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Some knowledge and introduction of DCLS screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is commonly known as Auger, it is widely used conveyor equipment. Compared with other conveyor equipments, it has the advantages of small size, good sealing, stable and reliable operation, many discharge loads and unloads, safe operation and easy maintenance.


DCLS screw conveyor is designed for transporting mud cuttings, providing an effective and low-cost drilling cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling rigs. The fights of screw conveyor adopt wear-resistance materials, screw diameter from 250mm to 500mm, the length from 4 meters to tens of meters, 0.5 meters every gear, according to transport the materials characteristics to choose a shaft or shaftless screw conveyor.

The prevention of blocking of cyclone desander

Some of the swirl funnel of drilling fluid cyclone desander and desilter will be blocked when working beacuse of various reasons.

The drilling fluid desander produced by Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has overcome the shortcomings of the original sand removal process which is consisted of  liquid inlet pipe, row sand cone bucket and sand discharged port of the cyclone desander.

The sand discharging cone bucket  of cyclone desanderis provided with a rotating component of which the tube wall is provided with a separate window. The tube wall at the upper part of a rotating component, a group of tapered slot and the liquid inlet pipe composing drilling liquid rising component.

The prevention of blocking of cyclone desander

The desander blades are disposed on the rotating member in the bottom and sand discharge regulator control sediment discharge.

Drilling fluid enter into the rotating component of cyclone desander by the liquid inlet pipe and under the centrifugal rotation of blades, the sand separate from the drilling fluid when the liquid rises to split window, and then the sands discharged row sand cone bucket by split window of cyclone desander, drilling fluid  enter into the rising component after the separation, drilling fluid enter into the drilling fluid tank by the liquid outlet of the conical groove.

The sands in the row sand cone hopper discharged from the sand discharged outlet controled by the sand control regulator.

The working principle and procedure of mud solid control system

In drilling construction process, the high pressure mud can help to speed up the drilling rig construction efficiency, and can clear the cuttings of the construction environment, but when the debris mixed with mud, the solid content of the mud will increase, resulting in the application performance of the mud decreased, then it can not achieve repeated cycles and does not meet the sustainable development goals. In order to realize the sustainability of slurry applications, reduce drilling cost, is to control the solid content of the mud, remove the sand particles, in order to ensure the slurry performance conditions, to achieve a slurry of repeated use. Mud solid control system produced by Tangshan Dachuan machinery independently is the equipment of mud purification and recovery of slurry performance, the system can carry out  purification, dispensing, aggravated program to the slurry with high solid content that return from the well head through the internal mechanical structure step by step, and recover application properties of mud, to achieve the objective of sustainable utilization of mud.


Mud purification process

solid content of the mud back out from the well head is relatively high, in order to reduce the solid content, it needs to turn through the shale shaker, degassing device, desander, desilter, medium speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge in proper order. Because this process belongs to the mud pretreatment process, the quality of mud treatment in this process will directly affect the next process, so it is necessary to strictly control the every mud treatment in this process. After the purification treatment, the harmful solid content in the slurry will obviously drop, so that the mud can be recycled. At this point, the mud pump can inhale mud directly to protect the drilling construction project needs.

Shear dispensing process

If the mud in the drilling project has special requirements, it is necessary to re mix the slurry. The mud will enter the dispensing chamber after the purification process is completed. By the shearing pump suction mud from the dispensing chamber, repeatly shear and mix the drugs that added from the dispensing funnel, and then inject the mixed drug mud into the mud bin, or slurry pipeline, when needed can be through the action of mud pump, mud into the high-pressure manifold wellhead.

Weighting process

If the mud need the to weighting treatment, then it needs to mix a certain amount of barites in the mud. Specific works: weighting pump suction mud from aggravating chamber, and then through the aggravate hopper the barite and other substances mixed with mud, and storage the treated mud in the storage barn or mud funnel, when necessary, through the action of mud pump,put mud into the high-pressure manifold wellhead.

Mud pump water flow

The water pipeline of mud pump in each different types of the mud solid control system run through each mud bin, in order to facilitate the storage of mud, will arrange a tank bottom valve in each mud bin, the valve can control the switch of mud position. in the surface of tank. At this time, the mud pump can inject mud into any one of the mud positions according to the actual situation of construction.

