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Application and technological process of flare igniter

Flare igniter is always used together with mud gas separator, it is the device for the treatment of refineries and the exhaust of natural gas gathering and transportation stations and venting of natural gas. We can ignite and burn the venting gas which is poisonous and combustible by using the flare igniter in order to eliminate the harm on the environment and safety, so flare igniter is a type of equipment which is safe and environmental.

Wide application of flare igniter:

Besides using in oil refinery and gas transmission station,  the flare igniter also matching with the mud gas separator, and it is widely used in the petroleum drilling engineering at present. The flare igniter is a mature product which is used in many places such as domestic Xinjiang and Sichuan, Jianghan oil field and abroad Iran, Egypt and Venezuela.

flare igniter1

Constitution of flare igniter:

The flare igniter is mainly composed of seven parts or more of the torch body, ignition control box, a high voltage generator, cables, hoses, liquefied petroleum gas (liquefied gas matched by users), anti backfire device etc.

Technological process of flare igniter:

1 Transport the combustible gas by means of a pipeline to the inlet of burner (torch) which is installed at a safe zone.

2 Connect and start the flare igniter.

3 Open the liquefied gas tank, then operate  the flare igniter and ignite fire drawing tube (primary ignition).

4 The burning fire drawing tube will ignite the venting gas (second stage ignition).

5 Close the liquefied gas tank and extinguish the fire drawing tube, let the venting combustible gas burning freely.


Operation requirements to prevent cavitation of centrifugal pump

The formation of cavitation will have some negative effects on the work of the centrifugal sand pump. For example, it will speed up the destruction of the centrifugal pump impeller and other metal components. It will aslo cause noise and  vibration in the process of work and cause the decrease of working parameters of cemtrifugal pump. Therefore, in order to prevent the formation of cavitation, te operation of the centrifugal pump need to put forward the following requirements:

centrifugal pump

(1) The inlet valve must be fully opened when the centrifugal pump is operating.

(2) It is not easy to form cavitation at a low flow rate.

(3) The higher the centrifugal sand pump is installed, the  more cushy to  come into being cavitation.

(4) When the temperature of the drilling fluid is high, it is possible to form cavitation.

(5) It is possible to have the cavitaton in the centrifugal pump if the density of the drilling fluid is high.

(6) Screen plugs of the centrifugal pump is one reason of generating cavitation.

(7) It may produce cacitation when the surface of the drilling fluid is too low.

Pollution of surrounding environment by well drilling fluid

Good performance of the drilling fluid is one of the basic conditions of the success of drilling, but the drilling fluid is easy to be polluted by H2S, gypsum, salt and CO2 and other pollutions then deteriorate and lose efficacy, which will impact on the safety of drilling seriously and increase construction costs. Therefore, we should pay attention to the environmental protection problems, let us understand the causes of the drilling fluid pollution and the way to deal with it following:

How do drilling fluid pollute environment

1. The organic compounds in the drilling fluid can not be easily degraded in the soil, they form a layer of isolation film, which prevent soil and plant from water absorption, in addition, some organic compounds are toxic, and is harmful to the water.

2. The oil and diesel oil in the drilling fluid also do great harmful to soil, plants and water.

3. The salt and exchangeable sodium in the drilling fluid can cause soil compaction, make the plant difficult to absorb water from the soil, which is not only go against the growth of plants, but also have a considerable impact on the groundwater.

4. Cuttings in the drilling fluid can produce more or less influence on soil, plant, groundwater and water.

drilling fluid

How to reduce or eliminate the pollution of the surrounding environment of well drilling fluid

1. Add little or none inorganic salt, especially sodium salt and the organic polymer that not easy to degrade.

2. Use the solid free drilling fluid as far as possible, one is easy to clean the debris, the two is not need to discharge and exchange the slurry, three is the drilling fluid can be reused.

3. Use high quality drilling fluid, so that the debris can whole deposit down in maximum possible in the circular groove, which will be easy to clean cuttings.

4. Qualified teams use the mud machine to reduce solid content and prolong the service cycle of drilling fluid.

5. Use the drilling fluid of upper well to drill soil surface.

6. Digging pit, mat plastic film, the cuttings will be filling up.

7 . Add curing agent to the finishing drilling fluid to prevent the drilling fluid from being harden, so that prevent environmental pollution.


Centrifugal pumps and mud agitators shipment to Brunei

Although very cold weather in China these days, the enthusiasm of our staff has not been reduced by the kilkling freezing for the order for goods comeing from our customers one by one.

One of these orders is four sets of centrifugal pumps and two mud agitators, which had been transported to the Xingang in Tianjin, China yesterday.

The destination of these products is the country of Burein, for one of our clients in Brunei signed the purchase contract with us one month ago. This friendly sir had purchased many mud solids control equipments from our factory before, such as mud cleaner system, mud centrifuge and so on.

