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mud tank classification

In petroleum & natural gas drilling , and directional drilling , the drilling fluids are widely used with functions of providing hydrostatic pressure to downhole , controlling & maintaining the down hole pressure , keeping the drill bit cool and lubricating bit while it works , and most importantly , carrying the drilled-solids to the surface of the well .To maintain the property of the drilling fluids , the drilled solids must be removed by the solids control system which takes the mud tank as the carrier of the drilling mud , and also the mud recyclying system are used to add additive agents into the fluids , and mix them thoroughly.

FG and ZG tanks are designed and manufactured by us are divided into square tank and cone-shaped tank according to the shape of tank bottom .The body of the tank is made of welding the steel plate and section , using the flat cone -shaped structure or the corrugated structure .The mud tank surface and the passage are made of the slipping resistant steel plate and linearity netted steel plate . The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe . all of the structure are can be folded without barrier and paged reliably . The surface of the tank is equipped with water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the mud tank , using soaked zinc processing for the netted steel plate .

More over , the two-sided guard rail are installed the safe suspension hook .The mud tank is designed the standard shanty to prevent the sand and the rain .The pipeline is installed in the tank to prevent the sand and the rain .


Mud cleaning system – Mud cleaning equipment

Mud cleaning system equipment including shale shaker , mud cleaner , decanting centrifuge , sand pump , Flare Ignition Device , vacuum degasser , Liquid Gas separator . The overall operation procedures as bellow :


1. Land leveling , site or equipment foundation adjustment to the basic level ; The ground bearing capacity requirement not less than 10T/M3 , the soft ground compaction .

2.According to the well site layout put good mud tank .

3.According to the layout installed shale shaker

4.According to the layout install mud cleaner ,connect inward and outward line.

5. According to the well site layout to dig well mud pit.

6. With 4” unionsl and hose connection good pump discharge and shale shaker into a pulp mouth .

7. According to the electrical plan and related asks to install electrical equipment .with a crane for mud pump suspension into the mud pit .

8. The aisle rail expension to working position .

9. use 10” vulcanizing hose connect mud pump nozzle.

10. Install ladder , shale shaker , sand hopper , mud cleaner sand hopper and other accessories.


1. Before the use should check the connection parts and electrical facilities installation correctness and reliability .

2. Carefully read shale shaker , multi-functional mud cleaner , centrifugal pump , and mud agitator ,and other equipment operation instruction , and according to the requirements for equipment to be checked after put into use .

3.Check the ladder , rail ,aisle of the realibility of the system.

4. Enable shale shaker , multi-purpose mud cleaner , mud agitator , 45KW sand pump ,SP100 for mud pump and other equipment , adjustment to the system running normally , keep mud normal cycle normally .

5. Need to add medicine or aggrevate mud , can open 55 KW sand pump .To jet funnel working properly , to add the funnel drug or barite powder .

6. Anti- explosion circuit system use please read the revelent specification

7.  Two sets of sand pump are for multi-function cyclone cleaner for supply mud .

shearing pump operation

Shearing pump is an essential equipment in solid control system .

  •  prepare
  1. pump rotates freely by hand .
  2. check the pump rotate direction , the correct direction can be found by an arrow on the casing .
  3. Open the suction valve fully.
  4. pump and suction line full of fluid for venting air
  • Operation for running start the motor after finishing all the preparations
  • Lubrication
  1. Bearings lubrication ,add a good grade of 10 W 30 weight motor oil until the middle level of dipstick .Do not overfill the oil .High levels nay cause churning and overheating of the bearings .Oil should be changed every 90 days or 1000 hours
  2. Under the special condition , you may select a grease which can dissolve with the motor oil for lubrication
  3. Stuffing box lubrication , the stuffing box may be re-lubricated with grease as often as necessary to prevent the packing from overheating .It should be lubricated at least once a day
  4. On filling , grease should be pumped into the box while turning the shaft until it comes out around the packing gland .


decanting centrifuge spare parts adjustment

LW series decanting centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling field , as well as chemical , mineral , pharmacy field ,etc.

As bellow we will discuss the decanting centrifuge adjustment :

1. Liquid pool depth adjustment

Remove the big end cover half shaft 6-8 block link to new the same angle reload , so as to change the big overflow diameter. Overflow diameter increases , the liquid pool depth decreases , and slag discharge moisture content decreases , and slag discharge , and the torque increase , On the other hand , solid phase to improve recovery .