Professional knowledge summary of linear shale shaker

Linear shale shaker is an efficient screening equipment, which can be used for the screening and grading of powdery and granular materials. It is widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry and so on.


Principle and characteristics of linear shale shaker:

Linear shale shaker is mainly composed of a hydraulic lifting device, vibration motor, a screen box, explosion-proof switch, a base, a logging tank, mesh and so on. Double vibration motor drive, when the two vibration motor to do the synchronization, reverse rotation, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block offset each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis, form a joint force in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft, so the motion trajectory of the screening machine is a straight line. The two motor shaft relative to the sieve surface has an inclined angle, under the action of the exciting force and the material self gravity, the material on the sieve surface is thrown up to move forward for linear motion, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and grading of materials.


Characteristics of the linear shale shaker produced by Dachuan Machinery:

  1. The characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, full closed structure without dust overflow;
  2. Edulcoration: high performance vibrating screen in the process of high flow processing, can quickly remove the low percent of large particles or small particles;
  3. Screening: particles and power can be divided into particle segment of different sizes. A single vibrating screen classifier can be allocated to the multi screen, it can continuous separat out particles size range from 2 to 6 particle grade and control smaller grain size range;
  4. Separation of the liquid and residue: the shale shaker machine can quickly remove the non soluble solid substances in all kinds of slurry, and continuous slag.

Guarantee to improve drilling speed-Solid control equipment

To improve the speed of drilling is a system engineering, from the perspective of drilling fluid solid control technology, reasonable investment can improve the quality of drilling fluid, reduce the viscosity, shear and proportion of drilling fluid, , make the drilling fluid has low nozzle viscosity, can make drilling fluid give full play to the effect of hydraulic rock breaking, carrying cuttings, cleaning the bottom. It is also one of the effective ways to improve drilling speed.

The viscosity, shear and the height of nozzle viscosity of drilling fluid are related to the degree of dispersion and solid content in drilling fluid. Drilling fluid solid control has a decisive significance to maintain excellent stability of the performance of drilling fluid, ensure the drilling safety and smooth of drilling construction, and  to improve the drilling speed. Therefore, in addition to use the inhibitors to control the despersion of cutting particles reasonable on the maintenance and treatment of drilling fluid, do well in solid phase control, reduce the solid phase in drilling fluid is important job to improve the drilling speed, reduce the drilling cost and ensure the safety, which is also one of the most important aspects of drilling fluid technology.


Widely used in petroleum drilling is three grade solids control equipment, namely, drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge. How to use these solid control equipment well and play its biggest effect is the basis of our solid control work. According to the different levels of the working principle, the solid control equipment to remove solid particles with different particle sizes, drilling fluid shale shaker mainly remove solid particles larger than 74 microns, desander clearance size in the range of 10-74 microns, and the drilling fluid centrifuge can separate 2-5 micron particles.

The solid control system of Tangshan Dachuan machinery production have the advantages of humanized overall layout, beautiful appearance, strong applicability, novel design, reasonable layout, perfect performance and advanced process, welcome to contact us for the mud solids control production.

Attention to the drilling fluid when drilling in deep well

Deep well and ultra deep well is a complicated system engineering, which has great risk on economy and technology, so there is a high demand for drilling fluid.

Two major characteristics of deep well:

  1. High temperature: in high temperature conditions, the various components of the drilling fluid can be degraded, fermented, thickening and lose efficacy, etc., so that the performance of the drilling fluid is changed, and is not easy to adjust and control, when it is serious will lead to the drilling operation can not be normal.
  2. High formation pressure: with high formation pressure, the drilling fluid must have high density, resulting in high solid content in drilling fluid, so the possibility of complicated conditions like differential pressure sticking and well blowout, leakage of downhole will be greatly increased, to maintain good rheological property of drilling fluid and lower filter loss will be more difficult.

Requirements for drilling fluid in deep wells:

  1. Has the ability to resist high temperature.
  2. Has strong inhibition ability for hydration dispersion of clay in high temperature conditions.
  3. Has good rheological properties for high temperature.
  4. Have good lubricating property.imglib_ori_1400465321764

General requirements for drilling fluid handling agents in deep wells:

  1. High temperature stability and is not easy to be degraded under high temperature conditions.
  2. Have a strong adsorption capacity to the clay particles, and be little affected by temperature.
  3. Have a strong hydration gene, so that the treatment agent at high temperature has a good hydrophilic characteristics.
  4. Can effectively inhibit the high temperature dispersion of clay.
  5. In the effective range of dosage, the anti – high temperature drop filtration agent will not make the drilling fluid seriously thickening.
  6. Can also give full play to its effectiveness at pH value of 7 to 10, is conducive to control high temperature dispersion, to prevent the occurrence of high temperature and high temperature curing phenomenon.