This time he and his company was interested in the centrifugal pump and mud agitator we produced and we finally signed the purchase order for the high quality of our products and the trust from our long-term cooperation.

DC centrifugal pumps

DC centrifugal pumps


The centrifugal pumps model is DCSB8x6-14

It has the following parameters:

Model: DCSB8x6-14

Flow: 320m3/h, 1408GPM

Lift: 40m

Power: 75kw

Speed: 1480rpm

Dimension: 1980×660×1030mm

Weight: 1105 kg

DC Pumps delivery

DC Pumps delivery


And followed the parameters of the two mud agitators for reference also:

Model: JBQ15

Form: Horizontal

Transmissions Type: Worm Wheel

Power: 15KW(20HP)

Impeller Speed: 60 r/min

Electric Specs: 480V/60HZ

Agitator Weight: 655kg

If you are interested in the equipments produced by our company, please feel free to contact us. For we are the manufacturer specialized in mud solids control equipments and mud waste management system,  we will provide the high quality products and perfect service for you.

Three-in-one DCQJ series mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is a combined unit of shale shaker ,desander ,desilter hydro cyclones and manifold. In drilling mud solids control system ,it is installed behind shale shaker as second and third grade solids control equipment, minimum separation point 15um.The fluids recovered can be pumped back to well use directly or for next phase separation by decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids removal.

DC mini mud cleaner integrate smaller footprint drying shaker and desander,desilter hydro cyclones,offers better performance than traditional desander and desilter .It is an economical solutions for barite recovery and separation of LGS.Most popular for small power drilling rig in oil&gas,CBM ,HDD industry.

DCQJ series mud cleaner

DCQJ series mud cleaner


DCQJ series Mud Cleaner Features and Benefits:
1 .Hign efficiency and compact in design. Mud cleaner is a compact unit of desander, desilter and shale shaker, best choice for weighted mud barite recovery and separation of LGS
2. Desander hydro cyclones made of three parts, when one part wears out, it can be replaced separately. Desilter apex diameter adjustable according to the sand volume in drilling mud
3. The cyclone mixer is made of wear- resistant special polyurethane material , which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance .
4. Linear motion underflow shaker ,available of more than 175mesh shaker screens, no screen block and mud run. Deck angel Adjustable while drilling -1°~+5°
5. High treating capacity reach 1300 GPM, pretension type double sides fixed screen fast changing
6. Clamp type manifold for pipe and hydro cyclones, reliable connection and easy maintenance

Technique methods for flow regulation of mud centrifugal pump

When the flow provided by the pump operating point can not meet the new requirements of the flow, should try to change the position of the pump working point, that is, the need for flow regulation, flow control methods are as follows:

(1) Install a control valve in the centrifugal pump outlet pipe, change the valve opening, that is, to change the pipeline characteristic curve. The valve opening, the working point away from the longitudinal axis; the valve is small, the working point near the longitudinal axis.

The advantage of this method is that the operation is simple and flexible. The disadvantage is that the valve closed, the resistance of the pipeline increases, the energy loss increases, so that the pump can not work in the maximum efficiency area, is not economical. Using the method of changing the valve opening to regulate the flow rate in the flow regulation range, and often need to adjust the occasion.

centrifugal pump

(2) Change the pump speed, that is, to change the pump characteristic curve. Variable speed regulation of flow is more economical, because it does not have the energy loss caused by throttling. But this requires using a prime mover can change the speed to drive, such as the use of DC motor and double speed motor, turbine, in between pump and constant speed motor and hydraulic coupling coupling, in the power supply circuit of the motor installation of frequency converter, changing the speed of the motor.

Turning the outside diameter of impeller, change the characteristic curve of centrifugal pump, the pump operating point changes, but turning impeller diameter cannot be restored, so that it is suitable for applications that require long-term traffic regulation and impeller cutting volume shoulds not be too big, otherwise it will cause reduction in the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.

Adverse effects of excessive solid content in slurry

The existence of excessive useless solid phase in mud is the biggest hidden trouble to destroy the performance of drilling fluid, reduce drilling speed and lead to complex situations in all kinds of wells. People in the long-term practice and continuous research, summed it up that the high content of useless solid phase in drilling fluid will bring the following several points of adverse effect for drilling works.

1.The influence of solid phase to drilling speed

When the mud solid content is high, the ability to carry the drilling cuttings is weakened, a large number of large particles can not be discharged out of the well hole, causing the bit to broken bits repeatly, and thus increasing the wear of drilling tool, thereby affecting the drilling speed.

