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The reason why more and more drilling users choose DC Solid control

DC Machinery

DC Machinery is a company focuses on solids control systems’ production, sales and after-sales maintenance service.

1.Domestic leading solid control technology

DC solid control technology team has many years experience in oilfield industry, we had design hundred sets of solid control system. DC technology team aim at drilling actual situation and customer demand to design the most suitable solid control solutions. The technology team is leaded by the chief engineer constantly develop new products, make the equipments operation is more easy and ideal, to create more humanized mechanical equipment.



2.Reliable quality guarantee

DC Machinery have already passed the ISO9000 international authentication and system manufacture company, our company introduced ERP management system, DC solid control QC team strict inspection every links, after equipments complete, adjusting the whole solid control system and ensure customers can normal and safe work.
Our company established the experienced QC team and perfect product quality inspection standard procedure. The products are inspected third party by Tangshan quality supervision bureau.

3.Competitive price

DC is located in iron and steel city Tangshan, it has the advantage of material and it belong the heavy industry city, the works are very good at machining and has enough labors. All the main solid control equipment are our independent research and development production, it can control the cost. We also through the outsourcing parts processing to reduce the cost.

4. The perfect product service system

Pre-sale service: The company technology and salesman are according the requirements of customers, we provide the optimal matching scheme for customers.

The reason why DC centrifuges are well received by users

Horizontal decanter centrifuge has the advantages of good separation performance, well-adapted, can be automatic continuous operated, exercise intensively is small, small footprint and lower maintenance cost. So the decanter centrifuge had a rapidly development recent years, which can be widely used in industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater process field.


Operating reliability: DC company decanters differential mechanism adopt planetary gear transmission in high speed, and adopt pin-cycloid planetary gearing in low speed to improve the working reliablity. Spiral drive main bear use roller bearing and the structure of the thrust ball bearing which can improve the bear ability of the Axial force.

Wear-resistant treatment: The touching part of our company is made of stainless steel and superior alloy steel, the blades of screw pusher paint abrasion-resistant alloy or spectacles special cemented carbide.
All kinds of models: The diameter series of the decanter produced by our company are 250、350、450、550, slenderness ratio is 2. 3.
DC decanter centrifuges widely used in oil, chemical, light industry, mining, metallurgy, food, environmental protection and ect, which can totaly meet the requirements of dehydration of solid, and liquid phase.