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Techniques for prolonging the service life of shale shaker

All things need to be maintained, and the shale shaker is no exception.

Misoperation in the course of using will be possible to reduce its normal service life even if it is a very good shale shaker. Especially for the mining shale shaker, because of its special working environment, and is easy to emerging questions when operated, so it is more important for the maintenance of it.

We must check it carefully before starting work, ensure that the oil surface is moderate firstly. It will cause operating difficulties of the vibration exciter due to the high temperature when the oil surface is too high, and it will be possible to grind and damage bearing and other parts when the oil surface is too low.



Second, we should pay attention to some details, do not look down on anyone screw, it may appear machine damage or more serious consequences even if there is a screw loose. Tighting the screw every few days under normal circumstances to be prepared for any contingency. Whether it is shale shaker, linear shale shaker, circular vibrating screen or stainless steel shaker and mining shale shaker their work are inseparable from the bearing, and bearing here have to work in the dust environment every day, it is hard to avoid faster wearage than normal times. This requires us to add lubricant for bearing every about 60 days  to ensure that the bearing is not dry, and then increase its service life.

Let’s we talk about the maintenance and replacement of vibrator which is also called vibration motor at last, the. Vibration motor is the core part of the shale shaker, and there is no shale shaker when there is no vibration motor. Develop a good habit of cleaning after each use of the shale shaker, check if the vibration of vibrating motor is normal before starting it. If you need to replace the vibration motor, you must choose the auxiliary equipment, so as to avoid to do damage to other parts of the shale shaker.

The field of application of shale shaker has become more and more wide, although the vibrating screen is not the too high-tech products, but the failure rate of the product is higher than some  traditional mechanical equipments, because the role of shale shaker is a kind of equipment which use the vibration damage mechanics to bring people convenience.

Analysis of necessity of sand pump in mud solid control

Sand pump is a special type of centrifugal pump, which is the associated pump newly developed directed against the characteristics of petroleum and natural gas drilling equipment. It is suitable for conveying corrosive drilling fluid with suspended particles or other liquid medium with similar conditions. The sand pump is the best matching pump  of desander, desilter and jet mud mixer, and is aslo an ideal priming pump for mud pump. It can also be used for auxiliary grouting pump of mud pump, wellhead supply pump and the conversion and transfer pump between the drilling fluid (mud) circulating tank.

Shaft rotation is drived by motor through the coupling, shaft drive the impeller rotation, drilling fluid suction by central part of the impeller through suction inlet, after through the flow channel in the impeller, gain the power and speed under the action of centrifugal force, transport to the working machine from the discharge port through the pump shell continuously.

Hisilicon K3

The suction and discharge working process is similar the centrifugal pump, the difference is that sand pump working is through the high-speed rotation impeller, the drilling fluid in five funnel is thrown to the pump shell due to centrifugal force, and thrown the export. So as to meet the requirements that pouring the drilling fluid containing solid particles into the cyclone with a certain pressure.

The sand pump transmit mechanical energy of the original motive to the liquid depend on the the function of rotating impeller to the liquid.

In the process of liquid flow from the impeller inlet to the outlet due to the action of sand pump, the velocity energy and pressure energy have been increased, liquid discharged go through the extruding chamber. Most of the velocity energy can be converted into pressure energy, then be conveyed out along the discharge pipeline. At this time, vacuum or pressure is formed at the inlet of the impeller because of  the expulsion of the liquid, the liquid in the priming pool is pressed into the impeller inlet under the function liquid surface pressure (atmospheric pressure). At a result, the rotating impeller inhalation and discharge liquid continuously.


Adjustment method for exciting force of horizontal vibration motor is too small

Excitation force of the vibration motor is too small is the problem that the drilling fluid vibration screen users often encounter, then how to solve the problem? In fact, the exciting force of vibration motor was adjusted to 80% when came out of the factory, and was adjusted to to 0% when required shipping (export). For horizontal vibration motor, it can be adjusted according to the following steps when used:

  1. Loosen fastening screws of the protective cover, remove the shield at both two ends;
  2. The vibration motor whose excited vibration force is less than MV50-2, MV50-4, MV50-6, MV30-8 of (does not contain the four specifications), the outer eccentric block is adjustable, the surface is equipped with the rod which is indicated with maximum excitation force percentage, the inner eccentric block is fixed, they are all pressed on the motor shaft by the use of fastening bolts.

Two ends surface of the rotation axis are inscribed with datum line. Unscrew fastening bolts of of the eccentric block on both sides, the outer sides of the eccentric block rotating  in the same direction to make the shaft groove aim at the exciting fiorce gauge reticle on the outer eccentric block, adjust it to the required  excitation force, tighten fastening bolts of external eccentric block, and then mount the protective cover;


  1. The vibration motor whose excitation force is greater than or equal to MV50-2, MV50-4, MV50-6, MV30-8 of (including these four kinds of specifications), the outer eccentric block is fixed and fixed on the rotating shaft with the key, it can not rotate. The inner eccentric block can be adjusted, and the surface is provided with a ruler with the maximum excitation force which is pressed on the motor shaft by the use of fastening bolt. Unscrew fastening bolts of the eccentric block on both sides, the eccentric block on both sides rotate in the same direction, which make the exciting force ruler engraved lines on the inner eccentric block aligned the slotting of external eccentric block and adjust it to the required excitation force, tighten the fastening bolts of inner eccentric block and mount the protective cover;

Note: Except for special applications, the position of eccentric block on the two sides of the vibration motor shaft must be relatively, the percent set of eccentric block on both ends must be same, or vibration motor will produce a huge vibration force, which will damage the motor vibration machinery.

Origin and introduction of mud agitator impeller

Impeller of mud agitator is aslo known as the turbine, which is a part of turning the mechanical energy into fluid kinetic energy. The structure of impeller of the mud agitator will determine its functions, generally the geometry of different saving tanks can be used to choose different styles of impeller. The more resonable method is choosing the impellers of mud agitator based on the mixing purposes and the formation of the flow pattern. Because the turbine type of the convection cycle, the turbulent diffusion and the shear force are strong, so the impeller is widely used.


The flow direction of the impeller design can be divided into two types of radial flow and axial flow. The impeller of mud agitator may be has only two blades but with four or more blades used in the oil field drilling fluid. In order to meet the requirements of economic and drilling fluid properties, the blade materials of impeller of mud agitator are usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel, and the blades can be flat, folded or helical.

Israeli customers come to visit our factory

Our customers who come from Israeli came to our factory to see our production of desander and desilter operation condition. This set of system required by customer consists of one desander, one desilter and one sand pump and agitator, etc.. The customer use it in wastewater treatment. During the field test, the customers asked the questions about our product’s material, the working principle, the processing quantity and so on to know more about the system designed by our manufactory, and our engineer had given the patient answer.


The hydrocyclones on the desander and desilter produced by DC Machinery adopt polyurethane material which has good wear resistance, mesh number of vibrating sieve screen is one hundred and twenty, and the handling capacity of desander and desilter is 120 m ³ /h, swirler outlet size can be adjusted. The solids be separated is dry and with less liquid content, equipment operation is stability.

After careful observation and inquiry of customers, they gave high evaluation on our equipment, and expressed satisfaction with the operation status of our equipment, they decided to discuss cooperation matters with our sales manages and will consider to establish long-term cooperative relationship with our company after they return to their country.

Solution for five faults of submersible slurry pump

  1. Submersible slurry pump don’t suck water

There are a number of possible reasons for non water sucking of submersible slurry pump, the main is because the suction pipe is blocked, damaged impeller and packing inlet and outlet rotation is not right. The main method to solve the three problems is cleaning blockage in suction pipe, repair or make replacement of the impeller and check packing inlet and outlet rotation.

  1. Power of the submersible slurry pump is too large

The main causes of submersible slurry pump power over large include, packing compression is excessive, internal friction of pump, bearing damage and pump rolling amount is too large. The exclusion methods for these four faults are, relax the filler gland bolts, adjusting the pump clearance, repair or replacement of damaged bearings, regulating the operation of pump.


  1. Bearing heating of submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump bearing heating reason generally source in lubricating oil and bearing, including lubricating oil is not clean, lubrication oil in the bearing is too large or too small, bearing damage. The main method to eliminate the heating failure of bearings is the use of clean oil, in accordance with the requirements for the bearing lubrication, maintenance or replacement of new bearings.

  1. Short bearing life of submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump bearing life is short because pump friction, impeller imbalance, foreign body go into bearing, a bearing equipemnted with unreasonable, the motor shaft and pump shaft misalignment, shaft bending, the solution is clear internal friction of pump, adjust the balance of the impeller or replace the new impeller, clearance of bearing abnormal matter, replace bearings and re assembly, adjusting motor shaft and pump shaft concentricity, replace the middele axis.

  1. Slurry pump noise is too large

The cause of large noise of submersible slurry pump may because of damage to the bearing, impeller imbalance, suction pipe is blocked, some air enter into the suction pipe, flow is not uniform. The solution to these problems is to repair or replace the bearing, adjust the impeller balance or replace the new impeller, clean the suction pipe blockage, remove the intake of the suction pipe, improve the pump feed conditions.

