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Composition of offshore oil drilling wellhead device

Offshore oil drilling wellhead equipment, mainly composed of three systems.

(1) Guidance system. Including the wellhead drilling template, the guide frame and the guide rope tensioning mechanism and so on. The guiding system is to guide the downhole device and other parts to alignment, so as to it is convenient to be installed and removed; guide the drilling tool and other downhole tools into the bottom of the sea.

(2) Blowout prevention system. The safety and fire protection of offshore drilling is very important. For safety drilling, the general requirements are equipped with three blowout preventer: a drill pipe blowout preventer, a fully closed blowout prevention device, a universal blowout prevention device; or with two drill pipe blowout preventer and one fully closed blowout prevention device. The blowout prevention valve is installed in the offshore waters, not on the platform, so it must be controlled remotely. In the process of drilling, because cementing need to change the wellhead every time or change the size of the drilling tools need to change the BOP core, for convenient and rapid assembly and disassembly and for it can be still accurate disassembly when the water depth is more than the dive deep ability of divers, so need for remote connector or fast loading and unloading device and other components.

offshore drilling

(3) Riser system. The riser system is installed in the upper part of the blowout prevention device, which is composed of riser, flexible pipe, variable curve joint and riser tensioner. Its function is to isolate the sea water, guide the drilling tool into the well, lead the formation of drilling fluid circuit, and bear the lifting and moving operation of the floating platform. In which the flexible pipe and bending joint is to solve the lifting, moving operation of the device. Riser tensioner is to prevent the riser from bending under the action of in the waves and tidal currents, so as not to affect the life and work. Therefore, there should be a large tension force to maintain the normal working state of the water separation pipe.

The above three systems are integrated devices, which constitute a special underwater wellhead device for offshore drilling.

The oil and gas exhibition in China 2016

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 16th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe 2016) is being held on March 29-31, 2016 at New China International Exhibition Center. With an exhibition space of over 100,000m2, cippe is expected to attract more than 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, 46 Fortune 500 companies, 18 international delegations and 80,000 professional visitors, making it the largest petroleum exhibition in the world.

In order to provide better services for oil enterprises, the organizing committee of cippe will specially present the Oil & Financial Area, the Oil Industrial Park Area and the Technology Commercialization Area. The exhibition will also make innovative changes together with the enterprises to drive valuable transformations in the industry.

The oil prices have fallen to a seven-year low, and if this trend continues, most oil companies will have to control their purchase costs. Five leading oil companies, namely ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell and TOTAL, have begun to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. Meanwhile, China’s three state-owned oil giants have also shrunk their investment in the upstream sectors in the capital market. To address these challenges, cippe 2016 will offer a big platform for oil players to exchange ideas, showcase advanced products and discuss strategic plans.

At this exhibition, world-renowned oil companies, including the top 10 oil giants, such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, Rosneft, Gazprom, BP, TOTAL, Saudi Aramco, Qatar Petroleum, Statoil, Shell and Petrobras, all look to explore new economic growth points. For instance, ExxonMobil will launch its new Asian market strategy and showcase new products and a comprehensive lubrication solution for industrial machinery; CNPC, with an exhibition area of 6000m2, will take full advantage of its cluster advantage to fully explore the Asian market.


Abbreviated description of oil based drilling fluid

Oil based drilling fluid is the drilling fluid which use oil as a continuous phase. It is divided into whole oil based drilling fluid and oil water emulsion drilling fluid. Water is a useless component in the whole oil based drilling fluid, and its water content should not exceed 10%, while the water in the oil – water – based drilling fluid is a necessary component to disperse in the diesel oil, the water content is generally 10%~60%.

DC Solids Control

Advantages and disadvantages of oil based drilling fluid:

  1. Compared with water-based drilling fluid, oil based drilling fluid has the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti salt calcium influx, be conducive to wellbore stability, good lubrication and less damage to the oil and gas reservoirs.
  2. At present, it has become an important method for drilling high temperature deep well, high angle directional well, horizontal well and complex formation, and it can be widely used as a solution for the reservoir, the perforation completion fluid, the well fluid and the coring fluid.
  3. Allocation cost of oil based drilling fluid is much higher than the water-based drilling fluid, and it will often cause serious influence to the ecological environment near the well site when using the oil based drilling fluid.
  4. In order to improve the drilling speed, from the mid twentieth Century to the beginning of the 70’s, low gum oil emulsion drilling fluid has been used in a wide range.
  5. To protect the environment and adapt to the needs of marine drilling, from the beginning of the 80’s, it is gradually promoted to use the low toxicity oil emulsion drilling fluid of which mineral oil is the base oil.

