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DCS series shale shaker

DCS series shale shaker is the first phase solid control equipment in whole system .There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down the costs associated with drilling fluid . Shale shaker separates the large amount of solid particles in the drilling fluid from the well as to enter second stage separating equipment.

DaChuan machinery is a professional manufacturer which combines research and development , production ,marketing and technology service .All types of elliptical and linear shale shaker can separates the cuttings effectiveely due to special structure and design .Fix the vibration motor on screen frame by strong support bar and situate it on screen bed .Using base frame ,the vibration motor can affect the vibration force (G-force) on screen cloth directly .Avoid the shaking effects on screen basket by isolation mounthing .The screen bed is raised lightly for better to tension the screen cloth.Commonly shale shaker ,across and off the screens as the drilling fluid flows through them and back into the drilling fluid processing system ,often called a mud system ,This separates the drill cuttings often called solids from the drilling fluid so that it can recirculated back down the well bore in oilfield ,HDD.

Type of mud gas separator

Commonly used mud gas separator has two types : back cover type , degasser tank bottom closed . Drilling fluid through u line pipeline back to circulating tank . the height of the height of the liquid level in the degasser tank, but through the U tube height increase and decrease to control. open base type  Separator tank bottomless , lower half into the drilling fluid ,tank of liquid level depend on the bottom into depth to control,this separator commonly known as “poor boy degasser ” , the most simple and most reliable liquid gas separator is back cover type .Open base type separator is the second smallest ,and because of its drilling fluid column height is circulating tank level linit . Liquid gas separator work pressure equal to the free gas gas from the discharge pipe discharge when the friction resistance .Separator inside always keep a certain height of liquid level ,(drilling fluid column height ),if the friction is greater than the separator in drilling fluid column water pressure ,will cause “short circuit” , without separation of gas immersion drilling fluid will directly into drilling fluid    circulating tank .Separator produce ” short circuit” is generally in the gas immersion drilling fluid in the appearance of a large number of gas conditions happen .This suggests that separator processing power shortage .

shale shaker study and development

The characteristics of modern drilling fluid shale shaker is a high vibration force,  detail mesh , multi-layer screen, big handling capacity, and toward the development of energy saving and environmental protection, committed to the low energy consumption, low noise, mainly reflects in the following aspects:

Development more than 200 meshes superfine, high strength, large processing area of the screen Screen box vibration mode diversification, modularization, may at any time adjustment

As far as possible to reduce or maintenance free, replacement and clamping screen or adjust shale shaker screen surface angle etc .

Development set desander, desilter in one of the multi-function shale shaker.To start with the drilling fluid data automatic collecting, monitoring processing system supporting the use.

At present, foreign drilling fluid shale shaker in the United States most products, production and processing, and form a complete set of type selection, use and maintenance of high level, with good mechanical properties in drilling fluid shale shaker application in a leading position. Foreign vibrating screen is mainly DERRICK, BRANDT, SWACO, etc products.

Shale shaker design and manufacturing

The domestic production of drilling fluid shale shaker whether linear screen or elliptic ,shaker box structure and corresponding auxiliary function has the following generality .


shale shaker screen box design and manufacturing .Shale shaker screen frame is welded structure ,vibration motor and shale shaker through the components are installed in the shale shaker screen box,screen box seat to  support control the beam ,near the screen box of the four corners of the installation position have damping spring,can make the  peripheral member or equipment from the influence of the screen frame vibration  , screen bed can be equipped with three or four pieces frame screen or wave screen, with bolt and hook side body tension mode and its fixed;

Transverse and longitudinal support bar  work together make screen box have enough strength, screen box frame along the lateral central slightly higher than both sides, in the transverse direction to form a convex arc, shale shaker screen in the tenseness with screen frame close to, so that it can easily make screen tension, and in the work process to improve the shale shaker screen life and solid particles handling efficiency.

Second :Screen frame design and manufacturing

The professional welding technology ,can be installed hard crochet or soft crochet shale shaker screen ; shale shaker screen 3 panels or four panels ,replacing screen is to operate .

Third :AWD angle adjustment system design

Because the hydraulic power unit, Angle adjustment system operation convenient save Labour, make the screen box Angle according to need to 0.5 degrees increment from – 1 degrees – + 5 range adjust.


vibrating motor as power supply.

Because of explosion-proof vibrating motor has the strong vibration strength, high reliability, convenient maintenance etc, and by eccentric rotor produce vibration force, which adapt to the environment temperature range: – 40 degrees to 150 degrees, part of the single vibrating motor vibration force frequency conversion to be adjustable, so all kinds of screen type are used in all kinds of long and short explosion-proof vibrating motor as power supply.

