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Brands Mud agitator summarize

The agitator is an important part of mud solids conol equipmet . It is mounted on the mud tank . The Vanes of the agitator dip into the mud to agitate the fluid uniformly.

DC machinery offers motor and impeller sizes to fit the speciic tank configuration .

We will introduce some brands mud agitator in the following

NOVA Drilling


The specification

  • low profile design to allow for positioning mud conditioning equipment over mud tanks . Maximum height above tank is 16 inch .
  • Light weighted , but sturdy construction with the highest torque rating in the industry . Example 15 hp PIT VIPER weighs 542 lbs (246.4 kg ) compared to industry average of 1830 lbs (831.8 kg ) for competitive units .
  • Available in 3,5,7 1/2 , 10 , 15 , 20, 25 and 30 hp models .
  • Oversized shaft bearings are used for longer gearbox life and lower maintenance requirements .
  • Cast iron housings are one-piece , reinforced and ribbed for exra strengh .
  • Detachable impeller shaft for ease of servicing without disassembling unit .
  • Simple mounting .Agitator base rests on tanks structural cross beams held by six bolts .
  • Electric motors : Class 1 ,Group D .Class 11 , Groups F&Gexplosion-proof electric motors are available in 50 or 60 Hz .
  • All internal shafts are heated treated and ground for high loading capacity .No grease fittings .
  • All internal TMLL  bearing run in oil.
  • Designed for a maximum 20lb/gal ( 2.4 specific gravity ) drilling mud .

The most commonly used derrick shale shaker

The most commonly used derrick shale shaker model is FLC 500 in 2013 . while FLC2000 4-panel model shale shaker production is less .

Dilution and disposal costs are minimized with the FLC 500 series linear motion shale shakers. Integrating the industry ’s latest advancements in shaker design, high capacity, fine screening, and drier cuttings discharge, these machines can dramatically reduce operating costs. Combining high G-force vibrating motors with Derrick’s exclusive Pyramid screen technology, the FLC 500 significantly improves solids separation.

The FLC 513 is a 3-panel machine that operates at 7.0 Gs, and the FLC 514 is a 4-panel shaker operating at 7.3 Gs. Processing rates vary from 560 GPM of a 17.8 PPG fluid using Pyramid DX-A140* screens on an FLC 513 to more than 900 GPM of a 9.1 PPG fluid with Pyramid DX-A140* screens on an FLC 514. The available screening area per API RP 13C for the FLC 513 is 24.9 square foot with the Pyramid screen and 34.5 square foot with the Pyramid Plus screen. For the FLC 514 the available screening area per API RP 13C is 33.2 square foot with the Pyramid screen and 46.0 square foot with the Pyramid Plus screen.

Two Derrick Super G2 vibrating motors produce the high G, linear motion that powers theFLC 500 series shakers. These patented motors feature oil-bath bearing lubrication that significantly reduces maintenance and dramatically lengthens bearing life. The Derrick Super G2 vibrating motor is backed by Derrick’s industry leading three year warranty. Their low noise level results in a significantly reduced decibel level during shaker operation, permitting the FLC 513 shaker to operate at just 78 dBA.

Innovative single-side tensioning reduces screen panel replacement time to less than one minute per panel. This faster, easier, and more reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by tensioning fingers and two Quick-Lok 1/2-turn tensioning bolts on each screen panel. To match installation and operational requirements, the shaker can be supplied in either right- or left-hand configuration.

A simple press of a button allows its hydraulic-powered, adjustable while drilling (AWD) mechanism, designed for quick easy deck adjustment, to operate from -1° to +5° on theFLC 513 and -1° to +7° for the FLC 514. As drilling rates and formation or mud properties change, the angle of the screen deck can be adjusted to achieve the proper solids conveyance and fluid end point. Increased capacity, longer screen life, and optimal solids removal efficiency are the results.

Top, weir and weir bypass feeders are available for 500 series shakers.

The difference between Hookstrip flat screen and pyramid screen

Hookstrip flat screen is constructed with two or three layers of stainless steel wire cloths bonded to a steel support plank . This kind of sieving screen has many characteristic as follows :

1. Every wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes , the hole size of the support  plank is different meshes , the whole size of the support plank is different , so as to get the most effective area on the condition of bearing enough force .

