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Anti corrosion technology of drilling fluid mud tank

Drilling mud tank plays a role of mud circulation, storage and maintenance of the property of slurry in the entire solid control system, the drilling mud contains a large number of chemical reagent, which will cause corrosion of mud tank, and affect the service life of mud tank. of the customers, high standard, strict requirements of anticorrosion technology will become the premise of customers for choose of solid control system sets in order to save the use cost.

Tangshan Dachuan Machinery take strict implementation of API for standardization operation of equipment in oil and gas mining and drilling industry, derusting and spraying operation controlled by specially-assigned person to ensure that each link and each device can meet the use requirements.

First of all, according to the API requirements on rust cleaning of machine material, Dachuan adopt the shot blasting process to  ensure the effect of blasting:

  1. Treatment of mud tank material surface. The oxide layer and rust layer on the surface of the mud tank processed by shot blasting, by comparing the standard template to achieve Sa3 level requirements;
  2. The treatment of the surface roughness of the mud tank material. Through the processing of shot blasting to make the material surface reach a certain fineness, meet the use requirements of equipment;
  3. Pre treatment of the mud tank material surface before spraying. By sand blasting processing, makes the material surface of the mud tank with certain roughness, enhanced adhesion, make the spraying layer to better protect equipment base metal.Drilling-mud-tank

Second, take strict implementation of spraying requirements and process in a timely manner, according to requirements of API for rust proof, it should be timely sprayed within 2 hours after sandblasting treatment. Our company Dachuan takes strict control, and select three spraying process of bottom, middle and face for mud tank.

  1. Choose epoxy zinc primer, using three spraying with high level requirements, high adhesion, corrosion resistance and strong water resistance, to make sure the underlying processing of mud tank material;

2 Epoxy iron painting in the middle, which has high hardness and strong durability;

3 The mud tank is made of polyurethane topcoat, with high oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and its durable.

Three mud agitators shipping to Thailand

Three agitators are going to be shipped to Thailand this weekend. The shippment is for our customer from Thailand. They had ordered products serveral times  from our company, for the high quality and proper price we have.

Mud-agitators (1)

Mud agitator, used for drilling fluid agitation mix, prevent drilling fluid solid particles in the tank circulation system deposit, cycle drilling fluid performance stability, mixed evenly. DC mud agitator has high efficiency and wide usage, compact structure, big intensity stirring, easy maintenance and other significant advantages.

How to remove and check up the centrifugal pump

  1. Disassemble

Remove the stuffiing gland, discharge the pump shell, remove the impeller, dismantle the impeller nut first with a wrench. Note that use the wooden pad block and a hammer hitting radial ribs on the back of impeller, and then sign our  the impeller, remove the shield and sign out the vice impeller, unloaded stuffing box, remove the polyamine ester skeleton oil seal, the spacer ring and filler. Exit the axle sleeve, knocking its tail with a wedge block to make it loose If the sleeve is too tight. Remove the bearing cover, dismantle the lock nut and lock washer, with a copper rod or wood pad on the shaft end, from left to right and demolish the shaft and bearing parts from the bracket (notice it shall not damage the shaft shoulder).

DC sand pump

  1. Inspection

Check the impeller, when it has serious cavitation (especially main blade), transitional corrosion, abrasion and transition damage, it required replacement of the impeller. During shaft inspection, if the radial jump is over 0.05mm, the oil seal position severely bruised, or thread, groove, step and other surface on the shaft damaged, the whole shaft should be repaired, and change it if it can not be repaired. During the sleeve inspection, replace the sleeve when the surface is coarse and serious damage, replace the sleeve and the oil seal which is removed must be replaced.

Removal and installation of vibrating motor bearing

Vibration motor selection heavy-duty bearings, can carry a certain amount of axial load, regardless of the mounting direction, bearing life from the influence of axial load. unload bearing

(1) the protective cover of the two ends of the vibration motor is removed, and the excitation force of the vibration force of the eccentric block is recorded in order to restore the original working condition at the time of installation;

(2) the two ends of the shaft ring removed;

(3) loosen the external eccentric block fastening bolts, remove the external eccentric block. Unscrew the fastening bolts in the eccentric block, remove the inner eccentric block;

(4) the bearing cover from the bearing seat is unloaded, the bearing from the bearing seat or press with suitable ejector bolt;

(5) a thorough cleaning of oil from each component.