Fifth :Feed box design

Forth  drilling fluid have buffer action, evenly distributed mud flow. From the borehole by return or other equipment treated mud, by feed tank into the shale shaker processing, the drilling fluid have buffer action, and make mud evenly distributed flow to the shale shaker screen, reduce mud on the impact of the screen, and improve the service life of the screen, and improve the treatment effect of mud. At the same time, the top of the tank has a square cap, open the cover can be mud performance test.




composition of mud cleaner in HDD

According to the cleaner very detail shale shaker screen surface shape and vibration shape, drilling fluid cleaner can be divided into rectangular cleaner and circular cleaner, with shale shaker screening technology development, the latter in oil field has no longer in use; According to the separation particle size range is divided into sand cleaner and the mud cleaner two. In addition to sand cleaner separable API defined 44-74 um particles.

Except the mud cleaner separable API defined 15-44 um solid phase particles, Now in the market and widely used desander and desilter cleaner.

Rectangular cleaner is used most widely at home and abroad a cleaner. It is made up of a hydrocyclone group and a plane motion of super detail vibrating screen composition. The specifications of the hydrocyclone is 100 mm, the use of screen mesh for 100-200 mesh, but not less than 100 mesh. Due to the very detail screen wire fine, low intensity, and on the use of laminated screen, the upper pole detail screen up sieve filtration; Lower coarse screen has a mainly bear load effect, can prolong detail screen service life. Hydrocyclone

shell multi-purpose abrasion resistant polyurethane materials, its long service life.

Cleaner used in purification increase drilling fluid, after purification, the drilling fluid from the overflow of the hydrocyclone mouth into the drilling fluid system. Base flow discharge of cuttings, barite and a small amount of liquid flow to the very detail on the screen. Because of barite particle size most of 2-74 um, it and liquid and less than the screen of the cuttings walked back into the drilling fluid system, is greater than the screen hole of cuttings from screen surface discharge. Such already purified the drilling fluid, the drilling fluid performance stable, and recovery the barite and liquid.

Use this cleaner processing not increase drilling fluid, depending on the circumstances, can not start the shale shaker, and screen the installation Angle increase, from the cyclone has been flow mouth discharge of solid particles along the screen surface ruled out. Only a small amount of diameter less than mesh particles return cycle system, basically do not affect drilling fluid performance.

In addition to sand mud one-piece efficient cleaner (also called desanding mud multifunction) is the traditionaldesander and traditional desilter upgrade product, and it belongs to the drilling fluid solids control system of secondary and tertiary solids control equipment, it is hydrocyclone, rotational flow desilter and combination of shale shaker. In addition to sand mud multifunction structure includes desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone, bottom flow channel, drilling fluid shale shaker, support and base. Its characteristics in desander and desilter Lord into tube and out of the liquid pipe with control between butterfly valve, base with chute, shale shaker is located in chute, cyclone equipped with automatic sand control blocking device and bottom LiuKou adjusting device.

Relative single desander and desilter is concerned, in addition to sand mud multifunction is large in capacity, fast processing speed, compact structure, easy to operation and maintenance etc advantages, the integrated the shale shaker, cyclone advantages, can quickly remove the harmful drilling fluid solid phase, improve drilling fluid performance, meet the high pressure jet drilling new process requirements.


mud gun choice in drilling fluid

Along with the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solids control system for drilling operation plays positive role is more and more big, all kinds of solid control system arises at the historic moment, regardless of the solid control system model how to change, its basic functions (namely maximization removal of drilling fluid solid and store enough drilling fluid) time invariant, it depend on mechanical removal equipment and drilling fluid storage tanks of auxiliary equipment such as organic combination to complete basic function.

Mud gun (mud gun) mud gun role depend on gun nozzle produce high-speed flow, impact drilling fluid tank bottom sediments of the solid phase make its suspension. At the same time, when agitator stop after period of time, deposition of solid phase bury impeller and need to restart, mud gun work can eliminate agitator activated when the part resistance moment, it is for the normal work of the stirrer provides a reliable guarantee.

Gun drilling fluid with high, bottom pressure of points, high pressure gun by drilling pump discharge discharge tributary feed liquid, pressure rating for 4 to 6 million mpa; Low pressure gun by centrifugal sand pump feed liquid, the pressure level is 0.2 to 0.3 million mpa, configuration how much should be based on stirrer quantity to decide.

