Mud mixing system shipped to Newzeland water well drilling

Mud mixing system also called mud circulation system or mud cleaning system which is a effective way to separate out the big solids from drilling mud. And it is widely used in Oil & gas drilling, water well drilling and trenchless project.

mud mixing

Yesterday, DC Machiner shipped a set of mud system to a Newzeland clients used for water well drilling, and all electric parts of the system is certificated by IECEX according to clients request. And the detailed product information as below:

Double deck Mud cleaner

The reason why we choose double deck mud cleaner is the small treating capacity of water well drilling and cover a small area. Double deck shale shaker and desilter composite device Mini Cleaner in which the lower screen could be used as primary shaker to remove the large size solid particles, while the upper screen functioned to
more dryer the discharge out from the desilter cone nozzle. The upper deck would be use much finer screen. This composition unit greatly save the occupancy area of the under based mud tank.

mud mixing system

Mud mixing unit

Jet mud mixing unit for adding mud chemicals to keep the mud specific gravity consistent to make sure drilling smooth performance. This 150GPM is really a fully functional mud system unit.

DC Machinery can design and manufacturer all flow mud system for no dig or trenchless project, such as GPM350, GPM500, GPM800, GPM 1000, GPM1500 and ect. Please let us know your requirements, we can give our our design for your choosing.

Why oil drilling site mud recycling system must use decanter centrifuge

Usually Decanter centrifuge to be as the fourth stage separation in drilling mud circulation system. Drilling mud centrifuge separate our the solids particles size is 5-7um Which can efficiency remove the small solid phase in drilling mud to make drilling mud is more clearly.

DCGLW250-980N Decanter Centrifuge 02

The drilling mud centrifuge consist of drum, screw conveyor, motor, differential mechanism and engine cover. But the key working part is the drum and screw conveyor, and users consider the drum length and diameter to decided the centrifuges model.

DC have the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different applications. DC decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ration is over 3, this gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

decanter centrifuge

DC decanter centrifuge is widely used in trenchless HDD, city bored piling, oil & gas drilling, Drilling Waste Management, tunneling construction, environment protection, chemical Industry, food industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, Oil Mud Seperation, mining,
Water Drilling etc.

High quality solid control equipment shipped Russian cold area

Solid control equipment is very important for a drilling rig can normally work. Yesterday, DC Machinery shipped a sets of solid control equipment to a Russian clients.

The order mainly include DCS700-3 shale shakers, DCQJ250X2/100X16 mud cleaners and DCLW355-1257 Variable speed centrifuges.

drilling mud equipment

Specification of DCS700-3 shale shakers:

DCS700-3 shale shaker is a hot sale model shaker of our company. The reason why it is hot sale its with the features of Derrick 2000 series shale shaker. Such as shaker screen dimension is 700x1250mm, and vibration motor is long with High G force.

Specification of DCQJ250X2/100X16 mud cleaners:

Mud cleaner is the second stage solid control equipment in the whole mud cleaning system. The treating capacity is 240m3/h. With 2ea 10″ hydrocyclones and 16ea 4″ cones. The bottom shaker is DCS700-3 shaker with Pyramid screen which increase the mud treating efficiency.

solid control equipment

Specification of DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge 

Decanter centrifuge is a important equipment in solid control system. It is widely used in drilling waste management system and oilfield mud circulation system. Decanting centrifuge key part is screw conveyor and transmission. When centrifuge work, drilling fluid will flow into centrifuge through drilling fluid input. Then the roll bowl will increase speed and fluid will flow into centrifuge through one fixed input pipe. Since rolling bowl rotate at rather high speed.

DC solid control company can provide all kinds models and capacity solid control quipment, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, sand pump, vertical drying and mud tanks. Please contact us if you have requirements of it.


Horizontal decanter centrifuges features of China supplier

Working with customers in a wide array of industries, DC Solid control has refined 2-phase and 3-phase decanter centrifuge technology for rapid, efficient solid-liquid separation. These systems are ideal for industry applications including Meat and Poultry processing and Oil and Gas. Below is the horizontal decanter centrifuges



Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge is designed for efficient and continuous separation of solids from suspending liquids by sedimentation and decanting, through the centrifugal settling principle.

Features & Benefits
1. Fully enclosed design/operation delivers reduced odor for plant and operators
2. High capacity in a small footprint provides efficiency and minimizes building and capital costs
3. Maximum cake dryness reduces handling and disposal costs
4. Fully automated operation and efficient process control provides optimum performance with reduced labor costs
5. Simple shut-down and flush cycle for minimal water consumption
6. Robust SS construction for wetted parts provides extensive abrasion protection, maximum up time, and low maintenance costs

Mud tank features and function from China supplier

DC solid control manufacture varies of mud tank, water tank, oil sludge tanks, Skip mounted tank, trailer mounted tank with galvanized grating, safe handrail, coated with Marine corrossion-resistant zinc ric-expoxy coating and paining, two layers for inside tank, three layers for outside tank.

mud tank

Mud tanks are the base of solids control equipment. Mud Tanks for solids control system is divided into Square tank and Cone-shaped tank according to the shape of tank bottom. The body of the tank is made of welding the steel plate and section, using the flat cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure.



