Replacement of Mongoose PRO shale shaker design of DC Solid control

The M-I SWACO MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker combines balanced and progressive elliptical motion, enabling operators to switch motion “on the fly” as drilling conditions change. With a simple flip of a switch, the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker shifts from the balanced elliptical to the progressive elliptical motion without the need to
suspend or shut down operations.

shale shaekrs

To meet the advanced technology of the shale shaker. DC Solid control absord the abroad advanced design and combine our unique technology to design a new shale shaker, we call it DCPT shale shaker which shale shaker also combines balanced and progressive elliptical motion realized by 2 motors.

Operators can change the type of motion required to either handle high volume or produce dryer cuttings, as drilling conditions dictate. With the DCPT shale shaker, NPT lost to changing out shakers to meet drilling conditions is no longer an issue.

shale shaker

The balanced elliptical motion manages high-volume solids. Effective for tophole sections with heavy, high-volume solids, the balanced elliptical motion provides 7.5 gn of force to quickly move high volumes of solids across the screens.

Progressive elliptical motion produces dryer cuttings. The gentler action of the progressive elliptical motion is effective when the cuttings volume is reduced, such as in lower sections, and operators want a longer drying time for the cuttings. The g-force is reduced to 6.5 gn to optimize drilling fluid recovery and produce dryer cuttings.

Replacement shaker screens of China top supplier

China DC Manufacturer designs and manufactures all series shale shaker which is an optimal material for petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project.

We mainly supply five different shale shaker screens, including hook strip screen, frame shale shaker screen, hook types for shale shaker and frame flat shale shaker screen. DC Manufacturer also manufactures shaker screen panels for all series shale shaker. Our shale shaker products are widely used in oil field, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid and gas.


There are many different types of shale shaker screens available on the market today, each with different types of weaving to create the screen and different sizes of mesh. Ultimately choosing the best screen comes down to choosing the finest mesh you possibly can that doesn’t result in drilling liquid being lost from the front of
the shaker screen that match the type of shaker equipment you are using.

shaker screen

If you are looking for replacement shaker screens for your drilling equipment, you may want to consider DC Separation products. All of the shale shaker screens that we offer are high quality but extremely affordable. With a wide range of mesh designs and customizable screen options available, we can provide the perfect screen
for your equipment at a price.

What should we know about the Decanter centrifuge

A decanter centrifuge separates solids from liquid phase(s) with high efficiency. In the centrifuge the gravitational acceleration is replaced by the much higher centrifugal acceleration (up to 4000 x g). By this high bowl speed the solids (higher density) are separated from liquids (lower density).

Decanter means that the liquid and the solid phase are separated from each other by centrifugal acceleration. The solids particles collect due to their higher density on the bowl wall and are transported with the scroll to the discharge openings. At the same time the cleared liquid flows along the scroll into the liquid discharge zone.

decanter centrifuge

The four main sections of a decanter centrifuges:

1) Inlet zone
The inlet zone accelerates the feed slurry up to the speed of the bowl. A properly engineered inlet zone keeps any degradation of the feed solids to a minimum as well as avoiding disturbance of the sediment in the bowl. A number of feed zone specifications are available for decanter centrifuges, each designed to ensure maximum performance in conjunction with a specific process.

2) Screw conveyor
The key to good decanter performance lies in the efficient, effective scrolling of the sedimented solids. The design of the screw conveyor is therefore crucial. You must have the expertise needed to match the demands involved in specific industrial processes with specific configurations of flight pitch, lead angle and differential speed, in order to secure the best possible results.

3) Solids Discharge Section
Depending on the application, the consistency of the separated solids can vary from a dry powder to a paste. The configuration of the discharge zone is therefore chosen to enable such “cakes” to exit as effectively as possible. Innovative designs enables erosion-prone components used in the solids discharge zone to be replaced on site at low cost and with a minimum of disturbance to production.

4) Liquid Discharge Section
In a two-phase decanter, the liquid level is regulated by dam plates. In a three-phase centrifuge when operating in a three-phase mode, each phase discharges over a set of dam plates into separate baffled compartments in the casing. In certain applications, a centripetal pump discharge that utilizes the pressure head developed by the rotating liquid phase is used to pump the liquid from the decanter.

Typical applications of 2-phase separation are waste water clearing, sludge dewatering, but also juice and wine production with decanter centrifuges.

Vertical cutting dryers function and High performance

Vertical cutting dryers are a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large volumes. Vertical cutting dryers are one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers.

Function of vertical cutting dryer:

A vertical cuttings dryer can reduce liquid content to 5% with less maintenance costs. Vertical cutting dryers offer a waste management solution to effectively clean and dispose of drilling solids and maximize drilling fluid returns specific to operational needs.

Its high capacity processing provides substantial reduction to the oil-on-cuttings ratio to help meet regulations for waste disposal. Maximum separation of solids and liquids can be achieved. Increased separation means increased fluid recovery, lower cost of replacement fluid and minimal waste to be transported and disposed of going straight to your bottom line.

vertical cutting dryer

Versatility and high performance:

Drill cuttings are conveyed from the shakers to the VERTI-G cuttings dryer through a variety of site-engineered conveyance systems, including gravity feed, pneumatic transfer via CLEANCUT cuttings collection and transportation system, vacuum transfer and screw conveyors.

Vertical cutting dryers provides its operators an advantage for environmental and economic reasons. Vertical cuttings dryers are a necessity for industries where increased regulations on cuttings discharge are prevalent.

Mini Mud recycling system for Bored Pile

DC Mini solid removal system is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

Mud system

Usually bored pile is used for those tall buildings or massive industrial complexes, which require foundations that can bear the load of thousands of tons, most probably in unstable or difficult soil conditions. In order to ensure Bored Pile can works properly. DC Machienry design many sets mud removal system for different conditions:

DC Mini solid remove system Models:
DCS-200D Capacity: 200GPM,50m3/h
DCS-500D Capacity: 500GPM,120m3/h
DCS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m3/h
Other models should be customized.

DC Machinery also customized different industries mud circulation system based on your requirement. We have professional equipment used in the system, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud centrifuges, mud tank, agitators and ect. Please contact us if you want to get more infos.

DC Solid control Mud cleaners function and common standards

With the combination of a desander and desilter mounted over a powerful multi-functional shale shaker, DC’s line of mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.



Common standard of the mud cleaner:
Explosion and non-explosion proof electrical systems for 50 or 60 hz.
Deck angle adjustable during operation (from –2 ½ to +5 degrees).
Pretensioned screens with wedge fastening and optional hook strap.
High G-Force of 2 – 8.5 G provides dry solids discharge.
Efficient and simplified design: no gearbox, hydraulics, pneumatics, oiling system or belts.
Shaker dimensions and mud inflow level are compatible with most existing mud tank systems.

Mud Cleaners have the capability to process the entire drilling-fluid circulation volume, and remove drilled solids from weighted mud system; retaining expensive barite and liquids, and economically reducing hole problems associated with excessive drilled solids.

Drilling fluid passes through a series of hydrocyclones – either desander or desilter units that separate the fine, line particles from the heavy,coarse particles. Barite passing through the screen and returning to the active system.

DCS Shale shaker Key specification and advantages

Shale shaker is the most important part in drilling fluids processing system,also plays a decisive role in drilling mud system.Shale shaker decides the performance of the whole solids control system. DC provides both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker. DC series shale shaker can meet varied needs of the different customers.



Shale Shakers have evolved from small, relatively simple devices capable of running only the coarsest screens to the models of today. Modern, high-performance shale shakers of today are able to use 10 mesh and finer screens at the flow-line in most applications.



Key Specifications/Special Features:
Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck.
Vibrating Motor: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified
Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand
Shale Shaker Bottom Deck Material:Stainless Steel
Wedge type design for easy and quick screen replacement
Electric Shaker Deck angle adjustable while working

Please contact DC Office to get more infor and suggestion about the drilling mud shale shakers.

Competitive Advantages of DC Desilter

Desilter is the third phase solids control equipment to treat the drilling fluids, and to improve the performance of drilling mud, which can be combined with desander.  The most common cone is 4” or 5” , mainly to separate the solids in 15-47μm out from the drilling fluids.


Competitive Advantages of DC desilter

1. We offer high quality products at competitive price.
2. Shortest delivery time.
3. Flexible payment terms.
4. Timely after-sale service.
5. Most of our equipment can be replaceable with international brands.
6. Our products have been exported to Argentina, Egypt, US, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Iran, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other



The desilters is one indispensable device for stabilizing and adjusting the drilling fluid technical parameters, suitable for those drillers as ZJ70, ZJ50 and ZJ40.  And it can be used together with the sealed circulatory system of the drilling fluid.

If you have interest with all kinds and capacity desilter please feel free to contact DC Solid control.


High speed centrifuges in in actual application

A problem for everyone who uses decanter centrifuges in the oil field is judging the centrifuge’s capacity, particularly in unweighted mud. Unfortunately the general attitude of the industry is to give hydraulic capacity (how much feed a centrifuge can physically swallow) without regard to the quality of performance a centrifuge can give at
its “rated capacity”.

decanter centrifuge

Another questions is the drum speed, why divided into lower speed, middle speed and high speed centrifuges. We should choose the right and reasonable centrifuges models according to the different industries.



High speed centrifuge has costs, not to the driller, but to the centrifuge owner. Suppose the centrifuge is one pound out of balance. If the centrifuge rotates at 900 RPM, the unbalanced load is 276 lbs, and this unbalanced load is carried by the bearings through to the frame. If it sped up too 1800 RPM, the unbalance load goes up to 1,104
lbs. To keep the centrifuge from shaking itself to death or an early bearing failure, higher speeds require better mechanical tolerances. Generally, to maintain these tolerances over a service life of many years, the centrifuge should be made from stainless steel.

Please contact DC Machinery to get more information about the decanter centrifuges.

Famous Brand replacement shale shaker from DC Solid control

Shale shakers typically consist of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings, commonly shale, across and off of the screens as the drilling fluid (mud) flows through them and back into the drilling fluid system.

shale shaker

DC Solid control company design and manufacturer DCS630-3 shale shaker, DCS700-3 shale shaker, DCS585-4 shale shaker, DCS850-2 shale shaker and dual motion shale shakers. These shale shakers can replace Derrick, Brandt and Swaco models shale shaker perfecty.


The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling purification system,also known as key solids control equipment in drilling mud system used for separating larger cuttings above 75 μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the tanks below, which will flow into next grade solids control equipment for further treatment.

Please send email or call me to tell what kind of shaker do you want that we can quote you for that.