2. The thick wire cloth with less meshes at the bottom of the sieving screen combines steel support plank into a whole closely , so as to enhance the strength of the whole screen and prolong life .

3. The wire cloth is divided into the independent small surfaces by the grid of steel support plank , which can prevent excessive expansion of local damage .

Pyramid screen has large effective area , and drilling fluid is handled in high efficiency by using it .

1. Every wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes , and accurate reasonable collocation can make the screen have better effect .

2. Stainless steel wire cloth is wavy , and closely holds metal support plank together .The effective area is up to 125% of the flat screen with the same specification , so as to improve the quality of drilling fluid and increase the production .

Solids control equipment 7 questions?

1.At present which is used in drilling construction of solids control equipment ?

Answer : There are seven major types equipment : shale shaker , desander , desilter , mud cleaner , decanting centrifuge , mud agitator , centrifugal pump .

2. Currently used by the desander , desilter , mud cleaner , what is the normal operating pressure ?

Answer : generally not less than 0.3 Mpa .

3. What is the centrifuge main function ?

The main function : 1. removed the small solids particles in the drilling fluid 2. reduce the density of drilling fluid . 3 treating the sewage

4. When plugging materials that contain fiber , what effect to solids control equipment ? How to deal with ?

Answer : after plugging material containing fiber into drilling fluid , shale shaker will run out drilling fluid or screen out .Treatment method is to use big hole screen mesh , or stop using the shale shaker .

5. Sometimes sand don’t downward on the  shaker screen , instead of up , what reason is this ? How to deal with ?

the main is replacing generator or replacement of the power switch, then pick up the three phase line, the motor reverse, so the sand up. Processing method as long as the change of any two of the three power cord root, link them .

6. shale shaker sometimes run drilling fluid fault happens . What reason is this ? How to deal with ?

Answer : Run drilling fluid is the major reason : 1drilling fluid displacement is greater than the load of shaker 2. drilling fluid viscosity is high , screen mesh fine so can’t flow down . 4. drilling fluid mixed with some fiber . 5. drilling fluid dried on the screen mesh 6. belt is loose 7 . Voltage of the horse

7. Desander , desilter hydrocyclone nozzle will be blocked , why ? How should prevent .

The main reason is that inappropriate use or shaker screen is damaged ,  or desilter pump  and desander pump don’t equipped with screen mesh .

why choose DC Directional Drilling equipments?

DC Directional  services have earned well reputation for providing reliable and cost effective solutions . Our comprehensive integration of tools , processes and personnel delivers drilling performance with faster rates of penetration , superior hole quality and precise wellbore placement , we offer a variety of directional drilling services for all applications .

One type of directional drilling , horizontal drilling , is used to drastically increase production . Here , a horizontal well is drilled across an oil and gas formation , increasing production by as much as 20 times more than that of its vertical counterpart . Horizontal drilling is any wellbore that exceeds 80 degrees , and it can even include more than a 90 degree angle .



DC for mud recycling system

Drilling fluid purification solid control system is an requisite part in modern drillling . It will ensure the slurry of the normal circulation and stability in the process of drilling rigs . the product mainly made of explosion proof driving force , electric distribution and lighting control deivice . linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker , vacuum degasser , centrifugal pump , vertical slurry pump .

Drilling fluid purification solids control system is an requisite part in drilling . It will ensure the slurry of the normal circulation and stability in the process in the drilling rigs . the product mainly made up of the explosion -proof driving force , electric distribution and lighting control device

the slurry circultaion system usually consists of :

1. Mud tank (shale shaker )   Overall dimension : 13700mm* 3100mm * 2700mm

On the mud tank there are degasser , desander , desilter

2. Mud tank No 2 , Overall dimension : 11700mm* 3100* 2700mm

Suction compartment

Pill comparament

3. Tank No.3 ( reserve tank )Overall dimension : 11700mm*3100mm*2700mm

4. Trip tank : Overall dimension : 11700mm*3100mm *2700mm

5. Shale shaker  2 pcs

6. vacuum degasser : Horizontal type

7. Desander

8. Desilter

9 . Sand pumps  Model : SB6*8-55

10. Trip pump : SB3*4-11

11. Poor boy degasser  ZYQ1200

12 Agitator

Used processing and storing of circulated fluid during drill rig drilling ,HDD (Horizontal directional drilling ) and water well , mining and geothermal well drilling and recycling drilling .

