker are structure simple, easy for operation and maintenance, one shaker for various applications by changing different type’s hopper. The cost is also competitive.

Desilters of DC Solid control application and specification

esilter is the third class solids control equipment to treat the drilling fluids. According to the size of the cone diameter, they are divided into Desander and Desilter. Usually the cone diameter is less than 6″is called Desilter, and used as the third-control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly used 5 “and 4” cone
to separate solid-phase particle size 15-47μm in the drilling fluid.



DC Solid control desilters are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Optional shutoff valves on each round desilter cone inlet permit individual cone removal and inspection without interrupting operation of the desilter.

DC Solid control’s polyurethane hydrocyclone offers a high volume 4” cone, while providing contractors an economical replacement for less efficient older equipment. Our unique uni-body construction eliminates excess parts and seams where excessive wear can occur. DC’s 4” desilter cones are available with ceramic inserts for
extreme service.

China desilter

We are also engaged in offering various Oilfield Services like Workover Services, O&M and Charter hiring of Worover Rig, Mud Logging Services, Mobile Pumping Unit, Man Management services etc. If you have interest with Desilters, please contact our office.

Best quality and lower price shale shaker supplier

Shale shakers are the components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. DCS serial shale shaker is designed with the global most mature and popularly applied dual-shaft synchronized inertia straight-line vibration theory.



DCS Series Shale Shakers is configured with four, three or two screen panels. For example DCS585-4 shale shakers’ screens are interchangeable with Mongoose screen replacement (1165x585mm) which allows users to easily source the screen panels locally or aboard. This can reduce rig down time due to the lack or not-prompt supply
of screen panels.

shale shakers

The purpose designed shale shaker is an absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has very strong structure and excellent separation result. Being operating in more than 35 countries and regions, the shaker is reliable and trustful for your choice.

China Well-deserved reputation solid control company offers a complete line of vibratory shakers for the oil & gas, industrial wastewater, petrochemical and trenchless industries.

Single-deck, 3-panel up to dual-deck, 6-panel designs are available for complete solid / liquid separation operations, even in the harshest of environments. Whether used as flow-line, scalping or drying unit,  DC’s shakers are rugged, reliable and require low maintenance.

Supply Oilfield decanter centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuges are a key component in drilling mud cleaning of solids control equipment. To maintain drilling mud in an optimum condition results in less waste, reduced operating cost and a high efficiency of the total solids control system.



DCLW decanter centrifuges are a perfect choice for maximizing barite recovery or drilling fluid dewatering in a “zero-discharge” closed-loop environment. Compared to previous solids control equipment, centrifuge remove fine cuttings or recycle barite with 2~7 microns diameter. The material for centrifuge including S.S304, 316, 316L, 2205, and so on. Per clients’ demand and their budget we’ll configure different products.

decanter centrifuge1

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th solids control equipment in whole drilling mud system It is used to process drilling mud discharged from desilter cones or mud cleaner. DCLW decanter centrifuge can be used for water sludge separation. The Motor brand: ABB,SIEMENS. Bearing:SKF. Control PLC system: with or without

We are committed to reward you with a better quality in return for our interest in and faith toward. We will do our utmost for one more stepping forward,based on our infinite services and trust to customers.

IECEX certificate dual motion shale shaker shipped Italy

Usually the dual motion is combination of linear motion and balanced elliptical motion. Nowadays, DC Solid control company finished the production of IECEX certificate dual motion shale shaker for Italy clients used for offshore drill site.

shale shakers

The shale shaker is the optimum solids control equipment for onshore and off shore operations where shaker size is a significant issue, and where cutting with varying quantities and properties are experienced. While drilling is in progress, the shale shaker can be easily switched from a linear motion, for fast conveyance and heavy loading, to its balance elliptical motion for maximum retention time and drier cuttings.


Most reliable mechanical jacking system in industry
Pre-tensioned composite screens for fast screen changes and ease of use
Largest net usable screen area among shakers of a similar footprint (1.97m2)
Ultra tight seal between screens and screen bed eliminates solids build up and costly bypass of solids

If you have interest with the shale shaker, please contact us freely.

Varies types of mud tanks designed from DC Machinery

A mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of square steel tube and steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud pits, as they were once simple pits in the earth.

DC Solid control company manufacturer varies of mud tanks, water tanks, oil sludge tanks, skid mounted tank, trailer mounted tank with galvanized grating, safe handrail, coated with marine corrosion-resistant zinc rich expoxy coating and painting, two layers for inside tank, three layers for outside tank.



Mud tanks are the base of solids control equipments. Mud Tanks for solids control system is divided into Square tank and Cone-shaped tank according to the shape of tank bottom. The body of the tank is made of welding the steel plate and section, using the flat cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure.

Oil tank

The mud tank surface and the passage are made of the slipping resistant steel plate and linearity netted steel plate.The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe, all of the structure can be folded without barrier and pegged reliably.

If you have interest with any types of mud tanks, please feel free to contact me, there you will getting the best quality and lower price.

Desanding plants produced by DC Solid control

Desanding plants are employed to remove soil particles in drilling mud and support slurry used in foundation engineering. They can be either water-bentonite, water- polymere, or water-cement and bentonite suspensions. Desanding plants have further applications in gravel pits, in the mining industry and in microtunneling projects.



The regeneration or cleaning capacity of a desanding plant is determined by the plant′s intake capacity of contaminated suspension. It is defined in m3/h. The regeneration efficiency or the “significant cut-off point” d50 indicates the smallest particle size of which at least 50% can be removed from a suspension. It is
expressed in 1/1000 mm or micron.



The main components of all desanding plants are:

Coarse screen for intercepting stones larger than 5 mm.
Storage tank of the coarse screen cyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension.
Dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone.

If you have interests with our desander plant, please contact me freely.