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Selection method of drilling fluid decanter centrifuge

The selection of suitable drilling fluid horizontal screw centrifuge can not only solve the problem of production, improve the work efficiency, but also save the cost of production, reduce the operational risk.

The main factors that influence the selection of the drilling fluid centrifuge are the following:

1. The rotating speed of the drilling fluid centrifuge: generally speed of decanter  centrifuge machine should be more than 3000, the higher the speed, the higher the centrifuge separation factor, and the better the separation effect is;

2. Materials of drilling fluid centrifuge: different materials have different wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other physicochemical indexes, the lowest material of foreign decanter centrifuge is generally 316 stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, abrasive elements must use ceramic composites;


3. The differential control of the centrifuge: the control accuracy of the differential mechanism is different, and the life and maintenance costs of have a large gap, the higher the differential speed, the better the adaptability of the material, it is appropriate to use the device with high accuracy and high speed;

4. Major diameter ratio: the larger the major diameter ratio of decanter centrifuge, the greater the processing capacity, and the smaller the moisture content is;

5. Control system: whether it is automatic programming control, the domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically realized the full automation control of the equipment currently;

6. Installation Power: it will impact on the energy consumption control, generally the energy consumption ratio of domestic equipment is high, and the energy consumption ratio of foreign equipment is low;

7. Processing production technology: the decanter centrifuge is the separation equipment of high precision machining requirements, the production produced by the enterprise that is not with precision machining capability has high maintenance rate, and the processing capacity is limited.

The opportunities and challenges facing the development of shale gas in China

The large-scale development and utilization of shale gas in the United States has  promoted our country from government departments to scientific research institutions and prodection enterprises to start research and exploration and development test boom of shale gas. After just a few years, China has made important progress in the basic research, resource investigation, demonstration area construction of shale gas, etc,. There are aready four major opportunities to accelerate the development:

First, the external dependence of China’s natural gas has risen sharply, it needs to accelerate the development and utilization of shale gas.

Since 2000, with the discovery of a number of large gas field such as Kela 2, Sulige and Puguang, natural gas production had grew rapidly at an average annual rate of 12.1%, and had reached 10.72 billion square in 2012. But the output growth is still not up to the demand growth, leading to the rapid development of natural gas industry has entered a short supply situation, the external dependence has reached 25% in 2012. In this situation, to accelerate the development and utilization of shale gas and other unconventional natural gas is very important to promote the rapid development of China’s natural gas industry and the development of low-carbon greeen development of economy and society.

Second, China’s shale gas resources are relatively rich, which means it has the resource base of development.

China’s land develop three major kinds organic shale of marine facies, transiltional facies, continental facies, distribution range widely, have good material basis for formation of shale gas. Different evaluation from domestic and foreign institutions think that the recoverable resources of China’s shale gas technology is 31.6 trillions, 25 trillions, 8.8 trillions (marine facies), 10 to 15 trillions, etc.. Overall, potential resource of China’s shale gas is relatively large, so it has the resource base for the accelerated development.

Third, government have introduced a number of preferential support policies, which has created a good condition for the development of shale gas. At present, the National Energy Bureau has promulgated the <Notice about publishing subsidies pulicy of the development and utilization of shale gas>, <shale gas industry policy >and other preferential policies to support the development of shale gas. Ministry of Land and Resources has conducted two rounds of shale gas block tender to attract a large number of enterprises to invest in shale gas development. Some local governments have also allocated special funds for shale gas research and exploration and development experiments.

Fourthly, the development and utilization of shale gas in China has the late-moveradvantage, the rhythm can be speeded up if the organization is effective. After about 30 years of research, the United States has gradually formed the core technology of shale gas exploration and development, such as horizontal wells, multi section fracturing, micro seismic monitoring and so on. For China’s shale gas development, we can learn from the development experience of the United States, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of mature technology, to achieve the time of scale development is expected to greatly shorten than the United states.

Impeller of drilling mud agitator for solids control

Impeller of mud agitator is aslo known as the turbine, which is a part of turning the mechanical energy into fluid kinetic energy. The structure of impeller of the mud agitator will determine its functions, generally the geometry of different saving tanks can be used to choose different styles of impeller. The more resonable method is choosing the impellers based on the mixing purposes and the formation of the flow pattern. Because the turbine type of the convection cycle, the turbulent diffusion and the shear force are strong, so the impeller is widely used.