2 .mounting bearing

When a vibration motor is replaced by a new bearing, a bearing with the same prototype number must be used.

(1) bearing with kerosene wash and press in the bearing seat, to the outer ring of the bearing ball filled shell lithium grease No. 3 to a third full, with clean hands evenly, installed on the bearing cover, coated with bolt anti loose glue fastening fastening bolts bearing gland;

(2) the bearing seat is installed in the casing, such as grease filling hole, must be aligned position. Tighten the bearing block with the fastening bolts of the bolt and the bolt;

(3) and eccentric block installed on the rotating shaft and shaft ring in place, will be installed on the rotating shaft;

(4) fasten the fastening bolt of the eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block, so that it can reach the position of the angle of unloading and tighten the fastening bolts. After the completion of the above assembly, the shaft should have a certain axial string.


Descriptions of Dachuan Hi-G dryer shaker

Hi-G dryer shaker is an important equipment in drilling waste management system. Dachuan Machinery manufacturing Hi-G dryer shaker has been successfully expended in various large oilfield. Let’s know something about the Hi-G dryer shaker.

Hi-G dryer shaker
1. With Hi-G shaker, low amplitude can effectively reduce the surface tension of the pulp, it is advantageous for layering of the fine and heavy material.
2. Adopt laminated screen, increase single hole size, prolong screen service life.
3. High utilization ratio for screen surface, large treating capacity, and low power consumption
4. Rubber spring supporting screen frame, vibration isolation, low noise. Small dynamic load for equipment don’t need concrete foundation.

Hi-G dryer shaker maintenance
1. Without rotating parts, don’t need to add lubrication oil.
2. Compact structure, easy to repair and maintain and lower running cost.
3. Using principle of resonance, working on double mass critical resonance state need a little driving power. There are not big starting current when starting equipment, so low noise.
4. After start shale shaker, amplitude can achieve stable working level instantaneously. When stopping, amplitude disappeared. Allows directly start and stop equipment at rated voltage, current, and amplitude.
5. Amplitude of shale shaker is adjustable, by changing shaker body excited force control solids size.

Maintenance overhaul of drilling mud agitator

Mud agitator is a liquid-solid mixing equipment, which is mainly used in drilling mud circulation system in oil field. Mud agitator is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, make the drilling fluid in the circulating tank produced circumferential, radial flow and axial flow to prevent solid particles in drilling fluid deposite in the circulatory system, and make the performance  of circulating drilling fluid is stable.

Mud-agitators (1)

How to maintain the mud mixer:

  1. Before starting, check the connecting parts to see whether there is a loose phenomenon, tighten it if have.
  2. When testing the mud agitator, the main observation of the whole machine is running smoothly, whether the noise is too large, stop to check it imediately if there are some abnormal phenomenon. After the trouble is excluded, mud agitator can be put into normal operation.
  3. The staff should check the reducer through the oil standard to see if the lubricating oil in the body of gear box is added enough, if the lubricating oil is not enough, the same grade of oil must be added in.
  4. Check the sealing condition of oil drain plug to see whether there is oil spillings. If the oil leakage phenomenon happen, you must tighten the drain plug.
  5. After starting to use the mud agitator, you should discharge all the lubricating oil which are in the gear box at most five days and clean up the inside of gear box, change it with clean oil and replace it every 6 months.
  6. After the running of the mud agitator is over, if it won’t be in use for a long time, you should wash and clean up the mud in the impeller that on the mud agitator.