6-8 block link must at the same time and same angle adjustment , and can’t interchange position , to avoid additional amount of unbalance .

2. Triangle tape adjustment

Check the main , auxiliary triangle tape of the elastic ,when necessary ,loosen the motor board screw ,screw dynamic adjustment screw , moderate tension triangle tape , and finally to tighten the nut ,adjust keep active belt wheel and passive belt wheel surface level .

Note : tape a critical moderate , too tight will motor bearing fever !

3. Mechanical and electrical chain overload protection device adjustment.

Overload protection device of the roller and the distance between the left end surface torque to adjust properly .Big , electric protection doesn’t work ; Is too small ,easily damaged roller and travel switch .

Every time after the action should be differential of the dial and torque body reset , if the safety pin fracture ,should be replaced , and check the roller and travel switch ,damage replacement.

solids control system configuration

Solid control system is made of some solids removal equipment, drilling fluid tank and auxiliary equipment , etc . Tank system and auxiliary equipment layout method .

1. The system flow

Solid control system including drilling fluid by wellhead reeturn system cycle to drilling pump inlet of the process of the full set of facilities .System in the ground to put way have I type , J type and and L .

The head of the drilling fluid return by elevated aqueduct or tube into drilling fluid shale shaker for primary cleaning , and then into the drilling fluid desander , desilter and centrifuge for the second , third and fourth class purification , according to the foregoing , in the forth cleaning period , processed medium should be desilter bottom flow or overflow

If the application degasser , must according to the foregoing determin the installation position , be in usually ,should be based on the size of the drill and requirements of the purification level , choose the third ,4 th level purification equipment.

2. System structure

Tank system solids removal equipment are placed on the tank , in order to guarantee the drilling fluid flow injection drilling fluid shale shaker , must according to the drilling fluid shale shaker feed inlet height and drill base height to determine the height of the mud tank size , but also have to drilling rig level to determin the total amount of the drilling fluid system .

3. Mud agitator

Mud agitator function is to keep the drilling fluid performance is stable , so the agitator impeller discharge of the drilling fluid in the tank must be suspending solid up faster than down settling velocity and impeller diameter and speed given agitator work volume is certain .Agitator make its working space in the drilling fluid circulation stir a time is called cycle time .Cycle time is commonly 30-90s . In the solid control system , the place such as drilling fluid shale shaker solids control unit of the drilling fluid tank need desilting , the cycle time take the maximum , and other drilling fluid storage tank and drilling pump on the tank should take the maximum , to ensure that the drilling fluid performance is stable ,Usually take the cycle time for 60s as set agitator number of basis .

LW centrifuge and vacuum degasser

about centrifuge

Drilling fluid centrifuge is the last level of drilling fluid solids control equipment ,mainly used to remove mud 2-10um of the solid particles .

Drilling fluid centrifuge consists of two types ;

one is part of the flow drilling fluid centrifuge ,used to increase the recovery of the drilling barite , its treatment fluid for mud cyclone bottom flow ; Another kind is full flow drilling fluid centrifuge , used to remove the increase of the drilling fluid solid phase , the treatment fluid mud for the overflow of the hydrocyclone . Drilling fluid centrifuge mainly in the drill deep well and ultra deep well operations use , drill in deep and shallow well when little practical significance .In use , choose suitable centrifugal pump matching is very important .

vacuum degasser choice

Vacuum degassing apparatus is used to remove gas invade drilling fluid of the gas , its processing capacity should be able to achieve full flow processing .Vacuum degasser must before drilling fluid shale shaker and after centrifugal pump to processing drilling fluid .For drilling fluid containing gas , centrifugal pump will occur cavitation , cavitation erosion not only make centrifugal pump performance decline , produce the noise and vibration , shorten service life , serious worsened centrifugal pump can’t work or damaged .

Vacuum degasser function has two points ; One is to guarantee the drilling fluid performance relative stability and to prevent the blowout , kick a accident ,to ensure safe drilling . Second is to guarantee the hydrocyclone can work normally . In the drilling of deep exploratory well , gas well and contain oil and gas well , must be equipped with vacuum degasser .Degasser have atmospheric agitation , vacuum suction and form thin layer turbulence two functions . And atmospheric scrubber have mechanical stirring function .From the degassing effect look , vacuum degasser is better than the atmospheric degasser .


Drilling fluid desander and desilter choice

Desander and desilter are made by a group of hydrocyclone and a processing cyclone has been flow and recovery drilling fluid of small ultra detail drilling fluid shale shaker composition .

