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mud agitators to treat drilling mud

JBQ series mud agitator adopts explosion proof motor , reduction gearbox  , it have the merits of larger torque transmissions , operation steady , work reliable .It has two kinds of installation method , horizontal and vertical .Common model is JBQ5.5 , JBQ7.5 , JBQ11 and JBQ15 , also we can design and produce according to customer’s requirements .

It can be divided into horizontal agitators or vertical units . Impeller and shaft with assembly bushings .Motors range from 5 to 30 hp and may be supplied in several power configurations .

Attaching the motor directly to the gearbox prevents misalignment that can result in premature bearing failures and provide 95 percent efficiency in power transfer to the impeller .Using this superior design surpasses standard worm drive gear assemblies by 30 percent .Allowing DC agitators to do the same work at far less hp . By unitizing the motor and gearbox , weight and space requirements are reduced . horsepower , mechanical configuration , impeller diameter , and shaft length are customized to tank

dimensions and maximum mud weight . Available horsepower ratings are 5, 7.5 , 10 , 15 20 , 25 and 30 .

mud gas separator to treat gas invade mud

Electric Ignition Device can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth .It is devided into the normal pressure mud gas separator and pressure auto-control mud gas separator according to the pressure , mud-gas separator is your best choice to prevent drilling fluids invasion .

Oilfield drilling poor boy degasser that removes air or gases ( methane , H2S , Co2 ) and others from drilling fluids .There are two generic types that work by both expanding the size of the gas bubbles entrained in the mud ( by pulling a vacuum on the mud ) and by increasing the surface area available to the mud so that bubbles escape ( through the use of various cascading baffle plates ). If the gas content in the mud is high , a mud gas separator or ” poor boy degasser ” is used , because it has a higher capacity than standard degassers and routes the evolved gases away from the rig to a flaring area complete with an ignition source .

State International Engineering poor boy degasser are supplied with top quality temperature and pressure sensing equipment where requested.These instruments can provide local displays at the separator , a display at the choke and kill control system and give repeated signals for the drilling control system .State can also provide loop seal pressure monitors and alarms .All this can be achieved through an State int.Eng . hazardous area certified control system .


mud cleaners -high efficiency solids removal

Mud cleaners

High efficiency solids removal , fluid preservation technologies 

DC offers a line of mud cleaners that employs a two-stage separation process for the ultimate in drilling fluid recovery . Our mud cleaners use a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit .

DC mud cleaners are designed to handle the entire circulating volume to remove and dry solids while retaining base fluid . They are equally effective for both weighted and unweighted drilling fluids .

With our mud cleaners , the hydrocyclones make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker vibrating screen .The DC mud cleaners have been proved effective in lowering both drilling fluid and disposal costs .


selection of horizontal screw centrifuge

Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge for short horizontal screw centrifuge , and it is a kind of high efficient centrifugal separation equipment .

Horizontal screw centrifuge can generally be divided into horizontal spiral centrifuge filtering and horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge .

To choose the appropriate horizontal screw centrifuge not only can solve the production problems , improve work efficiency , but also save production costs , reduce the management risk , the main factors influencing the selection are the following :

1. The speed of the centrifuge : general horizontal screw centrifuge not only can solve the production problems , improve work efficiency , but also save production costs , reduce the management risk .The main factors influencing the selection are the following .

2. Material : decanter centrifuge different material its abrasion resistance .corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical index , horizontal screw centrifuge abroad .Generally minimum material is SS316 , or duplex stainless steel , abrasion element  must choose ceramic composite materials .

3. Centrifuge differential control : different differential control precision , and life maintenance cost gap is very big , the higher accuracy of differential , adaptability material , the better , therefore , appropriate choose high precision differential device .

4. The length to diameter ratio , the bigger the length to diameter ratio of horizontal screw centrifuge , its handling capacity is the greater the rate of moisture .

5. Control system : whether it is automation programming control , equipment manufacturers at home and abroad has basically relized the full automation of equipment .

6. Installation power : affect energy consumption control , general domestic equipment than the high energy consumption , low power consumption than abroad .

7. Processing craft : horizontal screw centrifuge separation device belongs to the high precision machining requirements , not capable of finishing products repair rate is high , processing capacity is limited .








centrifugal pump in solids control equipment

SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for desander , desilter and jet mud mixer for solids control equipment . Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump .

DC produce the pump with reliability , heat-resistant , large flow , long life , low-energy consumption , easy maintenance and other advantages .

The pump adopts the axial suction structure , horizontal or vertical structure , composed of a motor , a pump seat , a pump shell , an impeller etc. Using shear coupling ( horizontal pump ) or plum coupling ( vertical ) connection , mechanical or combined sealing structure , the main vice impeller combination .