The development of sand pump and mud mixer

Centrifugal pump is the maximal electric power consumption equipment of solid control equipment, it is also the power source of desander, desilter, cyclone mixing device. Through the research of the past few years, the following features have emerged:

  1. In the structure, from the semi enclosed impeller imported from the United States, to the design of closed impeller, pump shell by the from the introduction of circular structure developed into a spiral case structure.
  2. In order to solve the reliability of the pump shaft seal, more and more centrifugal pumps have adopt the dynamic seal. Although the leakage problem has been completely solved, it also consumes some power.
  3. On the material selection problem, is exploring ways to improve its wear resistance.sand pump

Development of mud mixer

Mud mixer is an important equipment installed in the circulating tank, strictly speaking, once put into operation, it should be kept for a long time to ensure the uniform performance of the drilling fluid and the cyclone, as well as the normal work of the centrifuge. Starting with the mixer is also completely the use of the chemical system equipment, without considering the characteristics of drilling and drilling fluid.

After nearly a few years of efforts, from the imitation stage, the development of their own research and development of new structures, and has developed a impeller can be adjusted, radial and axial blade coaxial installation; the body can swing a variety of agitator. Long plagued the oil spill, in some of the new structure of the mixer has been completely resolved.

Vibration mode of drilling fluid shale shaker

There are three types of drilling fluid shale shaker motion, which are circular, elliptical and linear motion, each of which is produced by the different locations of the vibrator in the center of gravity of the system. When the vibrator is in the center of gravity of the system, the circular motion is generated. And the elliptical motion generated when the oscillator is above the center of gravity of the system. For the elliptical motion, the screen surface must have a slope in order to facilitate the transportation of drilling cuttings. But the screen surface tilt will reduce the screen capacity. Linear motion is to place the vibrator foreupward the gravity centre of the system, to make the screen frame to produce linear motion, so as to remove the solid phase. Linear motion with cuttings conveying speed is fixed, the screen surface can be flat, can also be slightly tilted.

DC shale shaker

The linear motion and elliptical motion shale shakers produced by Dachuan Machinery are widely used for different degree of automatic solid-liquid separation treatment in oil drilling, metallurgy, mining, chemical, non excavation engineering and other industries.

DC linear motion shale shaker model are DCZS850-2K, DCZS700-3G, DCZS630-3K, DCZS830-3G, DCZS585-4K, and the DCPTS750-3K, DCPTS650-4K is double amplitude shale shaker (linear + translational elliptical), please contact us if you want to know the detailed information.

DC drilling mud cleaner delivered to Pakistan

In this morning, the drilling mud cleaner sold to customers in Pakistan have been delivered by our factory.

The mud cleaner is a combination of desander, desilter and efficient shale shaker, which can be used to separate the small solid particles in the slurry after processed by shale shaker, so that the slurry can be better handled in the following equipment known as centrifuge. Mud cleaner can be used alone, and can also be treated as the parallel standby equipment with its underflow shale shaker for the first class solid control shale shaker.

 DC mud cleaner

The order model of the drilling fluid cleaner is our Dachuan machinery production of DCQJ250 * 1/100 * 6, which including a desander hydrocyclone and four desilter cyclones, this set of machine’s mechanism is compact, the occupied space is small, and it is easy to carry. The cyclone adopted special polyurethane materials with abrasion resistance, which has good corrosion resistance and high resistance to fluid erosion.

As depression in the oil industry in recent times, the buyers are more willing to spend the money on the Cost-effective products. And if you are looking for the driling fluid solid control productions like this, you are in right place here. The drilling mud solid control products manufactured by Dachuan Machinery are with high quality and excellent performance which had been proved by our old custumers all around the world. Welcome to inquiry. Contact us.

Techniques for replacing the shaker screen

During  the use process of drilling fluid shale shaker, there are some methods of the  screen replacement that need to be noticed. Now we will share some screen replacing methods which we should pay attention to with everyone.

  1. Firstly we should loosen the grid beam ring screw of the screen need to be replaced, remove the upper frame, open the sealing ring, remove the mesh pressing strip and take the screen which needs to be replaced.shaker screen DC
  2. Then spread a new screen on the parent screen flatly, and mount it with a pressing bar, leaving all around (avoid too tight) and let one centimetre left along the pressing bar.
  3. Cut off the excess screen and press on the pressing bar, bag sealing rubber ring.
  4. Pull the upper frame back to the original position, cover the ring beam back on the screen mesh, beat the around of beam ring uniformly by the use of soft hammer, then tighten the beam ring copper nut.