How drilling fluid performance influence the progress of drilling?

There are many factors that affect the performance of drilling fluid, and the performance of the drilling fluid will impact on the process of drilling. So it is very important to understand and master the relationship between the performance of drilling fluid and drilling.

Proportion of drilling fluid:

  1. The proportion of drilling fluid is inversely proportional to the drilling rate. High specific gravity means that the solid content that is content of cuttings and bentonite of the drilling fluid is high, and the drilling rate will be significantly lower. When the specific gravity increase for each 1%, drilling rate will be decreased by 10%.
  2. The drilling fluid with low gravity can reduce the wear and prolong the life of the drill bit, and vice versa.
  3. Reducing the proportion of the drilling fluid can reduce and eliminate the leakage of the drilling fluid.
  4. Low -gravity drilling fluid is conducive to the precipitation of debris in the ground.
  5. Adjust the proportion of drilling fluid properly can balance the formation pressure.
  6. Increase in the proportion can prevent well blowing and well kick when drilling into the spewing formation.mud (2)

Filtration performance of drilling fluid:

When water loss of drilling fluid is too large (more than 10mL/30min), the formation of mud skin is thick and loose, which has the following effects to the drilling work

  1. Mud skin is too thick, the annular space is reduced, bit wrapped up by mud, which make under pressure increase, it will lead to collapse and leakage
  2. Damage oil layer
  3. Easy occurrence of jamming accident
  4. To make the water sensitive mudstone, shale and other rock formations water swelling, collapse and shrinkage
  5. Increase the drilling resistance
  6. Affect the casing pipe

Relationship between rheological properties of drilling fluid and drilling:

The rheological property of drilling fluid is the characteristics of drilling fluid flow and its internal structure deformation under the action of external force. It contains the apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity, static shear force, shear force, thixotropy, flow index and consistency coefficient table of drilling fluid.

  1. The relationship with the speed of the bit broken rock

Drilling rate increases with the decrease of viscosity and vice versa, the reason is that :

  1. Mud pump power is certain, when viscosity reduces, the pump pressure decreases, and displacement increases, the bit water horsepower increases, then the injection ability strengthen;
  2. Nozzle turbulence viscosity is reduced, and the function of cleaning and discharging cuttings of the drilling fluid increased;
  3. Low viscosity drilling fluid is easy to penetrate into the microfissure of the bottom hole, which can reduce the holding force of cuttings and the drill strength of rock.
  4. The relationship with suspended cuttings and carrying cuttings

The high velocity when turbulent has serious erosion to well wall, the laminar flow causes the debris to flip, and push to the wall, and some of the “false mud cake” is formed on the wall, some of it fall down that lead to the buried drilling accident.

  1. The relationship with the pressure of the fluid colum in the well

The pressure of excitement is harmful to the drilling, it is proportional to viscosity , shearing force and and thixotropy of drilling fluid . The pressure may cause well leakage and well collapse. Therefore, when drilling easy sloughing formation, we must control the rheology of drilling fluid, active the drilling tools best before opening the pump to advoid all kinds of complicated situation underground caused by the pressure.

 Sketch of mud jet mixer produced by Dachuan Machinery

Detailed rules for the use of the mud mixing plant

The jet mud mixer slurry is a new type of mixer with fast mixing speed, uniform mixing and little energy consumption. It has a simple structure and convenient connection. The main purpose of jet mud mixer is to make the drilling fluid quickly and evenly mixed with its additives.

Main structure of jet mud mixing device:

Jet mixing device comprise by inlet changeful connector, nozzle, tee joint, trumpet outlet, butterfly valve, funnel etc.. High speed liquid flows with kinetic energy from the inlet changeful connector into the nozzle, the liquid jet into the tee joint at a breakneck speed, while the material added into the tee joint from the funnel, the added materials are mixed with liquid by flowing and enter into the drilling fluid system through the horn outlet.