CIPPE 2013 Eexhibition

the dual-motion shale shaker is DC ‘s newly developed shaker , which adopts three vibration motor achieve both linear and balanced elliptical motion two motions . Convert site situation to achieve the mud treatment effect according to site situation .

Desander and desilter combined mud cleaner is the second and third class solids control equipment , its structure is compressed , small size , powerful function , is the ideal choice of second and third class solids control equipment .

We can design and manufacture mud tank , water tank and oil tank of FG,ZG,YG type according to customer’s requirements .The tank body is structured of panel or corugate . the tank , walkway and stairs are made of skid-proof steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet .

what is mud cleaner ?

Mud Cleaner is the second class and third class solid control equipment which are combined from desander , desilter and underflow screen to treat the drilling fluid . It occupys small space and function is powerful , mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud .

Multi-functional mud cleaner are designed to be combined with desander , desilter , pressure pump , the bottom slot , an Underflow shale shaker , a bracket and a base .

DC Machinery used at home and abroad the most advanced mud cleaner production process , to ensure that the production of powerful , compact structure , convenient operation , easy maintenance of drilling fluid mud cleaner .

The integrated cleaner can integrate a group of desander and desilter on one shale shaker .The drilling fluid firstly pass the desander or desilter for separation , with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the shale shaker , if necessary , the shale shaker of the integrated cleaner can be used as the forestage shale shaker .

we have advantages : The main body structure used the two block layout , cyclone desander , desilter arrangement on the upper base is provided with a chute , chute arranged on shale shaker , which has the advantages of compact structure , occupies small space area .

The desander and desilter main inlet pipe and outlet pipe are arranged between the control valve , can adjust the desander and desilter work quantity , simple operation , easy maintenance .
The cyclone mixer is made of wear -resistant special polyurethane material , which has good performance in fluid erossion resistance .

DC solids control Desilter

Desilter ( including micro cyclone ) cone has a variety of size , common for 50-150 mm , separable 12-40 um cuttings , also can separate 8-25 um barite particles .

Diameter 50 um of hydrocyclone separation size can reach 5-10 um .Desilter installed in drilling fluid shale shaker , sand collector , degassing unit and desander downstream .

Desilter cone cylinder only in size different from desaner , working principle are exactly the same , should use single sand pump for desilter provide feed , try not to use the same sand pump at the same time feed to multiple parallel equipment .

Desilter and desander can be equipped on the mud cleaner to treat the drilling mud .

The cones / hydrocyclone is made of wear resistant special polyurethane , which has a good performance in fluid erosion resistance .

Desilter plays an important role in solids control equipment .



DC drilling fluid mud tank

Solid control system complete definition refers to the solid control equipment and drilling fluid tank ( circulation tank and sedimentation tank) according to the requirements of the solid control process consisting of a comprehensive system .Therefore , drilling fluid tank is an important part of solid control system .

Ground drilling fluid system including spill tank , circulation tank , storage tank , supply tank , mud agitator , centrifugal pump , motor , solid and gas removal system , mixed and shear device and connecting pipeline .

Drilling fluid tank can store , configuration , circulation and processing drilling fluid . Its capacity should be equal to or slightly greater than drilling fluid largest circulation in the drilling process , and should have enough reserve capacity , Can be made into several independent tank , also can be in a tank have multiple partition .

Most of the drilling fluid storage tank are flat square or rectangle .In addition to sedimentation tank , each tank ( or partition ) should be fully mixing , because each processing steps all have different agitation and suspension requirements .In addition , each tank opening should be large enough surface area to meet the need of cleaner the air in the drilling fluid .



DC solids control shale shaker

DC series shale shaker is the first phase solid control equipment in oil drilling system .Shale shaker is mainly used to remove the drilling cuttings return to the ground from wellhead , so as to meet the basic requirements of the next equipment in the oil drilling .If the shale shaker can’t working properly , it will affect other follow-up solid control equipments . Therefore , shale shaker is an essential solid control equipment .

1) Drilling fluid linear motion shale shaker for oil drilling engineering of key solids control equipment . Shale shaker performance has direct influence on the subsequent solids control equipment performance .

2) The equipment is suitable for oil field is 2000 meters and above , supporting the use of various types of the drilling rig .

3) The shale shaker is mainly composed of base part , screen box , shaker screen , screen changer , and angle adjusting device , control box , vibration motor , etc.

4) The OLI US vibrating motor produces vibration force , in the main performance is close to the famous brand of the same type , to provide users with high quality and low price products .

5) According to the requirements of different users can configure plate type and corrugated type shaker screen , can adapted to different drilling conditions .

6) Screen frame angle can be in continuous operation of change the screen angle (-5~ 5)

7) vibration screen covers an area of small , screen area is large , operation extensive , reliable operation , less vulnerable etc.

DC solids control provides you the best quality linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker .