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linear and elliptical shale shaker design and manufacturing

The domestic production of drilling fluid shale shaker whether linear screen or elliptic , shaker box structure and corresponding auxiliary function has the following generality .

First : shale shaker screen box design and manufacturing

shale shaker screen frame is welded structure , vibration motor and shale shaker through the components are installed in the shale shaker screen box , screen box seat to support the beam , near the screen box of the four corners of the installation position have damping spring , can make the peripheral member or equipment from the influence of the screen frame vibration , screen bed can be equipped with three or four pieces frame screen or wave screen , with bolt and hook side body tension mode and its fixed ; transverse and longitudinal support bar work together make screen box have enough strength , screen box frame along the lateral central slightly higher than both sides , in the transverse direction to form a convex arc , shale shaker screen in the tenseness with screen frame close to , so that it can easily make screen tension , and in the work process to improve the shale shaker screen life and solid particles handling efficiency .

Second : Screen frame design and manufacturing

the professional welding technology , can be installed hard crochet or soft crochet shale shaker screen ; shale shaker screen 3 panel or 4 panels , replacing screen is to operate .

Third : AWD angle adjustment system design

Because the hydraulic power unit , Angle adjustment system operation convenient save labour , make the screen box angle according to need to 0.5 degrees increment from -1~+5 degree .

Forth : Vibrating motor as power supply .

Because of explosion-proof vibrating motor has the strong vibration strength , high reliability , convenient maintenance etc, and by eccentric rotor produce vibration force , which adapt to the environment temperature range : -40 ~150 degrees , part of the single vibrating motor vibration force frequency conversion to be adjustable , so all kinds of screen type are used in all kinds of long and short explosion -proof vibrating motor as power supply .

Fifth : Feed box design

For drilling fluid have buffer action , evenly distributed mud flow .From the borehole by return or other equipment treated mud , by feed tank into the shale shaker processing , the drilling fluid have buffer action , and make mud evenly distributed flow to the shale shaker screen , reduce mud on the impact of the screen , and improve the service life of the screen , and improve the treatment effect of the mud , at the same time , the top of the tank has a square cap , open the cover can be performance test .























mud gas separator working principle

Drilling fluid liquid gas separator is gas immersion fluid degassing special equipment , the atmospheric gas category , based on the atmospheric gas principle , but it is processing gas immersion fluid primary degassing equipment .

With vacuum degasser main differences is that it is mainly used to clean the annulus fluid spray out 3 mm diameter was the big bubble . Big bubble is refers to the most full of hole annulus a fluid expansion gas , its diameter is about 3-25mm .

These big bubbles cause kick .Even extrusion rotary surface .In addition , the mud gas separator in mainly by gravity impact action to achieve liquid gas separation , and the vacuum degasser is to use  a vacuum , turbulent , centrifugal principle , vacuum degasser treating capacity is much less than the mud gas separator , but clear gas more thoroughly .

Usually after the treatment of mud gas separator the drilling fluid may also have little bubble ,through the shale shaker , need to enter the vacuum degasser for the regular gas clear .

Mud gas separator can be directly from rotating blowout preventer place into liquid , also can from choke manifold outside into the liquid .Mud gas separator according to pressure points atmospheric type and pressure control type two kinds .

In the past fifty years , they have been from simple open tank development to comples airtight and pressure type container .General mud gas separator with choke manifold and Flare Ignition Device supporting the use .Break away the free gas from drilling fluid , can be applied to the underbalanced drilling fluid and hydrogen sulfide drilling fluid treatment 





Flare Ignition Device to treat dangerous gas

The DC flare ignition device is used for connecting to the gas discharge line of Mud Gas Separator , which fire the dangerous gas from the drilling mud like H2S .DC manufacture the flare ignition device according to API&ISO standard , which meet most of the oil industry applicaitons .

The upper part of the flare ignition system is stainless steel , and it is designed for rain proof in the oilfield .The major components for the electric can be directly from industry normal power , or user can charge the battery and take the unit for remote areas application .DC flare device is with remote control , and PLC is optional available for less manpower notice for continually and automatically working .

