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Advanced dual motion shale shaker produced from DC Solid control

Shale shaker is a most popular equipment uses in drilling mud primary solids control system. According to different processing result and mud condition, the operator may choose the shale shakers with different vibration motions.

Nowadays, the most often heard of the shale shaker vibration motion are the linear motion and elliptical motion. DC now has a new development shaker could realize the vibration motion changing during running between linear motion and progressive elliptical motion.



DC’s dual motion shale shaker has 2 units vibrators, comparing with other brand dual motion shaker with 3 units vibrators, DC’s shaker is more cost competitive. The changing of the vibration is realized by operation on the control panel, no need to adjust the eccentric block of the vibration motors.



The advantages of DC’s shale shaker are structure simple, easy for operation and maintenance, one shaker for various applications by changing different type’s hopper. The cost is also competitive.

Hot sales of DCZS585-4 shale shakers from DC Solid control

Shale shakers are the most important and easiest solids control equipment, which is characteristic by highly cost-effective. However, the next stage solids removal equipment will not perform effectively, if shale shakers are used incorrectly.

shale shaker

Shale shale absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad, complete series shale shaker can meet customer  demand. Client feedback proved the advantages for this kinds of shale shaker: high G-force, Wide Screen Area, Compressed Structures,Cost-effective,Ect.



DC Solid control has the model of DCZS585-4 Series single deck shale shaker is popular in oil gas drilling, big trench-less HDD projects, or other industry seperation demand. The shaker use Italy OLI or Us Martin brand Vibration Motors, Pretentioned composite frame screen with gear unit for fast screen change and longer screen
life. Heavy duty design and heat treatment for the shale shaker basket to get the adjustable G force up to 8.0G

If you want to learn more about the shale shaker, please feel free to contact DC Solid control.

A Decanter Centrifuge working principle and procedure

A Decanter Centrifuge separates solid materials from liquids in slurry and therefore plays an important role in wastewater treatment, chemical, oil and food processing industries. The operating principle of a decanter centrifuge is based on separation.



Decenter centrifuge is continuous centrifugal separator which does not use filter media like screen. Slurry is fed into high speed rotating bowl and separation by specific gravity difference is made under higher centrifugal G-force.

decanter centrifuges

Sedimented solid cake is conveyed to discharge side by screw which rotates at different speed from bowl speed. Cake dehydration is made at conical section of the bowl and discharged. Mother liquid is over flowed and discharged from cylindrical bowl. In addition to above, screen bowl type has dehydration and cake washing function on
screen section.

You can find more details information about different decanter centrifuges with the following products description, or please contact DC Machinery directy by email or go to Contact Us Page for full information.

The function and application of High G drying shaker

Drying shaker is used in slurry drilling waste management system. A good performance drying shaker can help drilling contractors to recover more mud and reduce drilling costs.

DC Solid control’s High G drying shaker with high G force up to 8 and adjustable, DC’s drying shaker unit could be fixed with fine mesh screen so that it can remove silts and ultra-fine sands, provide solids in a consistently stackable and conveyable form and require no expensive chemicals or polymers.

shale shakers

High G Force Drying shaker is design for drying the cuttings from the solids control equipment. Drilling Fluids Drying shaker to remove solid particles can be piled up,fully satisfies the requirement of transportation.High intensity shale shaker large amplitude vibration high strength has a lot of use in the slurry waste
management.High strength and vibration of the G – force during continuous operation adjusted by frequency converter.

Client will install a low profile drying shaker just under the solids control tank to feed to the drying shaker. The drilling cuttings will be drying by the high G Force Dry Shaker, and fluids will be catched by the tank under the shaker, a centrifuge feed pump will take the fluids and feed to a high speed decanter centrifuge, after treatment by the high speed decanter centrifuge, the fluids can return back the active mud system for resue.

Stock oilfield vacuum degasser lowest line price

The vacuum degasser, also known as a mud/gas separator is one of the first units of solids control equipment arranged to treat drilling mud. To be as a professional manufacturer of solid control system for 10 years. DC Solid control provide the stock vacuum degasser and enjoy a big discount.

vacuum degasser

The vacuum degasser is used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shakers, and mud conditioners (if utilized) while hydrocyclone desanders and decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

degassing equipment

Also, at the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system. The vaccum degasser design of the structure is scientific and rational. So we are able to achieve an effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities and to ensure that the exhaust pipe is always smooth.

China manufacturer DC Solids Control offer the world with Mud/gas separators & vacuum degasser. We are an exporter of Mud/gas separators,vacuum degasser for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc.

Special Features of DC Mud Gas Separator for drilling site

Mud gas separator is necessary safety equipment in the modern drilling mud cleaning system, it is special equipment for the primary degassing and also Mud gas separator called Poor boy degasser.

mud gas separartor

The main function is to clean the gas bubbles in the drilling fluid. The gas bubble is the inflation gas in the drilling fluid which is full of the some space of the well. If the bubbles cannot be cleaned, it will cause the well kick and, even the fluid will erupt from the well.



