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Purpose use of desander in drilling fluid cleaning system

The hydrocyclone is an inverted conical shaped shell into which pressurised slurry is injected tangentially at the top/wide end. This induces the fluid to flow around the circumference of the shell and downwards to a small opening at its apex.



Desanders shall be balanced to produce a spray discharge using the procedure outlined above before use. Cones shall be stripped and cleaned after every period of continuous use. The application of desanders will depend upon the type of mud in use.



A desander: shall be run continuously with unweighted water based mud to maintain low mud gradient, in top hole sections onlymay be run sparingly with weighted water based mud shall never be used with oil based mud.

The purpose of Desanders is:

1. To maintain sand content of mud below 0.5%.
2. To prevent overloading of desilters.
3. A feed rate of 300 – 400 gpm shall be used.

Since, in practice, the cut point of most 12” cones may be of the order of 200 – 220 microns for an unweighted water based mud, utilisation of screens of finer than
80 mesh may negate the need for desander.

New designed of wasterwater decanter centrifuge from DC solid control

We know the special requirements of the wastewater industry. DC solid control designed a series decanter centrifuge mainly used in wastewater industry. This new decanter centrifuge series incorporates the latest know-how in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and control system fabrication.

decanter centrifuge

Special features in bowl design, drive systems and control systems assure optimal performance in terms of recovery, cake dryness, and capacity. Special emphasis was put on the life cycle costs. The new designed decanter centrifuge excels with up to 30 % less power consumption compared to standard decanters.

The decanter centrifuge consists of a solid bowl, which rotates and contains the process. A screw conveyor, contained within the bowl, turns at a slightly different speed from the bowl.

Please contact me to get more info about the new designed wastewater treatment decanter centrifuge.