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BRANDT company VSM300 shale shaker

BRANDT company VSM300 shaker belong to balancd elliptical motion shale shaker, multi-layer mesh structure design, the typical structural formula mesh screen box 3 reflow mounting, lower screen box 4 main screen, there are two optional drying mesh, the total screen area of 5.6m2, unique design plus balanced elliptical trajectory, to maximize the solid particles and liquid separation conveyor speed level, which greatly improved the discharge of viscous properties of water-based clay, especially in drilling shallow wells, the use of water-based drilling fluids better performance.
You can also change the vibration frequency of the inverter in order to achieve the purpose of changing the excitation force. Operation, simply press the button, shaker can generate 4g, 6g, 8g, such as different vibration force, therefore, the operation can not stop shaker solid phase change transmission rate, flow characteristics and the amount of solid phase. In addition, the screen with balloon clamping, easy to replace. DC machinery, supply you top quality solids control equipment. contact:

Drilling fluid centrifuge maintenance methods

LW series Decanting centrifuge is the essential equipment in solids control system in drilling field. How can we maintenance them?

1 generally , the normal drilling fluid through the centrifuge time is 10 ~ 80s, is generally 30 ~ 50s
2 , in actual use , the processing capacity of the centrifuge expressed by feed rate. Feed rate depends on two reasons.
Separable feed volume fraction of solid colloidal content or free liquid
Centrifuge capacity discharging liquid or sediment . This means that for low solids content of the drilling fluid , centrifuge feed rate by fluid removal capacity constraints , high solid content drilling fluid centrifuge feed speed is limited by capacity constraints slagging .
3 , the added diluent and access to the drilling fluid should be a weight, to keep the drilling fluid into the centrifuge has appropriate viscosity , to obtain a better separation.
4, the drum speed adjustment by experienced staff to carry out the operation , and strive to the best effect , to avoid overload damage gear .
5 , before the start of the centrifuge , the machine liquid , solid particles can not be drained , and sink to the side , starts, unbalance mass will cause vibration or helical blade stuck ; shutdown process, machine liquid, solid with uniform distribution of mass destruction , it will cause vibration . Therefore, stop, start time , are easy to cause the accident , should be reduced start , stop times.

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What is the complete solids control system?

Drilling fluid solids control system is usually not only refers to a number of solid control equipment , but also includes the drilling fluid returns from the well to the drilling pump suction flow throughout the ground , this process has a full mechanical sand removal equipment, gas removal equipment, mud agitator or drilling fluid gun,mud tank,drilling fluid configuring equipment and so on. entire system is the key equipment in a variety of solids control equipment, namely shale shaker, desander desilter , mud cleaner , centrifugal, vacuum degasser ,the other part of ancillary equipment.

Typically, each of solids control equipment in a certain range of particle sizes can play a role , but in the entire drilling process , the amount of processing any kind of equipment is not overloaded , can play out its greatest advantages. In addition to the centrifuge process only part of the drilling fluid displacement , other equipment handling capacity of at least 100% of the amount of drilling fluid circulation to 125% . Solids control equipment in top working condition depends on the overall drilling fluid system , whether or not distributed dispersed drilling fluids , disordered coagulation or an orderly condensate , water-based or oil-based , water or salt , potassium salt polymer or general clay drilling fluids, drilling fluids heavier or heavier , they require the removal of the solid phase of the basic principles are the same, that is, control particle size range and volume percentage clear . Rational design of effective drilling fluid solids control system , the ultimate goal is to get rid of drill cuttings , so that to achieve the best economic benefits of drilling – drilling rate is high, less sticking , cementing excellent and low cost .

offshore closed solids control system

To accommodate offshore drilling requirements, and special areas, easy to transport and install. Have appeared in a closed fluid solid control system. It consists of shale shaker, hydrocyclone, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge, mud agitator, and various tank combination, the implementation of closed loop fluid handling. In cold areas, deserts dryland operation, the whole apparatus required large metal box closed, such a system adaptable, in many cases can almost handle various drilling, the drilling fluid to maximize the solid phase control equipment, process efficiency, operations do not add drilling fluid, but also to maintain the fluid density, processing capacity and equipped with drilling rig adapt, can enter the system in the drill cuttings removal, almost no supplemental water drilling fluid, this system is the most suitable for dry areas or offshore drilling operations, and does not pollute the environment.want to know more, pls contact Ms Cathleen , mail:

Derrick corporation for mining oil & gas drilling and underground

Derrick is considered the world leader in the design and manufacture of high frequency vibrating machines and screen surfaces used to screen a wide variety of wet or dry fine materials in the range of 3/8 inch to 400 mesh (10 mm to 38 microns). Derrick screens are designed to address the specific demands of the mining, aggregate, chemical, plastics, wastewater and forest products industries.

Derrick is leading the way by offering the most effective solids control equipment available on the market today. Satisfying the ever-changing needs of the Oil & Gas industry for more than three decades, Derrick has shaped the direction of solids control through leading edge technological advancements.

Since 1988 Derrick has been providing slurry separation and desanding equipment to various civil and underground industries worldwide. Derrick Equipment Company (North America) remains dedicated to complete in-house manufacturing – every machine, screen panel and modular tank system is created and assembled in one of Derrick’s production facilities.

Shale shaker sieve paste and sieve blocking problems

Sieve Paste and sieve mesh blocking phenomenon since the effective flow area decreases, the shale shaker amount of processing will decrease, easily lead to the loss of drilling fluid . Further, when processing the high viscosity fluid , and shaker screen(wire mesh)easily sticky drilling fluid , the mesh size becomes smaller , or completely paste, a phenomenon known sieve paste. Since the mesh size decreases, can be isolated more small particles. For example , our 40 * 40 mesh sieve , sieve paste is not separable out particles larger than 440um . Sieve paste , you may separate the particles larger than 220um . Shale shaker working , the threshold may be wedged between the mesh particles clogging the above , a phenomenon known as blocking sieve .
In addition to cuttings and clay paste causing sieve paste and sieve block , the drilling fluid remaining in the sieve dried up , the drilling fluid soluble minerals ( such as salt , anhydrite , some carbonate ) will precipitate and sticky on the wire , also make smaller mesh , or even blocked .
In addition , the drilling fluid oils ( eg threaded oil) in the sieve will be sticky .

When the sieve paste and sieve blocking , it shall promptly spray wash or replace sieve. Especially in the shaker is stopped working before , while the vibration, while water ( or jet ), not only help clean the screen surface , to maintain smooth mesh , while also removing the drilling fluid paste, but also reduce the screen load.