Features of DC Mud Gas Separator
1.H2S resistant material for longer life.
2.Large flow rate.
3.Efficient degassing performance.
4.Mud seal design for clean mud flow out.
5.Pressure vessel certification available.
6.Customization on vessel diameter.
7.Support leg with elevation or not.
8.Common steel at economical cost is for option.
9.Heavy anticorrosive painting both internal appearance and external.

To achieve great performance, we kindly suggest Q345B material to resist H2S air. And the pressure vessel certification will give user more confidence for some special working condition. At DC solids control, APMGS1200 mud gas separator is rather popular.

Specification of DC Machinery desanders

Desanders are designed to efficiently remove drilled solids and sand particle sized solids (40-100 microns) built on heavy duty oil field type skid. DC Machinery desanders are easier to operate and maintain with the flexibility of mounting one, two, or three desander cones over a cone underflow pan. DC desanders are having 12” hydrocyclones, in capacity ranging from 500 GPM to 1500 GPM at 75 feet of head.



Desander incorporates 12” cones, which are manufactured using special grade of cast urethane, highly resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals, wear, tear, oil and water.


The feed entry angle is designed in such a way to ensure effective removal of drilled solids from the drilling fluids, ensuring reduction in the loss of costlier drilling fluids. The 12” hydrocyclones are attached to 8” or 10” manifold with a 4” inlet and 6” outlet. Each cone assembly comes with a 1.5” apex. The apex of sizes 1.75” and 2.125” are also available.

DC Machinery also manufactures wide variety of hydro-cyclones for desanders as replacements for major O.E.M. brands in the 10” & 12” sizes. We provide and complete replacements parts of desanders.

Decanter centrifuge used in solid waste management system

The solid waste management system usually consists of three to six shaker screens, a cutting dryer, two mid-sized decanter centrifuges, and related pumps and containers. Feed from the mud pumps passes over the shaker screens, concentrating to 50-75% solids by mass before being fed to the DCLW Series centrifuge.

decanter centrifuge

Underflow from this unit would flow to the decanters, where it is mixed with underflow from the screens. A small portion of the decanter filtrate is typically recycled back into the feed for the centrifuge to keep material flowing, and to keep the screen openings flush.

Feed particle sizes range from 2 cm to 40 μm, with a wide distribution dependent on the drill rate, drill bit type, and natural formation. Typical slurry feed rates are 20-60 ton/hr, fed by progressive cavity pumps.

Advantages of the decanter centrifuges :
Unsurpassed product discharge moisture
More capacity per energy unit used
Prevention of imbalance due to even distribution of cuttings by the scroll
Improved rotational balance minimizes wear on rotating parts
Consistent processing due to the high torque cyclo-gear drive, which improves handling of shock loads caused by feed surges
Lower operator intervention
Horizontal design allowing easier access

1000GPM mud recycling system for Malaysia HDD project

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is being highlighted in the underground construction industry as a method that positively affects the way we impact our environment.

HDD mud recycling system is design for Horizontal Directional Drilling ( HDD ) rig. Depending on drilling mud requirement, a HDD mud recycling system can including shale shaker, desander cyclone, desilter cyclone, mud tank, mud agitator, transfer pump, etc.

shale shaker

DC Machinery manufactured a set of 1000GPM mud recycling system for a Malaysia HDD project. The configuration of the mud recycling system is the standard one which is more cost-effective. Mud recycling systems have added great value to the HDD industry. In many cases it is very difficult to be successful on a project without one.



Future environmental regulations will drive the need for implementation of them in smaller HDD system. As you look to implement a cleaning system in your program, do your homework and set realistic expectations that will help ensure your success.

Explosion proof Oilfield 30Hp mud agitator delivery to Pakistan

DC Machinery mud agitators are designed to mix and suspend the solids using axial flow, promoting low particle size degradation and effective polymer shear. Unlike mud guns, the DC Machinery mud agitator is relatively a low energy device, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.

mud agitators

Usually Our standard horizontal and vertical mud agitators range in 5 to 30 horsepower with an explosion proof motor and gear reducer. We size mud agitators according to the configuration and maximum mud weight. But the user request the motor power is 30Hp, that request, the more and reducer are bigger than the common type.
According to the communication with the users, we got the order ultimately.


The mud agitator with direct-drive shaft assembly featured on our agitators maximizes motor efficiency which results in reduced energy consumption and greater performance. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, all of our agitators are completely customizable and or to meet your specific tank dimensions and mud weight range.

Please contact us today to learn more about our mud agitators. For quote request please provide the following information: Tank Dimensions, Mud Weight Range, Horsepower, Impeller Size and Shaft Length.