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DERRICK Company cyclone characteristics

DERRICK comapny supply the top quality hydrocyclones, what characteristics do they have? DC machinery will answer you.

DERRICK company’s cyclone has the following characteristics :
1 desander desilter , shaker together to form a complete set of mud cleaner system , saving floor space, reducing the transport trips .
2 ring desilter provided to each funnel same working pressure, so that the cyclone achieve optimal performance.
3. ¢ 101.6mm cyclone use of lightweight , high corrosion polyurea amine resin , has a long life and easy maintenance advantages , replaceable bottom orifice nozzles can reduce the loss of drilling fluid .
4 each are equipped with cyclone inlet shut-off valve , even in working condition but also on individual funnel overhaul, removed.
5. ¢ 101.6mm integrated desilter lower ceramic liner , greatly increasing the corrosion resistance .
6 desander on a pallet can be flexibly installed 1 to 3 Desanding funnel . Each ¢ 254mm Grit funnel 22.86m drilling fluid under pressure head capacity of 1.9m3/min. Maximum capacity of 5.7m3/min. Effluents discharged directly or streaming only shaker for further processing.
7 desilter can choose 8,10,12,16 or 20 funnel , funnel processing capacity of each 175L/min.
8 Recycling drilling fluid shale shaker motor is large capacity and very detail mesh shaker,can be used in parallel with the main shale shaker .

DC machinery is top China solids control service company, we provide cyclones/ hydrocyclones ,manufacturer desilters, desanders and mud cleaners of all types, welcome inquiry us for more information.

BRANDT company LCM-2D type shaker

BRANDT company is the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment, the following let me introduce a type of most favorable shaker.
BRANDT company LCM-2D type shaker, can be used as single-line screen can also be used as a double-deck screen. When used as a double-deck screen, the upper and lower reflux detail screen mesh joint work, which greatly improves the efficiency of removal of the solid phase.
When it works, the upper screen surface is circular trajectory, Screen angle is 0 degrees, installed two pre-tensioned flat screen, throwing index 4.2, the lower part of the screen surface translational linear trajectory, installed two flat screen pre-tensioners , wherein the feed end of the sieve surface mounting angle is 0 °, the middle and the end of the screen material installation angle of 5 degrees, this design reduces the liquid level, increasing the conveying speed of the solid particles, thereby reducing the detail screen load. Also comes with quick-disconnect device to reduce the screen disassembly time, eliminating slipping phenomenon; equipped with hydraulic AWD systems, screen angle adjustment range of -5 to +5.

DC Machinery is China top manufacturer of solids control equipment. We have linear motion shale shaker, elliptical motion shale shaker, dual-motion shale shaker, as the most advanced drilling company in China.

NOV-Brandt solids control service

Since 1841, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has been dedicated to ensuring customers receive the highest quality oilfield products and services.

Leveraging over 800 worldwide manufacturing, sales and service centers, National Oilwell Varco supplies customer-focused solutions that best meet the quality, productivity, and environmental requirements of the energy industry. National Oilwell Varco is a worldwide leader in providing major mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs, complete land drilling and well servicing rigs, tubular inspection and internal tubular coatings, drill string equipment, extensive lifting and handling equipment, and a broad offering of downhole drilling motors, bits and tools. National Oilwell Varco also provides supply chain services through its network of distribution service centers located near major drilling and production activity worldwide.

BRANDT company’s drilling fluid cleaner actuality

As drilling fluid cleaner is based on the theory of hydrocyclone and shaker comprehensive application of the combination device, so the level of R & D and manufacturing processes are associated with cyclones and related technologies shaker same strain, but in the structure and layout, manifold connection valve with the different considerations.

U.S. BRANDT company’s drilling fluid cleaner performance and quality in the past 20 years has been highest in the world its representative products are:

ATL-16/2 drilling fluid cleaner is composed of a group Desander, a group desilter and an ATL-1200 Linear shaker, three processing equipment. Used 2 desander funnel and 16 desilter funnels, handling capacity to 3.75M3 / h. Optional shaker screen mesh 120 to 325 mesh.

ATL-2800 drilling fluid cleaner is a desilter (28 funnel) and ATL-1200 Linear motion shale shaker two-stage process consisting apparatus, the processing capacity of 3.75m3 / h. Optional shaker screen mesh 120 to 325 mesh.

LCM-2D drilling fluid cleaner is a cyclone and LCM-2D linear shaker combination, it is characterized by a large screen area, large capacity.

SWACO,BEM-650 type shaker

SWACO company are leading manufacturer of drilling fluid solid control equipment, bellow we will introduce one of the shale shaker produced by SWACO.

SWACO, BEM-650-type shaker
BEM-650-type shaker is SWACO’s third-generation balanced elliptical shaker, tests show that compared to other types of shaker, able to maintain a reasonable motion trajectory has better chip removal capabilities while being able to improve drilling liquid recovery rate, reducing the wear of screen mesh. In addition, it has a small footprint, all stainless steel structure, double screen frame design, with automatic screen surface slope adjustment device, using separable feed liquid reservoirs, pneumatic screen locking and other institutions, thus BEM-650 shaker compact, long life, with a better way to remove the solid phase, a greater amount of processing, faster and safer drilling fluid recovery screen replacement methods and the advantages of more effective.

We will introduce you more on the following days.

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