Drilling fluid desander is used to remove 30-90 um of the solid particles ; desilter is used to  remove for 10-30um of the solid particles .Cyclone split size D50 not only related to cyclone structure and size , but also related to drilling fluid density , density and intake pressure on .

The commonly used hydrocyclone scope of work to carry on the analysis

Drilling fluid desander should be in drilling fluid shale shaker later as secondary solids control equipment ,and desilter should be as a third level solids reoval equipment. In order to meet the requirements of the handle all drilling fluid ,drilling fluid desander and desilter must composed by several cones .

In order to guarantee the normal work of the hydrocyclone .Intake pressure must be maintained in the 0.25-0.35Mpa this range .

Desilter for rotational flow cone tube ,pipe length , intake pressure should take larger value drilling fluid desander for rotational flow cone less , pipeline section , intake pressure for take smaller value .

Intake pressure mainly depends on the size of drilling fluid sand pump matching whether reasonable , and drilling fluid sand pump selection is very important ,the drilling fluid sand pump head is usually about 40m , H20 , displacement of sand pump same with the desander and desilter of equal capacity ,can satisfy the use requirement .At the same time ,in the selection of drilling fluid desander and desilter must reference drilling pump the biggest displacement , with its achieve reasonable matching .

These two devices are in use on time , no strict restriction , general in drilling shallow formation and soft formation , large particle drilling cuttings content high ,both must be used at the same time , the drill deep formation and hard formation , if you use the fine mesh shale shaker ,can directly use desilter to deal with drilling fluid ,the drilling fluid purification quality has little effect ,and very economy .

shale shaker screen choice

Shale shaker is the frist phase solid control equipment in drilling fluid ,it is the core equipment in the whole drilling process .Drilling fluid shale shaker clear solid phase particle size range is by the use of mesh specifications decision , and its processing power related with screen specifications .Screen meah number is large ,the smaller the capacity to remove solid phase particle size is smaller ,the greater the amount of the clear solid phase .

From the aspect of production speaking , hope use detail number screen ,and from the economic aspect speaking , fine meah screen life is short , so to be comprehensive consideration of the screen .Mechanical laminated screen and chemical bonding type laminated screen development promotion , effectively improve the detail number screen life and drilling fluid shale shaker purification level .

Early in the drilling , well diameter large , pump large output volume , mechanical drilling rate high ,the large particles solid phase , cuttings quantity is big , should use meah smaller screen to deal with drilling fluid .With the increase of the depth , well diameter narrowed , pump displacement smaller , appropriate use mesh larger screen processing drilling fluid.

what are shale shakers ?

shale shaker are a type of industrial equipment used to remove rock particles from drilling fluid ,or mud ,plays a critical role in the drilling process .It washes away rock cuttings as they are cut by the drill ,and also helps to cool the drill bit to reduce the risk of overheating .The shale shaker is designed to remove these rock cuttings and other solid materials from the drilling mud so that it can be safety reused over and over again . Shale shaker often serve as part of a larger mud removal system ,which helps to keep the drilling mud free of not only solids ,but also unwanted gases and other contaminants.

To understand how the shale shaker works ,it’s helpful to understand how it relates to other parts of the drilling process .The drilling fluid ,which is made from water ,oil,and chemicals ,gathers in a storage pit or drum above the ground .Once drilling begins ,this fluid travels down through drilling cables and enters the bore via holes in the drill bit mechanism .From here it washes back up the sides of the bore ,carrying rock particles and other debris back to the surface .Once the mud reaches the surface ,it heads back to the storage pit for reuse.

shale shaker for solid control

linear motion shale shaker is the core equipment for drilling mud.It is designed with global most mature and popularly applied advanced technology ,It consists of the base ,screen box ,slurry box ,dip adjustment device and electrical components of mud cleaning system with alloy material with higher strength

general heat treatment completely eliminate stress.

Coating with high wearing resistance anti-erosion capability .

engine with good performance (US Martin motor , Italy OLI brand )

The electrical components of control cabinet ( SIEMENS)

Shale shaker is mainly used to remove the drilling cuttings return to the ground from wellhead ,so as to meet the basic requirements of the next equipment in the oil&gas drilling HDD. If the shale shaker can’t working properly, it will affect other follow-up solid control equipment.

The design of shale shaker including two types of products ,the linear and elliptic .The shale shaker features : high vibration intensity ,large screen surface area,adjustable discharge angle during drilling ,simple compact structure ,reliable great performance.