Drilling cutting box used in offshore and onshore driling

Drilling cutting box is mainly used in offshore to transport abandoned drilling fluid and cuttings to shore. However cuttings has been areadly generalized to onshore drilling at present.

cutting box

Drilling cuttings box produced by Dachuan has the following characteristics:

(1) Structure of drilling cutting box is indurative and with water-tightness.

(2) The bottom of cutting box is planar and no bulge.

(3) Molding of weld surface is uniform, compact, closely integrated with the steel plate, seamless and no existence of oversize surplus height of seam, welding beading, arc crater, undercut and other defects.

(4) Antiseptic sand blasting of Q235A steel, twice of expoxy zinc rich primer, penguard midcoat MIO and chlorinated rubber top-coat. The thickness of dry editpaint film is larger than 100m.

(5) CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.

High speed variable frequency centrifuge produced by DC Machinery

High speed variable frequency with its unique advantages, is increasingly favored by more and more users. After concentrated stuty of our engineers, the centrifuges produced by Dachuan have the following characteristics:


(1) Different working speed can be set according to actual needs, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving.

(2) Fast dynamic reponses and accurate speed difference adjustment can greatly improve the content of dry materials in the wastes.

(3) Switch between speed and torque is very convenient, which can improve working efficiency.

(4) The device can be used to separate solid particals whose diameter is above 2 microns.

(5) Explosion-proof electronic control cabinet adopts the explosion-proof fan to cooling and heating tape to deice and defrost.


Shaker screen characteristics produced by DC Machinery

Shaker screen is the key and quick-wear part of drilling fluid shale shaker, the quality of screen is directly influence the follow-up mud cleaning equipment operating and accescries cost control.

DC Shaker screen mainly has hookstrip flat, steel frame and pyramid screen.

DC Shaker screen is contructed with two or three layers of stainless steel wire cloths bonded to a steel support plank, the screen has many characteristics:

shale-shaker screen1

(1) Every wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes can make the screen has better screening effect.

(2) Each different mesh screen is tight can improve the screen service life.

(3) Wire cloth is divided into many independent small cloths to prevent excessive expansion of local damage.

(4) DC hookstrip flat screens are widely used in different conditions of drilling field.

(5) DC steel frame screen is rapidly tensioned by wedge make screen installation more convenient.

(6) DC Pyrmid screen can make the effective filtration area improve 25%-50%.

Method summary for solid control in drilling fluid

There are four kinds of solid phase control methods of drilling fluid, which is the dilution of water, the replacement of the drilling fluid, pool sedimentation and mechanical equipment to remove the solid phase. The use of chemical flocculation can significantly improve the effect of pool sedimentation and removal of solid phase with mechanical equipment. However, the flocculant itself can not play the role of separating the solid phase, it must be used with mechanical sand removal equipment together can it receive the expected results

One: Water dilution

Dilution of the drilling fluid with water is one of the most basic methods of solid phase control. When the water was added into the drilling fluid system, the volume of the system increased, but the total amount of the solid phase was not changed, so the volume content of the solid phase was decreased in the system relatively. At the same time of adding water, it also need to add a considerable amount of processing agent in order to keep the original drilling fluid loss. Therefore, water dilution method not only to increase the drilling fluid storage equipment, but also consume a lot of water and processing agent, so that the cost of drilling fluid is increased. And it is also easy to make the performance of the drilling fluid fluctuate, resulting in complex underground conditions.


Two: Replace part of drilling fluid

With clear water or solid content of the drilling fluid to replace a certain volume of high solid content of the drilling fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the solid phase content. Substitution method can reduce the amount of water and treatment agent, but after all, it will waste a lot of drilling fluid and consume a lot of treatment, it is not a good way to remove the solid too.

Three: Big pool precipitation

This method is widely used in the field. Solid phase and liquid phase have the density difference, after a certain period of time, the debris will be separated from the mud under the gravity action. Settling efficiency increase with the reduce of drilling fluid density, viscosity and the increase of the particle size. But when the viscosity of drilling fluid is larger (larger than 20 seconds), especially with shear, the falling velocity of particle was significantly slower.

Four: Mechanical equipment to remove solid phase

Commonly used machinery equipment are three types of shale shaker, cyclone treatment machine and centrifuge, distinguished by the size of the particle separation, hydrocyclone can be divided into three kinds of desander, desilter and super cyclone. Their use range is:

Mud vibrating screen: more than 74 microns

Desander: 25-40 microns

Desilter: 10-25 micron

Centrifuge: less than 10 microns

Compared to the dilution method, the method of cleaning the solid phase has the advantage that it will not increase the  volume of the drilling fluid notablely when removing the solid phase. The cost of drilling fluid was significantly decreased without the addition of a large number of processing agents.