The main function of mud tank is storage, because the worked drilling fluids must stored to the next separation or to the next recyclation, or to be reused.A tank is sectioned off into compartments.

A compartment may include a settling tank, sometimes called a sand trap, to allow sand and other solids in the drilling fluid to precipitate before it flows into the next compartment. Other compartments may have agitators, which are large fan blades stirring the fluid to prevent its contents from precipitating.

If you want to know about about mud tanks, please contact China professional manufacturer DC Solid control.

Solid control equipment delivery to China port at the end of 2018

Since the last set of DC solids control system was exported to foreign countries in 2018, our product quality and after-sales service have been well evaluated by international customers. After 8 years of rich experience in oil & gas drilling and trenchless industry, DC has several stable cooperative companies in the world.

mud equipment

DC Solid control delivery a set of solid control system at the end of 2018, the order include shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitators, centrifugal pumps, slurry pump and mud guns, the equipment are used for water drilling mud system.

solid control equipment

DC Solids Control is a top manufacturer for solids control equipment including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud tank, vertical cuttings dryer, etc.

DC Solid control supply different size of solids control system for different size of oilfield drilling rig. The mud tank size and quality is customized by different requirement of mud tank capacity. If you have interest, please contact us, we will give you most professional supporting.

DC Signed a sales contract of waste mud system at the end of 2018

At the end of 2018, customers from a well-known engineering service company in India visited Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co.,ltd. is short for DC Solid control and had detailed negotiation on business cooperation with DC teams.

The clients were interested with our drilling waste management system. DC Profession technical service engineering team explained process flow of DC drilling waste management system, working principles of centrifuge and Hi-G dryer to customers based on the live treatment system while drilling, and showed them excellent treatment effect of Hi-G dryer and centrifuge.

cutting dryer

As part of our drilling waste management services, we also supply highly skilled staff to ensure equipment are installed correctly and that they are fully operational and well-maintained. Our employees, who trained to provide support swiftly, are on-call worldwide 24 hours a day, everyday, to be available at a moment’s notice.

vertical cutting dryer

Recently, DC had successfully signed a sales & purchase contract of a set of drilling waste management with the company. For the first cooperation project, the company thinks highly of excellent products quality and after-sales services of DC and expresses its intention to develop more cooperative channels with DC Solid control in the future.

Shale shaker structure and industry used

Shale shaker is the most important part in drilling fluids processing system,also plays a decisive role in drilling mud system. Shale shaker decides the performance of the whole solids control system. DC provides both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker. DC series shale shaker can meet varied needs of the different customers.



Shale shakers typically consist of large, flat sheets of wire mesh screens or sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings, commonly shale, across and off of the screens as the drilling fluid (mud) flows through them and back into the drilling fluid system.

This separates the solid drill cuttings from the fluid so that it can be recirculated back down the wellbore. In oilfield industry, linear motion shale shakers are widely used.

Screen panels play a major role by removing particles larger than the mesh size. Screen selection is critical since shaking is the primary stage in the removal of solids. Improper screen selection can lead to de-blinding, loss of drilling fluids, premature pump part failures, overloading of other solids removal equipment within the mud systems, decreased service life , reduced flow rate capacity, and serious problems in the wellbore.

4 Inch Mud desilter from DC Solid control

Desilters are designed to remove silt-sized (20 to 74 microns) solids from drilling fluids. The commonly used cones of desilter is 4″. DC’s desilters are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Mud Desilter is the third class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluids. That is a centrifugal device for removing very fine particles, or silt, from drilling fluids to keep the amount of solids in the fluid at the lowest possible point. Usually, the lower the solids content of mud, the faster is the rate of penetration.



Advantage of Mud Desilter
The number of cyclone is flexible, according to customer’s needs.
Pure polyurethane cyclone is more durable, and can be exchanged with the international brand.
Desilter is designed exquisitely and easy to install.
Less vulnerable parts, and easy to maintain.
Competitive price, and cost-effective.

DC Solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese based manufacturer. We will provide the high quality desilter and best service. Your best desilter start from DC solids control.

The Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Features & Benefits

The Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge is designed for efficient and continuous separation of solids from suspending liquids by sedimentation and decanting, through the centrifugal settling principle. Centrifuge dewatering combines a compact design with efficient solids dewatering for maximum cake dryness.


Features & Benefits of decanter centrifuges 
Fully enclosed design/operation delivers reduced odor for plant and operators
High capacity in a small footprint provides efficiency and minimizes building and capital costs
Maximum cake dryness reduces handling and disposal costs
Fully automated operation and efficient process control provides optimum performance with reduced labor costs
Simple shut-down and flush cycle for minimal water consumption
Robust SS construction for wetted parts provides extensive abrasion protection, maximum uptime, and low maintenance costs.

decanter centrifuge

Besides about the material, the contact parts are typically made of 316 Stainless Steel, but Hastelloy, Duplex, Nickel, Titanium or similar alternatives are available depending on the application. With abrasive material customized wear protection materials and designs are included.

DC Machinery offers both variable speed and fixed speed decanter centrifuge used for many industries fields. If you have interest with decanter centrifuges, please contact us.