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DC Machinery also manufacture the three phase centrifuge

To be as a leader of wasterwater treatment company. DC Solid control developed a 3 phase decanter centrifuge used in oil and gas field and all kinds industires wastewater treatment projects.

The three phase decanter centrifuge. It is made of cone drum, spiral unloader, differential system, bearing base, engineer base, main motor, back motor and electrical system.

3 phase centrifuge

Working prnciple of 3 phase decanter centrifuges:

Under the great centrifugal force of the high rotatry speed of the centrifuge can make the material continous used in 24 hours. Main motor drive the drum through the belt will produce a rotation speed differential based on thebraked differential drive the back motor to realize the material hydration and pushing function. The centrifuge have the function of differential speed auto control, because of the feeding material content the solid ration maybe have fluctuate, use the differential speed control system to enaure the differential speed is steady to make the better separation effect.

The heavy and light liquid phae is discharged respectively from the heavy and light liquid phase outlet to reach the liquid, liquid and solid three phase separation. The centrifuge have the ideal seal properties, material dehydration woking is in a state of full sealed, and make the working environemnt is clean.

All of our decanter centrifuges adopt the international advanced special structure design. The centrifuge has the advantages of superior quality and efficiency, with larger treating capacity , better separation effect and easy to operate.

Benefits of our centrifuges used for wastewater plant

A wastewater centrifuge from DC Machinery can provide the perfect solution for your sludge dewatering needs. The centrifuge can remove the water content from sludge by rotating it at a high speed, so you can dispose of the sludge in a cost-efficient manner. After the centrifuge has completed its process, you will simply need to collect the dry sludge and send it to a landfill.


At DC Machinery, we offer some of the finest sludge dewatering equipment available. The benefits of our centrifuges include:

1. Extensive capacity – Our wastewater centrifuges can handle 5 to 150 gallons per minute, so you can use them in facilities that have a large volume flow.
2. Minimal operator requirements – Your new centrifuge will require only limited operator intervention, saving you money in labor costs.
3. Low maintenance – Known for offering equipment that lasts, we will provide you with a wastewater centrifuge that you can rely on through the years. And, if your sludge centrifuge equipment ever does require maintenance, we can provide on-going support through our network of regionally located service professionals.

To make your wastewater treatment processes more efficient with a wastewater disc centrifuge or any other advanced equipment, contact DC Machinery today. We are a full-service supplier of wastewater treatment equipment that serves clients worldwide.

Exhibits product DCS7020-3 shale shaker sold at lowest line

The good quality DCS700-3 shale shaker sold to a foreign clients, we know each other in Facebook. The Stock of DCS700-3 shale shaker is a exhibits product, so with the best welding process and high quality maerial, but the price is lowest.



Specification of the DCS700-3 shale shaker.
Vibration motion: Linear motion.
Vibration motor: 2×1.82kw from Otly OLY brand.
Shaker screen: the common sise 700x1050mm with 3 pannel.



Besieds above, the reasonable designing the cofferdam height of shale shaker logging tank can make mud buffer is uniformity flow, reduce direct impact on screen and effective extend the screen service life.

DC Solid control also can manufacture dual or thribble shale shaker according to clients’ requirements. If you have interest with our pther exhibit, please contact me, there you will getting the unexpected surprise

China Features centrifugal pump provider-DC Machinery

Centrifugal pump plays an important role for drilling mud transfer in solid control system. Such as, the drillings from mud tank to shale shaker, the pump is the connection as bridge.

Centrifugal pumps are designed utilizing domestic excellent hydraulic model, and base on different working conditions of various users, applicable for cold and hot water, high temperature the corrosive environment, oil transporting and etc.

centrifugal pumps

Features of DC Centrifugal pump:
1. Pump housings are heavier and stronger to outlast conventional pumps
2. The impeller is designed to reduce turbulence, lower radial and thrust loads, and provides a smooth flow of fluid through the pump
3. DCSB series shaft has a greater diameter to provide heavy-duty performance with minimal shaft deflection.
4. Bearings are designed for easy maintenance.
5. Stuffing box cover combines the functions of wear plate and stuffing box into a one-piece replacement unit.

sand pump

DC Machinery also offers its pumps mounted on skid packages horizontal electric, vertical electric, close coupled electric, horizontal diesel, overhead belt and side belt, and wired with starters, if so desired.

Small treating capacity linear motion shale shaker for HDD project

DCS630-3 shal shaker is really a 3-panel single deck shale shaker with linear motions. The shale shaker can well work in HDD project. Shale shaker are components of solids control equipment used in horizontal directional drilling (HDD).



DCS630-3 shale shaker is a hot sale model of all of our Linear motion shale shaker. The drilling mud shale shakers being provided with high vibration intensity , adjustable-pitch ,compact, reliable ,behavior and cost effective ,is known as a competitive product in the international market.



The advantage of DC linear shale shaker:
1:Shaker track is linear.
2:Simple struction and short producing time.
3: Flexible shale screen, lower cost.
4:Rust protection take in shot blasting.
5:Surface rust protection.
6: Internation brand of Motor.

Besides above, DC provide all certification according to different area may require different standard like IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, etc. Before order any equipment, please confirm electrical standard.