2. The influence of solid phase to mud cake quality

During the drilling process, the amount of water loss and solid particle content will directly affect the quality of mud cake formed in the hole wall. A small amount of fluid loss, mud cake is thin and tough and will do good protection for the well wall,  which is our goal. High solid content, water loss of slurry increases, resulting in shale formation water hydration swelling and hole wall instability, and induce the hole accident.

drilling solid control

3.The influence of solid phase to circulation system

The higher the solid phase content is, the more the mechanical wear of the circulatory system will be. Too much solid phase in the mud will accelerate the wear of mud pump cylinder and piston, thereby increasing the maintenance time and lead to the decrease of the drilling efficiency. Drilling efficiency will be significantly reduced due to the increase of the auxiliary operation.

4.The increase of waste pulp displacement, causing environmental pollution

In the process of drilling, the performance of the drilling can be changed due to the cuttings entering into the drilling mud continuously. Most of the mud is belong to alkaline solution, random emissions will not only destroy the vegetation, but also cause the alkalization of soil, and influence the vegetation regeneration. In addition, there are some additives in the drilling mud so that the color of mud will change into black, a large number of emissions will cause visual pollution to environment.

Desander and Desilter produced by DC Machinery in Solids Control System

As two indispensable equipment in the solids control system of oil & gas drilling, desander and desilter are responsible for separating the small solids in the drilling fluids that has been treated by the shale shaker and vacuum degasser. The desander takes care of the solids with diameter 45~74μm, and 15~44μm for desilter.

Normally desander is mounted on the top of the first mud tank together withshale shakers and vacuum degassers, while desilter is mounted together with centrifuges. Sometimes to save the top area of the mud tank, desander and desilter are combined together to work as high efficient mud cleaner.

DC desander

DC desander

Desander and desilter are consisted of hydrocyclones, high pressure flow pipes and a small shale shaker at the bottom. For desanders and desilters, only one vibration motor is used to drive the screen basket. while for high efficient it would need two motors. There would be equipped with two 10″ or 12″ iron hydrocyclones for desander just as the solids need to be separated is relatively big, and include some sands in the mud. While for desilter, it would be equiped 6 to 12 pcs 4″ hydrocyclones. which are made of wear-resisting plastic.

DC desilter

DC desilter

Working Principle of the Hydrocyclones:

For the work principle of hydrocyclones, it works like this. First the drilling fluids is sucked up to 0.25Mpa ~ 0.4Mpa by sand pump, and enters into the cones through the side inlet which is normally only 2-1/2″ in diameter. The fluids then flows spirally inside of the cone. Effected by the centrifugal force, the heavy solids in the fluids would be thrown towards the inner wall of the cones, go down to the bottem, and discharge through the sand discharge port, while the light fluids would go up and discharge through the upper oulet. The diameter of the bottom discharge port is adjustable, and with a cover of hydrocyclone.

As a wear part of desander and desilter, the lifetime of hydrocyclones is not so long as other parts. So it is neccessary to check their working condition, and replace them with new ones. As a whole set of the hydrocyclone, clamps and flang are also replaced together with the hydrocyclones.

China oil prices reduced down for the first time in the new year

The National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice in January 13th, which decided to improve the oil price formation mechanism, to further promote the price marketization. At the same time, according to the improved and perfect price mechanism, reduce the price of domestic refined oil.


According to the notice of National Development and Reform Commission yesterday afternoon, the domestic refined oil price adjustment mechanism had been further improved, set the ‘ceiling price’ of $130 a barrel, as well as ‘floor price’ of $40 a barrel.

According to the perfection of the price mechanism, decided since 24:00 January 13th, maximum retail price of gasoline, diesel oil were reduced by 140 yuan and 135 yuan(China’s official currency ) per ton , means that maximum retail prices of the 90# gasoline and 0# diesel oil (the national average) were reduced 0.1 yuan and 0.11 yuan per liter.

Present situation of driling mud cyclone

Desilter  is usually comprised by 8-10 cyclones. In addition to that, most of them has the structure of linear arrangement and one side of liquid inlet, this structure usually easy to cause different inlet pressure of desilter and the operation is not stable, and vertebral body of the desilter is fragile, short life, drilling fluid is often not up to the requirements of the effect.


The desander cycclone cones needs to be improved in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and ageing resistance performance, the use of it has frequent replacement. Although the manufacturers use the high chromium cast iron, rubber lined, polyurethane liner and medium manganese wear-resistant ductile iron and other materials, but the effect is not ideal. For recovery of all drilling fluid discharged from underflow, desander are usually equipped with small drilling fluid vibrating screen, most of which adopt the motor belt wheel driving, but there are problems of instability of eccentric shaft excited vibration, the maintenance is not convenient and the service life of the screen is short etc.

The cyclone produced by Dachuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. adopt special wear-resistant polyurethane material, which is corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength and reasonable in price. The cyclone has inlet tangential feeding, smooth inner surface, high separation efficiency. And it is equipped with automatic anti sand block device and adjustable underflow hole device. The inlet and outlet of the cyclone produced by DC are connected by clamps, fast, safty and reliable.