Considerations of the usage of vibration motor

  1. Horizontal vibration motor which does not install protective cover is not allowed to run;
  2. The electronic control system of vibration motor should has a reliable grounding device and protective device, such as lack of protection, over current protection, over heat protection, etc.;
  3. The vibration motor which is in the first use or has placed for a long time, the stator coil insulation should be measured with a 500V megger before used. The insulation resistance should not be less than10M, If not up to this value, then the motor must be done with the dry processing;motors
  4. Before the vibration motor being in operation, we must check the following items: If the installation of vibration motor and fastener is firm and reliable;  If connection of power cable of vibration motor is correct and strong; If the grounding and protection device of vibration motor is in place.
  5. We should pay attention to the running situation in the work frequently, if there is overheating, abnormal sound, serious leakage and other abnormal conditions, it should be checked and processed in a timely manner;
  6. Carefully read the instructions for use before using the vibration motor.

Application and technological process of flare igniter

Flare igniter is always used together with mud gas separator, it is the device for the treatment of refineries and the exhaust of natural gas gathering and transportation stations and venting of natural gas. We can ignite and burn the venting gas which is poisonous and combustible by using the flare igniter in order to eliminate the harm on the environment and safety, so flare igniter is a type of equipment which is safe and environmental.

Wide application of flare igniter:

Besides using in oil refinery and gas transmission station,  the flare igniter also matching with the mud gas separator, and it is widely used in the petroleum drilling engineering at present. The flare igniter is a mature product which is used in many places such as domestic Xinjiang and Sichuan, Jianghan oil field and abroad Iran, Egypt and Venezuela.

flare igniter1

Constitution of flare igniter:

The flare igniter is mainly composed of seven parts or more of the torch body, ignition control box, a high voltage generator, cables, hoses, liquefied petroleum gas (liquefied gas matched by users), anti backfire device etc.

Technological process of flare igniter:

1 Transport the combustible gas by means of a pipeline to the inlet of burner (torch) which is installed at a safe zone.

2 Connect and start the flare igniter.

3 Open the liquefied gas tank, then operate  the flare igniter and ignite fire drawing tube (primary ignition).

4 The burning fire drawing tube will ignite the venting gas (second stage ignition).

5 Close the liquefied gas tank and extinguish the fire drawing tube, let the venting combustible gas burning freely.

Material and description of main parts of DC centrifuge

  1. Drum

Material of drum: Stainless steel 304

The high speed rotating drum mainly consists of a straight section of the drum, a cone section drum, large and small end cover, on the circumference of a small end of the cone drum is provided with a slag discharging port, at the other end a weir plate opening for the liquid outflow (adjustable)

  1. Screw conveyor

Material: Stainless steel 304

The material enter into the drum from the feed bin of the screw conveyor, spiral blade push the solid materials after separation into slag hole. It mainly composed of spiral tube and spiral blade.

  1. Bearing

Main bearing: Japan NSK

Screw bearing: Japan NSK

Designed service life: Five years

Service life: ﹥Two years

  1. Differential mechanism

Differential can achieve speed difference between rotary drum and the screw conveyor, it adopts the planetary gear differential which can bear larger torque than the balance wheel differential, and it is stable and reliable, long service life.

Designed service life: Ten years

Service life : ﹥Five years

DC centrifuge

  1. Machine shell

Material: Stainless steel 304

The shell is a closed casing, there is a solid outlet and a liquid outlet

External surface polishing treatment

  1. Machine base

Materials: Q235A

The base supports the whole components centrifuge, which is equipped with the shock absorber at the bottom, the frame is welded of profile steel.

The surface spraying advanced painting, and the bottom with anti-corrosion treatment.

  1. Sealing method and material

Fluorine rubber seal

Shipping to Tunisia for solids control products

Our truck driver has start out to Tianjin port (China) again early this morning, on the truck is the products that we have manufactured for our clients, which are one set of mud cleaner, one set of submersible slurry pump and one set of shale shaker.

The destination is Tunisia, where we have developped business with a new custumer.

DC cleaner delivery

These three products are used for drilling fluid solids control system.

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment which are combined from desander , desilter and underflow screen to treat the drilling fluid . It occupys small space and the function is powerful , mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.