Mud tank in HDD,CBM &oil drilling

DC is the manufacturer of mud tank , water tank and oil tank. The body of the tank is structured of panel or corrugation ; The body of tank , the walkway and stairs are made of skid-proof steel sheet and galvanized .

Steel sheet produced by our professional manufacturer , the rail is made of square tube , barrier-free and folding structure , stable inserting and connecting .

The body of the tank is made of welding the steel plate and section , using the flat cone-shape structure or the currugated structure .The mud tank surface and the passage are made of slipping resistant steel plate and linearity netted steel plate which is produced by the professional factory , the mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe, all of the structure can be folded with barrier and pegged reliably .The surface of the tank is equipped with water pipeline for the cleaning the surface and equipment on the mud tank , we use soaked zinc processing for the netted steel plate .The ladder is made of the channel steel to take responsibility the body , the foot board is made of the linearity netted steel plate .The two -sided guard rail are installed the safe suspension hook .

Mud tank is one of the solids control equipments .Widely used in oil and gas drilling , HDD , CBM , waste management , etc .

shale shaker in stock

DC machinery has 3 units of shale shaker in stock , one is dual motion shale shaker , another are linear motion shale shaker .

The dual motion shale shaker is connected with two 1.72KW vibrating motor and one 0.4 Kw vibrating motor , OLI brand .

The linear motion shale shaker are used in the HDD ,CBM , oil field drilling mud , it is the first phase solids control equipment to remove the large particles in the drilling mud .

Model DCS585-4 DCPTS753
Vibrating model Linear motion Linear motion + balanced elliptical motion
Motor power 2×1.5/ 1.72 KW 2 ×1.72 KW + 0.4 KW
Vibrating strength ≤7.0G ≤6.0G
Amplitude 5~ 6 mm 5~ 6 mm
Treating capacity 440 / 572 GPM 616 GPM
Deck adjustment – 1 º ~ 5 º – 1 º ~ 5 º
Normal power 380V / 50Hz 380V / 50Hz
Acreen area 2.73m2 2.68 m2
Screen specification 585×1165 mm 750 ×1195 mm
Model DCS585-4 DCPTS753
Vibrating model Linear motion Linear motion + balanced elliptical motion
Motor power 2×1.5/ 1.72 KW 2 ×1.72 KW + 0.4 KW
Vibrating strength ≤7.0G ≤6.0G
Amplitude 5~ 6 mm 5~ 6 mm
Treating capacity 440 / 572 GPM 616 GPM
Deck adjustment – 1 º ~ 5 º – 1 º ~ 5 º
Normal power 380V / 50Hz 380V / 50Hz
Acreen area 2.73m2 2.68 m2
Screen specification 585×1165 mm 750 ×1195 mm





four Mud cleaner in stock

The DCQJ200*2/100-8 mud cleaner has an effcient solids -fluids processing design , which consists of linear shale shaker , desander with two 10″ cones and a desilter with twelve 4″ cones , primarily used to eliminate 20-74 microns of sand and mud in the underflow .DaChuan Machinery have 4 mud cleaner i nthe workshop .

Mud Cleaner Parameters

Model DCQJ200×2/100×8 DCQJ250×2/100×12 DCQJ250×3/100×16 DCQJ300×2/100×16
Treating capacity 120m3/h
Desilter cones 4″(8 ea) 4″(12 ea) 4″(16 ea) 4″(16 ea)
Desander cones 8″(2 ea) 10″(2 ea) 10″(3 ea) 12″(2 ea)
Inlet Liquid Diameter 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Discharge fluid Diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Matching Pump 37~45KW 55~75KW 75KW 75KW
Matching Shaker DCS830-2 DCS700-3 DCS630-3/DCS830-3
Vibrating Mode Linear Motion or Balanced Elliptical Motion
Shaker Motor 2×1.3kw 2×1.5kw 2×15kw 2×1.72kw

linear motion shale shaker advanced design

linear motion shale shaker is DC adopts top material and newest craft elaborately detrusive 1 st phase solids control equipment .Has a high efficient , easy operation and maintenance , the function modular , flexible configuration , etc.