The flow direction of the impeller design can be divided into two types of radial flow and axial flow. The impeller may be has only two blades but with four or more blades used in the oil field drilling fluid. In order to meet the requirements of economic and drilling fluid properties, the blade materials of impeller of mud agitator are usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel, and the blades can be flat, folded or helical.

Adjustment strategy of submersible slurry pump

Motor steering adjustment of submersible slurry pump

1.Motor steering should ensure that the direction of pump is in line with the direction of the regulation, reverse rotation is not allowed, otherwise it will cause the impeller tripping or damage to other components.

2.The adjustment of motor steering should be carried out in the state of completely uncoupled with the pump (that is not put the coupling pin or belt). In recognition of the motor steering to meet the requirements can it be connected with the pump, and will never allow blind starting of the motor.

slurry pump

The adjustment of transmission device of submersible slurry pump:

1.If the slurry pump use the pin coupling to transfer motion, it should be put on the column pin and protective cover well.

2.And if the submersible slurry pump is using the belt to drive, it should be on a good belt, adjust the tension, so that each belt is consistent, and put on the protective cover well.

The adjustment of impeller gap of slurry pump:

1.For packing and pay impeller combined or packing seal type slurry pump, turn the shaft along the direction of the rotation of pump by hand, the shaft should be can drives the impeller to rotate, there should be no friction, otherwise it should adjust the gap of the impeller.

2.For slurry pump with mechanical seal, in the circumstances of mechanical seal is installed in the right way, generally do not adjust the impeller clearance.

What is the differential speed of decanter centrifuge?

What is the general situation of differential speed horizontal decanter centrifuge?

Generally speaking,there are mainly two cases of differential speed of horizontal decanter centrifuge. The first case is the speed of screw propeller is faster than the speed of the drum, the second is the rotation speed of screw propeller is slower than the rotation speed of the drum.

LWL horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge, is a specification and model of centrifuge, of which the separation effect is good, so its use is more, its main advantages are:

(1) The parts of the decanter centrifuge are made of corrosion-resistant material, and using a special filter, so they have long service life.

(2) The lubrication method of the decanter centrifuge is simple, working stablely and reliablely, and it has a number of protective devices or measures to ensure the safety of use.


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Talk about working process of mud gun

The mud gun is generally placed in the tank top of drilling fluid circulating tank, which is mainly divided into two types of high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure mud gun has small output volume and high pressure, which is generally feeding liquid for drilling pump. And the low pressure mud gun is generally used to supply drilling fluid for sand pump, it has big displacement and low pressure.

Main pipeline of low pressure rotary mud gun is composed of shale shaker tank, suction tank, mixing tank, reserve tank Ι and a lateral tube on the upper-frame of reserve tank Ⅱ through a union. All the discharge pipes of sand pump in the system are connected with the main pipeline and be the liquid source of low pressure mud gun, so it can make themud gun work when open any sand pump.

The low pressure rotary mud gun consists of a butterfly valve, rotary body and the gun body. The drilling fluid is supplied by sand pump, shear pump or feeding pump.


The butterfly valve control the working condition of mud gun and control the direction of drilling fluid jetted by nozzles of mud gun through the operating handle of the rotator. Nozzles of mud gun jet drilling fluid, dash and stir the useful solid phase particles in drilling fluid deposited on the bottom of the tank.

The high pressure mud gun is fed by slurry pump, the suction tank, mixing tank and reserve tank Ι and reserve tankⅡ are separately configured with separate high pressure mainfold. Between the tank is connected with FIG1502 union and high pressure hose, each warehouse is equipped with a high pressure mud gun which is controlled by high pressure mud gate valve.

The sepecifications of high pressure mud gun: 2″/5000psi, when the oil-based drilling fluid is used by the system, the shear dilution of the mud is very poor, at this time we need to use the high pressure mud gun whose power source is slurry pump to dash and stir it, so as to mix the drilling fluid evenly.