DCJBQ Series mud agitators designed by DC Solid control

DC Solid control manufacture the JBQ Series of Mud Agitators. These Mud Agitators are used for agitating mud slurry for obtaining consistency through proper blending in flow controlled applications.

mud agitator

DCJBQ Mud Agitators have been designed keepingin mind the oilfield’s most severe mud mixing conditions at any weight. It’s rugged and sturdy design requires lower maintenance. DCJBQ Mud Agitators are highly energy efficient.


Our Mud Agitators are available in Eight models ranging from 1.5 to 30 Horsepower. Impellers range from 20″ to 52″. DC Solid control mud agitators can be provided with either a worm gear or a helicalbevel gear reducer; both are field tested in demanding conditions and have proven reliability and dependability. The operation is
smooth, quiet and vibration-free.

DC solid control can designed the mud agitators according to the configuration and maximum mud weight.

Desiltering plant designed by DC Solid control

Desiltering plants are employed to remove soil partcles in drilling muds and support slurries used in foundation engineering. They can be either water-bentonite, water-polymere, or water-cement and bentonite suspensions.

Desiltering plants have further applications in gravel pits, in the mining industry and in microtunneling projects. The regeneration or cleaning capacity of a desiltering plant is determined by the plant′s intake capacity of contaminated suspension. It is defined in m3/h.



The main components of all desiltering plants are:
Coarse screen for intercepting stones larger than 5 mm
Storage tank of the coarse screencyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension
Dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone.

DC Solid control is the Hydrocyclone desilter manufacturer and desilter supplier. Briahtway can produce all treating capacity desilter plant with good cones for oilfield solids control system, HDD mud recycling system, and pipe-jacking separation plant.


3 sets fixed frequency decanter centrifuge shipped to abroad

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the fourth stage equipment for a drilling mud system.Drilling mud cleaning first stage uses drilling fluids shale shaker ,then second stage uses desander,third desilter.

Last month, DC Solid control shipped 3 sets decanter centrifuge used for oilfield. The model centrifuges that we deliveried is DCLW450-1000N which is a common model used for Oilfield. The max flow can be get 40m3/h. And the Model of the DCLW450-1000N centrifuge is the fixed frequency and middle speed centrifuge.

decanter centrifuge

Besides above centrifuge, we also can design high speed centrifuges,which is to remove low gravity solids. The target range rests between the maximum capability of the centrifuge, relative to the maximum achievable G-force that can be applied (typically 2 to 5 μm), and the lower range defined by the barite recovery centrifuge.

Different solid or particle have different density and flow speed, drilling mud decanter centrifuge also can separate particles as different size and density. Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment, etc. industries.

Purpose use of desander in drilling fluid cleaning system

The hydrocyclone is an inverted conical shaped shell into which pressurised slurry is injected tangentially at the top/wide end. This induces the fluid to flow around the circumference of the shell and downwards to a small opening at its apex.



Desanders shall be balanced to produce a spray discharge using the procedure outlined above before use. Cones shall be stripped and cleaned after every period of continuous use. The application of desanders will depend upon the type of mud in use.



A desander: shall be run continuously with unweighted water based mud to maintain low mud gradient, in top hole sections onlymay be run sparingly with weighted water based mud shall never be used with oil based mud.

The purpose of Desanders is:

1. To maintain sand content of mud below 0.5%.
2. To prevent overloading of desilters.
3. A feed rate of 300 – 400 gpm shall be used.

Since, in practice, the cut point of most 12” cones may be of the order of 200 – 220 microns for an unweighted water based mud, utilisation of screens of finer than
80 mesh may negate the need for desander.

New designed of wasterwater decanter centrifuge from DC solid control

We know the special requirements of the wastewater industry. DC solid control designed a series decanter centrifuge mainly used in wastewater industry. This new decanter centrifuge series incorporates the latest know-how in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and control system fabrication.

decanter centrifuge

Special features in bowl design, drive systems and control systems assure optimal performance in terms of recovery, cake dryness, and capacity. Special emphasis was put on the life cycle costs. The new designed decanter centrifuge excels with up to 30 % less power consumption compared to standard decanters.

The decanter centrifuge consists of a solid bowl, which rotates and contains the process. A screw conveyor, contained within the bowl, turns at a slightly different speed from the bowl.

Please contact me to get more info about the new designed wastewater treatment decanter centrifuge.