Characteristics of jet mud mixing device:

The main features of the use of jet mud mixer device is to make the added materials (barite, bentonite, salt, mud, chemical additives, etc.) mixed with the drilling fluid fully and evenly before before entering the drilling fluid system, which improve the quality of drilling fluid, give full play to the role of adding materials, reduce the amount of material added that saves the mud cost and the feeding speed is fast, mixed ability is strong. The jet mud mixing device can also be composed of a complete shear and hydration system when used with a shear pump.


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Crude oil prices continued to fall under excess production capacity

In this cold winter, the oil market is particularly cold”.

In December 4th, OPEC semi annual meeting in a row ended. After 7 hours of discussion, still failed to reach an agreement on the yield or yield, the yield of the ceiling failed to form.

Need to mention is that in the second half of 2014, OPEC held a total of 3 meetings, both of which have not formed a decision to cut.

This on the supply of crude oil market, the decision not to cut prices of crude oil and low, at present has dropped to the lowest price since February 2009.

In fact, since June last year, oil prices began to fall in oil prices, low volatility in more than a year under the condition of OPEC and did not like the past to deal with the oil crisis to take measures to limit production price, but chose to keep production in order to keep the market share, the competition is also OPEC and non OPEC producers among the growing performance.

At present, the global oil market is a buyer’s market, the producers to snatch market share obviously, in the United States, Russia and other non OPEC oil producing countries step by step under the condition of consistent production quota OPEC atcapacity.

Statistics show that OPEC crude oil production has been more than 18 barrels / day of output for 30 million consecutive days in 2015, the main producing countries of Saudi Arabia’s average daily crude oil production in July to 10 million 600 thousand barrels a record high, enough to reflect the market share is OPEC, the main target of the main producing countries in Saudi arabia.


Overcapacity continued

Oil prices will continue to fall

And it is worth noting that, at the same time, the crude oil production innovation, the current crude oil inventories have been a historical high.

U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) latest data show that in November 27th when the United States crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased by more than the expected reduction of barrels, stocks almost reached a record high in April of this year, a record high, while the United States domestic oil production increased by the barrel to the barrel.

At the same time, IEA released the report also shows that the world’s oil inventories have risen to a record 3 billion barrels.

On one side is the high inventory, while the oil producing countries still do not cut, which means that the price of crude oil will continue to fall.

OPEC has replaced North America as the backbone of the supply of crude oil, so the supply of excess is a long-term pattern. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran will be the main force of future production OPEC.

Exclusion of the accident, the international oil market is still weak, the supply of oil continues, the Fed rate hike expectations, the oil market is strong repression, there is no sign that the market rebound, the majority of energy agencies for oil prices is expected to return to $80 / barrel, but there is no doubt that the era of high oil prices, oil prices will face a long time to run.

And the price of oil fell, the oil companies will also face a worse year.

Technology summary of balanced elliptical shale shaker

Elliptical shale shaker use with the complex spiral vibration caused by the vibration excitation to work . The upper ratary hammer of the vibrator make the screening surface generate plane whirling vibration, while the lower rotating hammer make the sieve surface generate cone  rotary vibration, the combined effect make the screen surface generate complex spiral vibration.

The vibration trajectory of elliptical shale shaker is a complex space curve. The curve is projected at the horizontal plane as a circle, and the projection in the vertical plane is an ellipse. Adjusting the exciting force of the upper and lower rotating hammer can change the amplitude. And the space phase angle adjustment can change the curve shape of screen surface motion and change the trajectory of materials on screen surface. Through the aperture of different screen mesh, the different material specifications can be screened to meet the requirements of different places.


Application of elliptical vibrating screen:

  1. Used for drilling and as the first stage separation equipment for drilling fluid solid control system of horizontal cross well ;
  2. Used for the solid-liquid separation and classification of various mines, coal industry;
  3. Used in chemical engineering, food processing engineering;
  4. Used for other solid liquid separation engineering and environmental protection engineering system.

Characteristics of elliptical shale shaker:

  1. Adopt the balanced elliptical trajectory, the screen permeability and Sand drain effect is better, in any case does not appear the phenomenon of sand accumulation, long service life of the screen;
  2. Using frequency conversion technology to improve the G force of vibrating screen;
  3. Configuration rapid tensioning device for screen and anti spatter mud device.