Aggravate funnel

In order to in the drilling process to the drilling fluid to increase processing or a few configuration drilling fluid, usually in drilling pump suction tank set up near the aggravating funnel, the discharge line should be able to achieve storage tank and suction tank, so that rapid processing downhole accident

Use of SB series centrifugal pump

Use of SB series centrifugal pump
SB series centrifugal pump is also called sand pump ,it is the solid control system in HDD, drilling mud system .
First : ready to
Turn the pump shaft by hand to 1.1, must guarantee that operation is flexible, everywhere can not have grating.
check the steering, must ensure that and pump body is shown in turn.
open suction valve.
to pump body and population section line filled with liquid to bleed air;
Second : running
preparation work after all, start the motor.
motor running to normal after, check the motor start control cabinet ammeter display, such as more than motor rated current, should be proper adjustment throttle valve, make the motor current in the rated current within the guarantee pump and motor in the design point efficient safety work.
pump work normally 2 hours after check bearing temperature rise, bearing place temperature shall not be higher than 80 ℃.
If you have severe vibration, abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomenon, should be immediately cut off power, prevent accident and find out the reason, debugging.
Third :stop
if break motor power, namely stop.
As a long time to stop the use and environmental temperature lower than o ℃, shall be liquid in the pump discharge clean, in order to avoid the pump shell frost crack.
Such as long-term stop use, should will pump cleaning oil, packaging custody.


JQB series shear pump features

JQB series shear pump is the DaChuan Machinery company to provide users with rapid configuration and processing mud design of new equipment, and can satisfy

User configuration of mud high performance requirements.

JQB series shear pump can effectively mix, fully hydrated drilling fluid which add material, saves the mud the use of material, shorten the mud configuration time,

For drilling process provide good mud property, is a kind of ideal drilling fluid solids control system.

JQB series shear pump has the following functions

Shear pump can greatly improve the hydration degree of soil particle move.

Move soil particles in the water dispersion and hydration degree depends on water electrolyte content, time, temperature, the surface can be substitution cationic quantity and concentration, in other conditions of the same circumstances, the use of JQB series shear pump can save bentonite by more than 30%.

JQB shear pump can make polymer shear dilution, hydration as soon as possible.

Mud used in the high molecular weight polymer, directly add not easy hydration,so to polymer need preliminary shear.

Shear pump can provide high shear efficiency, speed up the polymer dilution, hydration process.

DC Machinery is a professional drilling mud solid control system manufacturer,JQB series solid control system shear pump in drilling market competitive circumstances, greatly shorten the mud configuration of time, will no doubt for enterprise to bring good economic benefits.

DCS linear motion or elliptic shale shaker

Shale shaker is first phase solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system, also known as key solids control equipment in drilling mud system, shale shaker decides performance of the whole solids control system. DC Solids Control can design double shakers and triplicate shakers on single skid according to clients’special requirements and also supply relevant connecting manifold, according to current industry situation, DC provide both third generation linear motion shale shaker and fourth generation balanced elliptical shale shaker.

DC Linear Motion Shale Shaker

DCS linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated DC own design. DCS complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

Features & Benefits of DCS Linear Motion Shale Shaker:

Heat treatment on complete shaker deck.

Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI brand, IEC Ex and ATEX Option available.

Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand.

Shaker Deck Material: Q345 High Strength alloy material.

Shale Shaker for drilling fluids solids control:

Shale shaker for solids control are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down costs associated with the drilling fluid. The basic design consists of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shakes or vibrates the drill cuttings, commonly shale shaker, across and off of the screens as the drilling fluid flows through them and back into the drilling fluids processing system, often called a mud system. This separates the drill cuttings, often called solids, from the drilling fluid so that it can be recirculated back down the well bore. In oilfield industry,linear motion shale shaker are widely used for drilling mud solids cotrol of oil gas well drilling for rig.

LW series horizontal decanting centrifuge in DC machinery

Drilling fluid horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is aimed at the characteristics of the oil drilling fluid, the design of solid-liquid separation special equipment, can be in full speed under operation to finish feeding, centrifugal sedimentation, discharge and so on various processes, mainly used for recovery barite to remove small solid, reduce drilling fluid solid content, control drilling fluid density, viscosity, guarantee the performance of the drilling fluid and fast drilling are important role.

Drilling fluid horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is to use the principle of centrifugal sedimentation drilling suspending liquid separation, suspension by the feed pipe by screw pusher in a fluid hole into the drum, the centrifugal force under the action of solid particles is pulled to drum wall, through the screw pusher of blade push to drum small end dump mouth discharge, liquid phase is through the drum big end of the overflow weir overflow. So continuous cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation. DaChuan Machinery Co., Ltd production of horizontal sedimentation type drilling fluid centrifuge widely used in petroleum drilling industry.

LW series drilling fluid centrifuge

LW series oilfield centrifuge by host, feed liquid system and control system composed of three parts, large capacity centrifuge with high speed centrifuge, can realize supporting the use, can realize three screen, two machine solid control system scheme, so as to simplify the solid control system, reduce use a little power, improve the purification efficiency.

Horizontal spiral centrifuge advantages.

1. To the materials adaptability is bigger, can be separated to solid phase particle size range 0.005 2 mm, in solid phase particle size when inequality can also be separated as usual.

2. Can automatic, continuous, long-term operation, easy maintenance, can be closed operation.

3. Single production capacity is big, the structure is compact, covers area of less, lower operation cost.