Unique dual-motion shaker for optimal solids removal , fluid recovery

Dual-motion shale shaker is advanced shale shaker , which has three vibrating motors , can do both linear motion and balanced elliptical motion .

With the MEERKAT PT dual-motion shaker MI-SWACO combined linear and bananced elliptical technology for the ultimate in solids removal efficiency .The advanced MERRKAT PT shaker incorporates a 0.6hp vibrator motor that allows it to perform at an unparalleled level .

As drilling conditions change , the MEERKAT PT dual-motion shaker can be adjusted instantly by simply flipping a switch on the control box . This switch instantly reconfigures the shaker from linear to balanced elliptical motion without having to suspend or shut down operations . With the MEERKAT PT shaker operating in the gentler balanced elliptical mode , solids encounter reduced G-force and longer screen resistance time . This results in drier solids , improved drilling fluid recovery , longer screen life and reduced operating costs .


solids control-mud system for oil & gas drilling

DC machinery supply equipments : shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander , desilter , decaning centrifuge , mud agitator , mud gun , mud tank , sand pump …

They can be used in the following :

Oil& gas drilling -solids control system

DC manufacture complete equipments for oil & gas drilling rig for : 250hp, 350ho,450hp,550hp , 650hp,750hp,1000hp , 1500hp , 2000hp , 3000hp .

HDD&CBMdrilling – mud recycling system

Supply system for Horizontal directional drilling , Coal Bed Methane ) and water well , mining and geothermal well drilling mud recycling : 150GPM, 350GPM,500GPM,1000GPM ,1500GPM , 2000GPM.





Mud gas separator installation and maintenance

Mud gas separator is a special kind of equipment for primary degasification from gas-bearing drilling fluid in process of drilling .

It installation as following

1. Install and fix separator on the special base or hard and horizontal ground . To keep it stable , tighten it by ropes whose ends are inserted into ground .

2. In order to reduce the frictional resistance the min . internal diameter of exhaust manifold should be no less than 250mm .

3. Fixation is necessary while install pipe manifold . Connection of pipes should strictly accord with the installationdrawings .

maintenance follow bellow steps :

1. Open the screw plug for sand discharge in the manifold side to remove sand when the mud discharge manifold is blocked .

2. The separator assembly is pressure container , so it must be used in designed working pressure and surrounding . Overpressure work is forbidden . The safety valve should be checked at least once a year .

3. The baffle should be checked after a well has been completed . Replace it if there is something wrong .

4. Welding on the separator assembly is forbidden

5. The exhaust pipe and liquid discharge pipe should be arranged separately when the separator is paralleled . Uniting the pipe is forbidden .

DC machinery is the manufacturer of poor boy / mud gas separator , we supply all solids control equipment .


Screen model and type summarize

shaker screen is part of equipment in shale shaker , which is widely used in oil and gas drilling field .

Number one

Derrick-FLO-2000 crisping screen with panel and wave

Dimension : 1050 * 697 * 20 mm

Adaptive shale shaker : a) Derrick-FLO-2000

b) HZS220-3P

Number two

Screen cloth model : Crisping screen with panel wave

Dimension : 1150 * 833 * 20 mm


a) HZS280-3P

Number three

Screen model : crisping screen with panel and wave

Dimension : 1150 * 700 * 20 mm

Adaptive shale shaker

a) HZS240-3P

Number Four

MONGOOSE compound frame screen

Dimension : 1165*585*41 mm

Adaptive shale shaker

a) Swaco- MONGOOSE  PT shaker

b) Swaco- MEERKATPT Shale shaker

c) HZS270-4P-PTS

Number five

Screen model : VSM300 compound frame screen

Dimension : 890 * 688 * 39mm

Adaptive shale shaker :

a) Brandt VSM300 shale shaker

b) Brandt VSM100 shale shaker

Number Six

Model : King cobra steel framework

Dimension : 1250 * 635 * 25 mm

Adaptive shale shaker

a) Brandt King Cobra Shale shaker

b) Brandt Cobra shale shaker

DC machinery not only supply shaker screen , also provide high quality competitive solids control equipment , welcome inquiry us for more details !