DC delivery cleaner

Screw pump is an ideal equipment used for feeding slurry for decanter centrifuge in solids control system.

And the drilling fluid shale shaker is the primary processing equipment in solids control system, used for separating larger cuttings from drilling mud, and it plays an important role in protecting drilling fluid performance. The shale shakers produced by DC Machinery have the advantages of large handling capacity, screening high precision, low-energy, environmental protection and so on.

Share of Dachuan decanter centrifuge operation principle

When I sold the decanter centrigufe machine to our clients, some clients who never used the decanter centrifuge may know little about the principle of the centrifuge.So its necessary to the people who will utilize the decanter centrifuge for the first time to know about the working principle of our decanter centrifuge.

The decanter centrifuges manufactured by our company have wide application in the field of drilling fluid solids control and waste water management, as well as the treatment of juice, vegetable juice, etc. It has shown very perfect handle effect, which has win approvals and appreciation from all around the world.

So what is the working principle of the decanter centrifuge? Let us talk about this.


To be simply speaking, is the centrifugal force that working. At the inner centrifuge , there is a part that called drum, which is a kind of very important part of the centrifuge. While inside the drum is the screw conveyor. Under the drive of differential mechanism, the drum and the screw conveyor produce two kinds of rotation which has same derection and different speed, This kind of different speed will make the solids particles in the liquid feed into the drum being thrown to the inner wall of the drum. And then discharged through the slag outlet. While the clean liquid discharged from the liquid outlet at the other end of the centrifuge. The moisture of the solids outlet is about 50%-60%. Decanter centrifuge is able to separate the solids particles whose diameter is between 5-7 microns.

p centrifuge

DC centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge produced by our company have the advantages of production capacity of the single machine is large, compact structure, small occupation, and can automatically run, convenient maintenance, can be closed operation and so on.


Purchase order from Pakistan for six set of centrifugal pumps

The centrifugal pump for our clients from Pakistan is going to be finished soon, the spray painting job is taken by our workers now.

This piece of order received by our manufacturer one month ago, we are realiable on the quality and perfomance which had been approved by our customer, as this is the third time this Pakistan client made an order with us.

DC sand pumpThe order this time containing six set of centrifugal pumps, of which the model is DCSB4×3-12. To match it as feeding pump with decanter centrifuge in the oil field.

Let me  see the specification parameters of this kind of centrifuge pump:

DC pump

Model: DCSB44×3-12

Flow: 45 m³/h

Lift: 30m


Power: 15KW

Speed: 1460rpm

Dimension: 1570×500×700

Weight: 390kg

The centrifuge pump produced by our manufacturer have good performance and long service time, which has been sold all around the world.

If you have interesting in this kind of centirfugal pump, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Usual stoppage and solutions ofdrilling mud cyclone desander

Drilling mud desander is the second process equipment in solids control system. It is used to separate 45~74μm solids from drilling mud to ensure processed drilling mud will be further processed by next equipment .
Knowing common fault cause and correct solutions in desnader can make us use desander to purify drilling mud better.

1. Fault: discharge port bonding, liquid and solids bonding
Cause: solids overload
Solution: Reducing solids content and increasing the number of desander cyclones, check whether the shaker screen is damaged or not, check weather bypass of shale shaker is closed and reduce ROP.
DC desander
2. Fault: the loss of liquids is too large
A. The pressing head of supply liquid is too low:
a. Inlet blocked
b. There is air in the liquid supply pump
c. Pump speed is too slow
d. The size of impeller is too small
e. Pump discharge pipe with throttle
f. The rotation direction of pump is incorrect
g. Solid deposition in pipeline
B. The nozzles is too large
C. Inner cylinder or nozzle worn.
a. Work at a high pressure for long time
b. Normal wear
c. Incorrect installation for inlet
A. Enhance pressure head of supply liquid.
a. Install a filter on inlet of pump
b. Increase impeller size
c. Check pipeline
d. Adjust rotation direction
e. Clean pipeline and install valve near to suction part.

3. Fault: Nozzles of desander cyclone nozzle are not able to jet liquids.
Cause: drilling mud is too dirty to lead to solids control equipment  can’t work continuously. Drilling mud become dry in desnader or shaker screen was damaged.
Solution: Turn off equipment, clear the nozzle plug, open the upper flange to get rid of the blockage. Check shaker screen and adjust nozzles and try to start equipment. If the diesel engine drive, reduce the pump speed and size of the impeller, adjust the valve opening degree.