Widely Applications used of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are mainly used for pumping water in industrial and residential properties. These machines move liquids with the help of kinetic energy that is stored in the motor. Although, their main function is to move water and cause the liquid to flow, centrifugal pumps are also used in sewage, food processing plants, water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, chemical and petroleum industries and have become extremely popular down the years.
centrifugal pumps

Applications of Centrifugal Pumps:
Centrifugal pumps are used in many applications and across many industries. Some of the commercial, municipal, industrial and scientific fields that make use of such pumps are listed below:

Oil and energy companies, refineries, power plants
Heating and ventilation, air conditioning, pressure boosting, fire protection sprinkler systems.
Waste water processing plants, manufacturing industries, boiler feed applications, municipal, industrial applications, irrigation, drainage and flood protection
Chemical and Process Industries, pharmaceuticals, cellulose, sugar refining, food and beverage production
Cryogenics and refrigerants.
Before buying a centrifugal pump, you need to carry out some research and look for companies that offer good after-sales services. You must always buy a good quality pump with superior components that will withstand the test of time.

If you want centrifugal pumps, please contact us if you want to know more about the centrifugal pumps.

DC Solid control provides cost effective decanter centrifuge

The professional treatment of drilling fluids is essential to guarantee the perfect drilling process while simultaneously adhering to the mandatory environmental protection requirements.

DC solid control supports this process by using high-performance centrifuges in which a robust, flexible and user-friendly design is of the utmost importance.



One of the biggest advantages to having an oilfield decanter centrifuge is the size that it takes up. Compared to other solids control equipment, a centrifuge takes up less real estate. On many oilfields the site footprint is not large enough to support a wide range of solids control equipment. A centrifuge is highly effective and efficient so you can separate solids from drilling liquids even on small drilling sites.



If you are looking for an oilfield decanter centrifuge that is highly effective and affordable, please browse our products. We offer a range of centrifuges of different sizes and capabilities that give you the exact results you need at a price that you can afford.

Decanting capabilities allow for thickening, clarifying, and much more and different models have higher max capacities to accommodate for your drilling equipment and size.

What are the components of a rig’s mud system?

Here are descriptions of some of the equipment used to circulate and monitor drilling fluid or mud:

Mud pump: A large, high-pressure reciprocating pump used to circulate the mud on a drilling rig.

Mud tanks (or mud pits): A mud tank is an open steel tank used for holding drilling fluids. Some mud tanks are used for suction to the mud pumps, settling of mud sediments and storage of reserve mud. Drilling mud is circulated through a series of open tanks to remove sand and fine sediments.



Kicker hose: A high-pressure rubber hose that connects the mud pump discharge line to the mud line.

Mud line: A high-pressure steel line that mud flows through from the kicker hose to the stand pipe (the stand pipe goes up the side of the derrick).

Shale shaker: A vibrating screen unit that is used to separate cuttings from the circulating fluid coming out of the wellbore. The separated cuttings vibrate over the end of the shakers to a shale bin, and the drilling mud falls back into the mud tanks.

Hopper: A large funnel mounted in the mud tank circulating system into which dry chemicals can be poured to mix uniformly with the drilling mud.

Pertinent features of the Mud gas separator from DC Solid control

In the oilfield, the mud gas separator is sometimes known as “poorboy degasser” or “gas buster”. They may be vertical or horizontal in design.



A vertical separator is normally used for high fluid throughput, while a horizontal separator provides a longer retention and superior gas separating capacity. Internal design and configuration governs the individual efficiency of the equipment.

The mud gas separators should be designed to a recongised pressure vessel code. To avoid plugging by solids, hydrates or mechanical malfunction, the separator back pressure should be controlled by a liquid seal rather than conventional back pressure regulators or liquid level control valves. A pressure gauge is required to monitor the pressure in the separator vessel.

If you want to know more detailed about the mud gas separators, please contact me soon.

Solid control spare parts- mud guns shipped to Port

DC Solid control could offers mud gun with simple structure and flexible operation. Mud gun could be used to prevent the mud precipitation and transfer the active mud to each tank compartment in the mud system.

mud guns

Today, DC Solid control shipped many sets mud guns to port and delivery to Pakistan. Mud gun in drilling fluids processing system is always located at the corner of the tank to keep solids from settling. The impetus of mud gun can comes from eigher high pressure mud pump and Jet Mud Mixer.

Mud guns always applied together with Mud agitator that installed at the centre of mud tank. In drilling mud processing system, mud gun often used in trip tank, mud mixing tank and mud storage tank.

Mud Guns also produce flow currents, which boost fluid movements and aid in the suspension or mixing of particles. In addition, Mud Guns can create an alternate product flow when used in conjunction with agitators.