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What are the components of a rig’s mud system?

Here are descriptions of some of the equipment used to circulate and monitor drilling fluid or mud:

Mud pump: A large, high-pressure reciprocating pump used to circulate the mud on a drilling rig.

Mud tanks (or mud pits): A mud tank is an open steel tank used for holding drilling fluids. Some mud tanks are used for suction to the mud pumps, settling of mud sediments and storage of reserve mud. Drilling mud is circulated through a series of open tanks to remove sand and fine sediments.



Kicker hose: A high-pressure rubber hose that connects the mud pump discharge line to the mud line.

Mud line: A high-pressure steel line that mud flows through from the kicker hose to the stand pipe (the stand pipe goes up the side of the derrick).

Shale shaker: A vibrating screen unit that is used to separate cuttings from the circulating fluid coming out of the wellbore. The separated cuttings vibrate over the end of the shakers to a shale bin, and the drilling mud falls back into the mud tanks.

Hopper: A large funnel mounted in the mud tank circulating system into which dry chemicals can be poured to mix uniformly with the drilling mud.

Pertinent features of the Mud gas separator from DC Solid control

In the oilfield, the mud gas separator is sometimes known as “poorboy degasser” or “gas buster”. They may be vertical or horizontal in design.



A vertical separator is normally used for high fluid throughput, while a horizontal separator provides a longer retention and superior gas separating capacity. Internal design and configuration governs the individual efficiency of the equipment.

The mud gas separators should be designed to a recongised pressure vessel code. To avoid plugging by solids, hydrates or mechanical malfunction, the separator back pressure should be controlled by a liquid seal rather than conventional back pressure regulators or liquid level control valves. A pressure gauge is required to monitor the pressure in the separator vessel.

If you want to know more detailed about the mud gas separators, please contact me soon.

Solid control spare parts- mud guns shipped to Port

DC Solid control could offers mud gun with simple structure and flexible operation. Mud gun could be used to prevent the mud precipitation and transfer the active mud to each tank compartment in the mud system.

mud guns

Today, DC Solid control shipped many sets mud guns to port and delivery to Pakistan. Mud gun in drilling fluids processing system is always located at the corner of the tank to keep solids from settling. The impetus of mud gun can comes from eigher high pressure mud pump and Jet Mud Mixer.

Mud guns always applied together with Mud agitator that installed at the centre of mud tank. In drilling mud processing system, mud gun often used in trip tank, mud mixing tank and mud storage tank.

Mud Guns also produce flow currents, which boost fluid movements and aid in the suspension or mixing of particles. In addition, Mud Guns can create an alternate product flow when used in conjunction with agitators.

The two main components of drilling jet mud mixer

Jet mud mixer is a unique equipment for solid control system. DC Solids Control build jet mud mixer with experience for oil & gas drilling, coal bed methane drilling, horizontal directional drilling and water well drilling.



The first part for jet mud mixer– Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is the fluids supply for drilling mud mixing hopper. The pump size will be selected depending on mixed mud specification and mud flow mixing requirement. The centrifugal pump will work to transfer water or drilling mud with a suitable pressure. Other than supply drilling mud to mixer hopper, the centrifugal pump can work as feeding pump for desander & desilter, trip pump for trip tank, water pump for water line supply, etc.



The second part for jet mud mixer– Mixing Hopper

Mixing hopper will work to collect drilling chemicals with a small table for operation. The drilling chemicals will goes into hopper together with water or drilling mud supplied by centrifugal pump.

DC’s new Jet mud mixer specializes in simple structure and easy manipulation which can satisfy the drilling fluid’s need on weighting and compounding from 1500m to 9000m depth. DC’s jet mud mixer can be customized to be double jet mud mixer based on customer’s need.

Advanced design of DCS linear motion shale shaker

Shale shaker is first phase solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system, also known as key solids control equipment in drilling mud system, shale shaker decides performance of the whole solids control system.



DCS linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated DC own design. DC complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

Shale shaker for solids control are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down costs associated with the drilling fluid.

China manufacturer DC Solids Control offer the world with drilling mud shale shaker equipment. We are an exporter of drilling fluid shale shaker for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc. If you have request, please contact us freely.

DC Desilter plant used in clients piling site

The compact structure and high efficiency desilter plant are widely warmed received by piling users. DC Solid control shipped 5 sets desilter unit to a American user. Today, we got the good feedback from the user.


Desiltering plants are employed to remove soil partcles in drilling muds and support slurries used in foundation engineering. They can be either water-bentonite, water-polymere, or water-cement and bentonite suspensions. Desiltering plants have further applications in gravel pits, in the mining industry and in microtunneling projects.

The main components of all desiltering plants are:
Coarse screen for intercepting stones larger than 5 mm
Storage tank of the coarse screencyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension
Dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone.

Russian clients came to DC Solid control workshop

Happy new years everyone. At the last day of 2017. Our repeat clients from Russian to visit our factory to check the order of 1000pcs. Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for DC Solids Control. We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment.


DC Screen Type
Hook strip flat screen
Steel frame screen
Composite frame screen
Pyramid screen
Hook strip soft screen
And more…



DC Solid control shaker screen is committed to designing the high quality screening to provide our clients the right screen for the perfect fit at competitive price.