High performance

Using imported high vibration force vibration motor , with special design of screen mesh and jams block , enhanced screen processing ability , improves the drilling cuttings dryness , thus reducing investment of equipment , saving the cost of drilling fluid circulation cost and cuttings discharge fees . The features as following :

1. Vibrating motor

Thr G gorce adjustable : 5.0-7.4 G

Easy maintenance : 2000h the lubrication cycle .

Quality assurance period : 2 years

Screen box angle and adjustable device

Can adjust screen box from -1~5 simple stepless lift

Achieve adjust shaker without stop .

Unilateral screen tensioning system

Can be done by single operation in one minute screen replacement

According to site situation , can replacement mesh screen any side .

Each screen configuration two sets of unilaterial tensioning device , the screen tension more simple, faster and reliable .Two shakers spacing can maximize the narrow , saving tanks operation space .

Weir feed box , make drilling fluid evenly spread out in the screen surface ,

The optional side around pipeline system , can make the shaker short circuit more convenient.

Can choose the top , side , rear three feed way , choose more flexible .

Screen mesh

Can matching DC 5PH, 5PD series screen mesh and DERRICK 500 series pyramid screen , stronger commonality .






















Sand pump good performance in oil field drilling

SB series sand pump for oil and mining drilling solid control equipment newly developed matching pump , it adopts the structure of the axial suction , over-current components are wear-resistant cast iron .

It applicable to transport corrosive working condition of drilling fluid with suspended particles or other similar liquid medium .Sand pump parameter design , fully consider the matching can work under the best conditions of solids control equipment , its main characteristic is the strong interchangeability of spare parts , less shaft seal leakage , reliable operation , long service life , maintenance is convenient .

SB series sand pump seal adopts mechanical seal , this seal main seal for high abrasion resistant alloy mechanical seal , Auxiliary seal for packing seal , can prevent the accident .The SB series sand pump shaft seal adopts grease ; Bearing with oil lubrication , bearing cover on both ends of the bearing with grease nipple , butter lubrication bearing is also available .


LWY hydraulic high speed centrifuge features and accessories

Large conveying torque : Imported hydraulic pump and motors are adopted to achieve variable apeed , big conveying torque and speed and reliability

The hydraulic differential speed converying torque can be adjusted automatically according to the actural working conditions .

Automatical control : The centrifuge has switch of pressure , vibration , temperature , etc. Which can monitor , start and stop feed pump automatically .

Strong adaptability : The system can adjust pressure according to load and can treat mud with different character .The hydraulic centrifuge overcomes the disadvantages of the conventional driving mode , improves separation speed scope , separation precision and adjustment to character change .

Long service life : The imported hydraulic control system can service more than 10 years .The screw conveyor plastered hard alloy to have perfect wear resistance .









drilling fluid linear motion shakers

Application of selective solid phase control technology , wellhead back to drilling fluid shakers is divided into the high efficiency after big grain wet cuttings (>74um ) and sifting fluid , sifting liquid by hierarchical filter ceding level 3 solid phase , from coarse to fine in turn for coarse cuttings (74~35 um) , increase solid phase (35~15um) and fine cuttings (2-15 um)

Usage and applicability

Drilling fluid shale shaker is the primary solids control equipment in the drilling fluid solids control system .

The shale shaker has the advantages of high G-force , wide screen area , compressed structure , cost effective , etc.

Structure and operating principe

the shale shaker is composed of feeding tank , base , screening box , and vibrating motor . Having absorbed the latest achievements in screening machine at home and abroad and integrated the speed of carrying drill cuttings and boost through – screen quantity of drilling lliquid , thus avoiding pasting on the screen .The shale shaker takes OLI motor as  vibrating motor ,  It is especially applicable in the working conditions with stratigraphic fluctuation advantages become more apparent as drilling liquid is of much higher viscosity.